NC teacher tells student it's a crime to criticize Obama. Didn't the Nazis call it a crime to criticize "Der Fuerher?"

tncdel 2012/05/22 02:02:48
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  • lark 2012/05/22 02:10:10
    YES, they did [comment as you wish].
    This is a big problem in our public schools. Liberal teachers pushing their ideas on young minds. I did watch or I should say listened to this video & the student could have taught the teacher.

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  • Charles... MorbidC... 2012/05/22 13:27:29
    Charles Braley
    Right - he did!

    But before that, just shortly after he took control, he started one of the biggest infrastructure and other public projects - including the restart-up of Germany's military structure. An when he finally took complete control - not only did he go full tilt plus on the military, he also started his "other" plans.

    All the while, while he was busy bringing his "Master Plan" to fruition - the German people marveled at his ability to bring the German economy & unemployment rate to successful proportions never seen in the world before.

    I mean - just think about it. In 1933 the German economy was facing bankruptcy, the unemployment rate was 50+%. And in August 1939, just before the invasion of Poland, the start of WWII - the unemployment rate of Germany wasn't even CLOSE to 5%!!!!!!!!!!!

    German citizens were spending money, they never had prior to 1934ish, and as long as one towed the (Nazi) line - everything was good in the Fatherland ----- All thanx to the Fuhrer!

    Scary, huh?
  • MorbidC... Charles... 2012/05/22 18:44:27
    It almost seems like you're making hitler look good.
  • Charles... MorbidC... 2012/05/22 19:56:28
    Charles Braley
    But you see, thats just it! He had the German people so mesmerized - that they failed - - BIG TIME - - to see the truth!

    Not that they COULDNT see it ----- They just loved what he did to bring Germany out of its depression.
  • Dave Ryan Thor'sOak 2012/05/22 18:13:13
    Dave Ryan
    If by that you mean Hitler's service as a soldier in World War I, where he was given multiple commendations for his bravery, I agree. In that respect he could be accurately described as a hero.

    That's not an endorsement of Nazism on my part, just acknowledging the facts regarding Hitler's life. Genocidal, yes. But definitely not a coward.
  • MorbidC... Dave Ryan 2012/05/22 18:45:44 (edited)
    He was a coward since instead of facing the opposing armies like a man he commited suicide along with his so called lover.
  • Jackal 2012/05/22 07:56:59 (edited)
    YES, they did [comment as you wish].
    Okay, I know where this is going, and I will tell you that it is stupid, actually. The only time it is a crime is when you publicly criticize the President if you are active duty in the Arms Forces, because the President is a part of the Chain of Command. It would be called insubordination of the Chain of Command, and those people usually get punished. Sucks, but that is the way it is. Which is why you would rarely see an Active Duty member talk about his opinion of the President publicly. Basically any active duty caught on Sodahead talking about his opinion on the President would probably get into trouble if he was caught. I've seen too many Marines get into trouble for Facebook status' as well...

    Obama is nothing like Hitler that is a little extreme. Obama didn't preach hatred and the destruction of an entire group of people. Obama did not kill 6 Million Jews. Obama tried to give you free health care (may not be the best idea), and preached equal rights for Gays and he is labeled as Hitler... that is ass-backwards... Maybe if he went out and killed 6 Million Americans, he would probably be labeled as Ghandi...
  • MorbidC... Jackal 2012/05/22 08:19:22 (edited)
    Actually obama supported traditional marriage over gay marriage, it was biden who convinced obama to support gay marriage. And hitler also nationalized healthcare. And since obama took office racial tensions got worse, not to mention class warfare.
  • MorbidCynic 2012/05/22 07:47:51 (edited)
    YES, they did [comment as you wish].
    Hitler would be proud of obama and would probably give him some pointers.

    hitler proud obama pointers
  • TheTruth1313 2012/05/22 06:55:07
  • YES, they did [comment as you wish].
    Revolution ATX ☮ R P ☮ 2012 ☮
  • Oaces_boss_yo® 2012/05/22 06:50:24
  • Annie~Pro American~Pro Israel 2012/05/22 05:55:32
    YES, they did [comment as you wish].
    Annie~Pro American~Pro Israel
    Has this particular teacher been canned yet?
  • sglmom 2012/05/22 04:28:36
    YES, they did [comment as you wish].
    Yep ..
    and the same thing happened under Stalin and the old USSR too ..
    (amongst other examples .. )
  • angelbaby 2012/05/22 04:00:27
    YES, they did [comment as you wish].
    And they got punished for it..
  • A Founding Father 2012/05/22 03:50:55
    YES, they did [comment as you wish].
    A Founding Father
    There are lots of "Nazis" down there in North Carolina, just all over the place. Why, just today a poll claimed that 13% of those asked thought homosexuality should be classified as a felony, which would, of course, contemplate jail time. Judging from the comments I get here on SH from residents there, at least 80% are probably bent toward some form of Nazi activities, insisiting that everyone should think as they do (or, not), believe as they do (ie. have "faith" in a mansion in the sky and live with the hated and obese spouse forever), send a large portion of their earnings to a local Reagan Bank or Wall Street broker at least every month, and give 10% to "God" to support the red neck looney who gets up early on Sunday mornings to rant against civilizations and science. This teacher is part of really big crowd if he/she could be called a "Nazi" by any measure. Thanks for asking.
  • MorbidC... A Found... 2012/05/22 08:03:10
    You don't make any sense.
  • Ron the Realist 2012/05/22 03:46:48
    YES, they did [comment as you wish].
    Ron the Realist
    It's all part of dear leader's plan

    dear leaders plan
  • Rusty Shackleford 2012/05/22 03:21:55
    YES, they did [comment as you wish].
    Rusty Shackleford
    I'm still looking for differences.
  • Daniel 2012/05/22 03:15:47
    YES, they did [comment as you wish].
    The teacher should be fired period. A teacher told my son I couldn't spank him. He came home cussing with those stupid as Liberal ideas running threw his head. : ) you should've seen how they swelled his ass. He's a die hard Conservative now and I had words with his school. They need to stick to reading and writing. Leave parenting to Conservatives.
  • wtw 2012/05/22 03:06:00
    YES, they did [comment as you wish].
    A direct correlation!
  • Temlakos~POTL~PWCM~JLA~☆ 2012/05/22 02:53:44
    YES, they did [comment as you wish].
    She should consider herself lucky that none of her students decided then and there to defend their freedom from her threats--and to take said defense into their own hands.

    Chairs might have flown!
  • BongRipper 2012/05/22 02:48:09
  • MorbidC... BongRipper 2012/05/22 08:05:13
    It makes sesne to compare the president to a nazi since he wants to control just about everything rather than leaving people to their own devices.
  • BongRipper MorbidC... 2012/05/22 09:33:52
    Maybe I've been living under a rock, but what can't you do that you could 4 years ago?
  • SteveMarine- JLA 2012/05/22 02:43:03
    YES, they did [comment as you wish].
    SteveMarine- JLA
    And that teacher would of had a ugly phone call from me at the end of the day.
  • exhon2009 2012/05/22 02:35:08
    YES, they did [comment as you wish].
    They did more than call it a crime. Dissenters were subject to every form of punishnent up to, and including, summary execution. What this teacher did was stupid and wrong. Listening to her one can't help but wonder about her qualifications to teach. She obviously hasn't learned much.
  • cate 2012/05/22 02:13:49
    NO, they didn't [explain].
    It's not a crime to criticize the President. Getting kids thinking about news and politics is great! But given the source of the report, I would feel safe to say that what the teacher said was taken and quoted out of context.
  • tncdel cate 2012/05/22 02:24:50
    Did you listen to the youtube video, provided with the report, that recorded the conversation? If not, you should listen, then form your conclusions.
  • USAF Vet cate 2012/05/22 05:52:06
    USAF Vet
    Don't feel too safe, I've read the context, and seen the video, the teacher is an ass, and said exactly what was aired and published..end of story.
  • POWERSHAKER 2012/05/22 02:10:31
  • lark 2012/05/22 02:10:10
    YES, they did [comment as you wish].
    This is a big problem in our public schools. Liberal teachers pushing their ideas on young minds. I did watch or I should say listened to this video & the student could have taught the teacher.
  • SteveMa... lark 2012/05/22 02:44:01
    SteveMarine- JLA

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