Nader: War Criminal Obama Worse Than Bush

snipe 2012/12/04 01:19:22
“He’s gone beyond George W. Bush in drones, for example. He thinks the world is his plate, that national sovereignties mean nothing, drones can go anywhere.”

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  • Tee Quake 2012/12/04 01:27:00
    Tee Quake
    When you have Ralph calling you below average and a war criminal, you're in real trouble.

    “America is like a healthy body and its
    resistance is threefold: its patriotism, its morality and its spiritual
    life. If we can undermine these three areas, America will collapse from
    within.” Joseph Stalin

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  • Rob Clary 2012/12/09 22:33:42 (edited)
    Rob Clary
    If Ralph Nader is against it, it must be the right thing.
    He had his run for president 6 times, and each time Ralph was REJECTED by America.
    Failure hates success, and irrelevant detests relevant.
  • DefendnProtect 2012/12/08 13:43:42
    Nader is right about Obomba being an assassin for his masters.
  • RageFury 2012/12/07 03:58:27
    Not only is he ok with killing American citizens, he is ok killing their children to.
    But it's all about the Children right?
  • enlightened one 2012/12/05 21:38:33
    enlightened one
    Ralph Nader was so on target about Obama. Why don't others see this? What about the bleeding hearts in Hollywood sucking up to Obama? But then those people have already sold their souls. But unfortunately too many people listen to them.
  • IC Freeley 2012/12/04 23:33:03
    IC Freeley
    I remember when there used to be a major political party that was anti-war, anti-capital punishment, and pro-civil liberties. Democrats who still voted for Obama instead of getting behind people like Gary Johnson or Jill Stein have failed to hold Obama accountable for the same things they'd criticize Bush for.
  • Rustie 2012/12/04 16:06:05
    Even a broken clock is right twice a day!
  • Howler 2012/12/04 14:19:06
    I believe Obama and those around his inner circle within the "party" have a level of depravity that can eventually be manifested on certain groups of dissenting Americans in opposition to their radical, ideological politics.

    So, even though I see Obama and his inner circle as spineless wimps lower than the dirt under my feet, when physical power is legally handed over to them, I see them easily using it illegally regardless of who it might be.
  • mk, Smartass Oracle 2012/12/04 13:51:55
  • Cal 2012/12/04 13:12:15
    Funny how he came out after the election....little too late Nader.
  • Lady Whitewolf 2012/12/04 11:24:01
    Lady Whitewolf
    I think Nader's cheese has done slipped off his cracker....
  • dasimon1 Lady Wh... 2012/12/04 14:47:00 (edited)
    you would think that.............obama can do no wrong...right? He needs to be knocked on his ass!
  • snipe Lady Wh... 2012/12/04 16:38:04
  • teigan Lady Wh... 2012/12/05 00:49:15
    So you agreed with Bush's policies and are happy that Obama not only continued them but expanded them. You must have been a Bush supporter then.
  • RageFury teigan 2012/12/07 05:03:37
    I love that. Maybe one day the Libs will figure it out.
  • teigan RageFury 2012/12/07 05:21:12
    If Bush were a democrat they would not have complained at all, that's proven by their acceptance of Obama continuing and expanding his programs. All I heard during the Bush administration was how he was violating their rights. They only object when they feel that a republican is doing it. If it's a democrat, they could care less about having their rights taken away. Go figure.
  • Spizzzo BN-0 2012/12/04 07:58:08 (edited)
    Spizzzo BN-0
    The Big Lie of the Obama Administration is that he opposes torture--supposedly in fact, that he opposed it from Day Three. In fact, he did NOT and does not oppose torture because he favors rendition (and did so from Day Three). Rendition is indistinguishable from torture in my book.

    Ironically, he is still FAR better than ANY Republican alternative--by FAR!!
  • dasimon1 Spizzzo... 2012/12/04 14:48:11
    He's a scumbag and he needs to be dealt with!!~
  • Aqua Su... dasimon1 2012/12/05 04:40:00
    Aqua Surf BTO-t-BCRA-F
    The sooner the better!
  • Spizzzo... dasimon1 2012/12/09 16:39:13
    Spizzzo BN-0
    OK, how?
  • snipe Spizzzo... 2012/12/04 16:38:44
  • Spizzzo... snipe 2012/12/09 16:39:51
    Spizzzo BN-0
    Your point?
  • snipe Spizzzo... 2012/12/09 23:03:33
  • Spizzzo... snipe 2012/12/09 23:18:32
    Spizzzo BN-0
  • snipe Spizzzo... 2012/12/09 23:44:08
    Meaning you are really thickheaded. But, you knew that, huh?
  • Spizzzo... snipe 2012/12/09 23:45:58
    Spizzzo BN-0
    Takes one to know one, probably.
  • JT For ... Spizzzo... 2012/12/04 20:09:24
    JT For Political Reform
    LMAO! You would sell your own mother into slavery.
  • Spizzzo... JT For ... 2012/12/09 16:40:30
    Spizzzo BN-0
    Make a point, please. But leave my mother out of it, you jerk!
  • JT For ... Spizzzo... 2012/12/09 16:54:22
    JT For Political Reform
    Truth hurts, huh?
  • Spizzzo... JT For ... 2012/12/09 19:43:07
    Spizzzo BN-0
    It might, but you haven't bothered to use truth yet. How about you try some for a change?
  • JT For ... Spizzzo... 2012/12/10 13:24:50
    JT For Political Reform
    Nor have you. You start and I'll follow your lead.
  • Spizzzo... JT For ... 2013/01/12 09:44:48
    Spizzzo BN-0
    I have NOT used ANY untruth. What makes you think I did?

    My points (all true):

    1. Mr. Obama did NOT reject all torture, and continues to do some.

    2. He is still FAR better than ANY Republican--ALL of whom supported torture under GWB!

    Deal with it (the TRUTH).
  • JT For ... Spizzzo... 2013/01/12 12:09:29
    JT For Political Reform
    Where's the beef?
  • Spizzzo... JT For ... 2013/01/12 18:45:58
    Spizzzo BN-0
    Pay attention and you'll see my beef. Mostly it's with you, though.
  • JT For ... Spizzzo... 2013/01/12 20:10:44
    JT For Political Reform
    Nawww! Yours is chicken.....LMAO.
  • Spizzzo... JT For ... 2013/01/28 09:17:18
    Spizzzo BN-0
    What part of "President Obama loves torture" do you disagree with?
  • RageFury Spizzzo... 2012/12/07 05:36:41 (edited)
    "Ironically, he is still FAR better than ANY Republican alternative--by FAR!!"
    Only because is he ok with killing American citizens and their children right?
  • Spizzzo... RageFury 2012/12/09 16:42:12
    Spizzzo BN-0
    No, because he still honors the human and American rights of most people and opposes institutionalized torture under our own control. Republicans openly oppose these things.
  • RageFury Spizzzo... 2012/12/09 17:58:56
    Yet he has killed a US citizen without trial and an innocent child. There is a word for people who do this, its called Murder. That is funny way to honor Human rights.
    I love how he honors American rights. He reauthorizes the Patriot Act every time it comes up and signed the NDAA allowing for our Indefinite detention to boot.

    Way to have your eyes wide shut..
  • Spizzzo... RageFury 2012/12/09 19:44:15
    Spizzzo BN-0
    What part of "most" do you not understand?
  • snipe Spizzzo... 2012/12/09 23:07:47
    Lol! You've got obamaspeak down pretty good.

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