Naked Car Wash: Australian Men Undress and Soap Up - Should They Be Fined or Go to Jail?

JadedTLC 2009/11/12 19:28:01
It was just a routine car wash. Except there was no car — and no clothing. Four Australian men who allegedly undressed and soaped up at a car wash have been charged with exposure and public nuisance. Police said the men paid for a wash before stripping nude and cleaning themselves in the soapy water while their female companions took photos.
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  • Texas Johnny 2009/11/12 19:46:02
    Texas Johnny
    Hey if the Sheilas like it(and maybe some Blokes), let it go. The Aussies are unique and interesting people, I think its part of their nature to be outrageous. To me , its funny!

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  • smoothie10 2009/12/01 22:48:10
  • spankedcp 2009/11/23 10:25:28 (edited)
    Neither!!! What is wrong with society?? There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with nudity and people should be allowed to be nude anywhere and whenever they want! It is ridiculous that society views nudity as wrong and shameful and damaging. This attitude reminds me of the story about Adam & Eve in the bible (Genesis). God created man (Adam) and woman (Eve) and they were naked. God viewed and adored their naked body as a perfect creation in God's eyes, God was pleased. One day Adam came across a serpent in the water (Satan) who convinced him to be ashamed of his naked body, and to also eat the forbidden fruit. Adam was now ashamed to be naked and God was angry, for in God's view, he had sinned.

    I believe that the attitude in society of considering nudity as wrong, shameful and damaging, is the work of Satan. God intended for us to be naked, and to be proud of our body, and to display our body without shame.
  • japaness girl inside 2009/11/21 18:21:35
    japaness girl inside
    if they got the body for it, but just as long i don't see it
  • ♥Patricia♥ 2009/11/17 18:30:10
    It's weird, but if they want 2 do it, why not? Why should they go 2 jail? Search 4 child abusers or something, they have 2 be in jail.
  • Robo Toaster 2009/11/16 00:05:22
  • tt 2009/11/14 18:14:35
    they should go to jail for that.
  • JCD aka... tt 2009/12/01 09:46:18
    JCD aka "biz"
    No need to strip-search them, then!
  • Richie 2009/11/13 14:26:39
    Australian men are awesome!!!! they don't look like that over here!!!!
  • keliffa 2009/11/13 14:03:14
    I would have my car washed 20 times that day.
  • Ken 2009/11/13 11:22:12
    Get a Life. If this was all we had to worry about. Reminds me of the days of streaking. LOL
  • kirkinsf 2009/11/13 10:31:13
    Should THESE guys be fined or go to jail? No. The one on the far right especially looks like he was bringing some aesthetic enhancement to the party. I don't mind them being naked if they don't mind me looking.
  • WWE THE ULTIMATE!!!! ~ Come... 2009/11/13 09:17:04 (edited)
    WWE THE ULTIMATE!!!! ~ Come back to WWE Jeff.
    Better than Jessica Simpson.
  • Cher 2009/11/13 08:27:31
    Gives new meaning to the phrase, "Wax on, wax off!"
  • sasquatchette 2009/11/13 08:16:03
    Why so negative? We should welcome and encourage nudity so we can effectively objectify men .... the way they so often objectify women.
  • kirkinsf sasquat... 2009/11/13 10:29:18
    I don't think that would really work because I don't think men generally mind being objectified. Unless they're straight and being objectified by guys, and even then only some of them would mind.
  • daylight 2009/11/13 07:06:25
    Flesh is a mist and then its gone, a flower that fades and dies, but the spirit lives on, but where will their spirit live out side of Christ? They won't.
  • littlebuffalo55TBA 2009/11/13 06:45:14
    "Bloody Wankers!"
  • littleb... littleb... 2009/11/13 06:46:53
    "Sham WOW!"
  • JadedTLC littleb... 2009/11/13 07:45:04

  • CHICKSRULE 2009/11/13 06:42:39
    All I have to say is.... Do they make house calls??
  • littleb... CHICKSRULE 2009/11/13 06:44:38
    Yes, with portable "towel racks"!
  • CHICKSRULE littleb... 2009/11/13 06:49:01
    LOL!! Hi littleb.
  • littleb... CHICKSRULE 2009/11/13 06:53:35
    Hi Rami..... ;-)
  • Louisa - Enemy of the State 2009/11/13 06:18:26
    Louisa - Enemy of the State
    Frankly, no! They should neither be fined nor go to jail. I'm sure it was all in fun and got a few good laughs. Of course it shouldn't be a regular gig, but Lighten up Aussies!

    I just may have gotten my car washed a few dozen times.
  • Star 2009/11/13 04:47:19
  • Iamthetruemichael 2009/11/13 04:35:10
    I love Australia. where in the world can you find so many happy people with good humour and low inhibition that lets them do harmless joking around like this? Imagine trying to do this in North America.
  • NotWith... Iamthet... 2009/12/01 08:55:27
    you like Australia?

    They like ....are a CHRISTIAN nation...
  • Iamthet... NotWith... 2009/12/01 15:59:57
    Ahh.... again. They are a democracy, where Christians have the same rights as everyone else.
  • NotWith... Iamthet... 2009/12/02 03:19:12
  • Iamthet... NotWith... 2009/12/02 05:38:39
    Well, yeah.. I know that in actuality Christians probably get preferential treatment, as do whites, especially whites of British descent. But this is a result of discriminatory practices that are basically illegal.
  • animalgirl454 2009/11/13 02:21:19
    no, they should not go to jail because it was a harmless act and they did not hurt anyone. However, if it was illegal, the should be put in jail
  • JCD aka... animalg... 2009/12/01 09:51:36
    JCD aka "biz"
    You don't go to jail every time you do sth illegal, suspended sentences, fines, suspended fines (means "don't ever do it again").
  • animalg... JCD aka... 2009/12/01 23:33:07
    oh ok did not know lol
  • no1badboy56 2009/11/13 01:19:42
    Got to love the Aussies, they come up with some very interesting ideas. Plus, what's fair for the girls is fair for the boys.
  • arthur 2009/11/13 00:02:37
    I think the only thing that should be covered up is a politician's mouth. All others go naked.
  • WWE THE... arthur 2009/11/13 10:02:17
    WWE THE ULTIMATE!!!! ~ Come back to WWE Jeff.
    And Old people?
  • arthur WWE THE... 2009/11/14 13:42:08
    No, not old people. If they've lived in this world all this time through all this crap, they deserve to go naked also. Ahhhh, my eyes!!!
  • WWE THE... arthur 2009/11/14 16:18:33 (edited)
    WWE THE ULTIMATE!!!! ~ Come back to WWE Jeff.
    Haha. lol ewww!
    haha lol ewww
  • Gaby 2009/11/12 23:59:09
    hahaha NO! I mean they got paying costomer! But seriously, wh yis the world becoming so uptight! It is a joke, it's only a couple of idiot guys having fun! Did anyone get hurt??? no! Can you imagine, "Oh look a naked man, OH GOD MY ARM!!! IT HAS BEEN SHATTERD IN 9 PLACES!!"

    Im not saying itshould be done again but people are so immature on both sides...
  • JadedTLC Gaby 2009/11/13 07:46:48
    you should say it should be done again.. could be a .. sight to see...

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