Mysterious Missile Launched in Southern California and Possibly Phoenix, Pentagon CANNOT Confirm Who Fired It

irish 2010/11/10 12:08:06
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*UPDATE*Mysterious Missile Launched in Southern California and Possibly
Phoenix, Pentagon CANNOT Confirm Who Fired It

New IHNN Audio News Update:

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This is an IHNN News Update with Shepard Ambellas. A mysterious missile
launch in Southern California has created an uproar after it was filmed by a
local news helicopter. The Pentagon CANNOT, “confirm anything.” On Nov. 5th a
missile was apparently spotted in Phoenix Arizona. Two missiles in two

The Intel

Update: Pentagon officials have asked all personal to go back and make sure
that all missiles are accounted for. Military officials are apparently leaning
towards the theory that it was a jet aircraft due to the fact that they can not
explain it as anything else.

Breaking News Update 12:37pm Pacific: Fox News just reported that the three
major possibilities are a government operation, private rocketeer or something
sinister. Fox News has
reported that the Pentagon does NOT know who fired the missile and therefore
cannot deem the immediate area safe.

A video that appears to show a missile launch off the coast of California
is so far “unexplained” by anyone in the military, a Pentagon spokesman told
reporters Tuesday morning

Multiple officials have pushed the fraudulent theory that the missile was
simply a contrail. This is almost laughable. How stupid do these people think we

Last night a mysterious missile was fired of the coast of southern
California. Right now we do not know who fired it or why. This is a very curious
incident that could possibly be used as a staged event.

New IHNN Audio News Update:Listen

Video was taken from a KCBS chopper that showed a huge contrail which
obviously indicates some sort of missile launch. If witnesses had not got this
launch on video, the Pentagon may have denied that it happened all together.

Pentagon has had nearly a day now to explain the apparent missile that soared
into the sky off the coast of California and it’s come up with … zilch. What’s
more, because defense officials still don’t know what it was, they can’t exactly
say it’s nothing to worry about, a Pentagon spokesman said today. A traffic
copter from a CBS affiliate captured the video of the projectile, which was
about 35 miles out to sea near Los Angeles, during rush hour. The Missile
Defense Agency, the Navy, and the Air Force all say they’re clueless,

A mysterious missile launch off the southern California coast was caught
on video Monday evening by a KCBS news helicopter.
The spectacular
contrail could easily be seen up in Los Angeles, but who launched this missile
and why, remain a mystery for now.
The magnificent images were captured
from the KCBS chopper around 5pm. The location of the missile was described as
west of Los Angeles, north of Catalina Island, and approximately 35 miles out to
A Navy spokesperson tells News 8, this wasn’t its missile. He said
there was no Navy activity reported in that part of the

Sources have indicated that there was not only a missile in Southern
California but also in Phoenix. Whether this is true remains to be seen. What
happened in Southern California was possibly a cover up for the event that took
place in Phoenix. A citizen reporter has posted pictures of a rocket over
Phoenix on the Above Top Secret Forum.

Above Top

I live in Phoenix, AZ. I left work at 5:30 AZ time from Scottsdale, AZ. I
entered Shea Blvd. approximately 5:37 PM from 70th St. I turned and headed west
on Shea. To the direct west /southwest I noted a smoke plume that started at the
ground and continued up to some type of aircraft. I immediately knew this was
NOT a jet aircraft since the smoke plume started at ground level. The smoke
plume was extremely thick, much like the space shuttle would produce. Within
minutes this aircraft appeared to me, to be on the edge of the atmosphere. Don’t
ask me how I know, I am just giving you my interpretation. I am a licensed pilot
and have been an aviation buff most of my life.

Two rockets in two days?

How is it possible that NORAD was unable to track this so called missile?

This event coincides with a report on ICBM Malfunctions which documented the
engineering failure that led to the temporary shut down of 50 land based nuclear

Pentagon Expects Report
on ICBM Malfunction This Month

Tuesday, November 9th GSN

A Pentagon “operations review board” is investigating the engineering
failure that led 50 land-based nuclear missiles in Wyoming to go temporarily
off-line in the early morning hours of October 23, Lt. Gen. Frank Klotz, who
heads the Air Force Global Strike Command, said at a breakfast session with

The incident left missile operators unable to monitor or control the
status of one squadron of Minuteman 3 ICBMs at F.E. Warren Air Force Base via
computer for 46 minutes, he said. Another 100 missiles at the installation were
unaffected by the malfunction.

However, 319th Missile Squadron crews activated backup security systems,
including closed-circuit television and field inspections, to ensure there were
no intrusions, Klotz said. If necessary, the weapons could have been launched by
an airborne command-and-control system.

The ongoing technical investigation, which will assess the “root cause”
of the failure and recommend any needed changes to operations or maintenance
practices, should report out “within the next two or three weeks,” Klotz

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  • MisunWahya WannaBe... 2010/11/10 13:21:12 (edited)
    Officials assure that there was nothing in the sky that day. next sentence↕ Officials say it was a Jumbo-Jet▬ laughing at the NEWS‼ and they know it.
  • irish MisunWahya 2010/11/10 13:24:18
    unfortunately there are too many gullible people who take the word of govt officials as absolute truth!
  • MisunWahya irish 2010/11/10 15:02:45
    Drug rape on a global scale.
  • irish MisunWahya 2010/11/11 10:27:48
  • WannaBe... MisunWahya 2010/11/10 13:38:53
    WannaBeRSC the Contrarian SOB
    Confuse the masses, propaganda at it's best.
  • irish WannaBe... 2010/11/10 13:23:38
    note ,once again ,first reports are the accurate ones . after the story goes on for a few hours you can see it changing ,usually drastically. as it did on 9/11 and at ft hood last year.
  • WannaBe... irish 2010/11/10 13:38:11
    WannaBeRSC the Contrarian SOB
    Once you accept the premise that all is lies, it's easy to see this stuff.
  • irish WannaBe... 2010/11/10 13:43:20
    very true wannabe. what is a major irritant are the ones who believe the official stories contrary to all common sense and actual facts,ie,9/11.and also ft hood.
  • MisunWahya irish 2010/11/10 23:26:50
    People HAVE to know irish, everyone knows. Everyone that knows me at least.

    awakeningpeople irish
  • irish MisunWahya 2010/11/11 10:28:33 (edited)
    the difference is wanting to really know,isn't it?
    cool pic!
  • MisunWahya irish 2010/11/11 10:37:40
    Sure is.
  • irish MisunWahya 2010/11/11 10:39:28
    i just don't understand why people don't want to know. boggles my mind.
  • MisunWahya irish 2010/11/11 11:09:37 (edited)
    A lot of people aren't even truthful to themselves. They don't want to know because it shatters the thick glass ceiling they live under.
    10/1 odds that they will be overcome and frozen in fear when it is to late to "figure things out". I have no problem leaving them there shadowed by an enemy that we have been fighting against since civilization began. I've studied the real history and maybe that's it,
    the ability to learn without being taught. The unquenchable thirst for truth and knowledge definitely does not bestow itself on everyone.
    Guess it is up to us then, but then, you already know this madam☺ so sorry
  • irish MisunWahya 2010/11/11 11:25:46
    madam!LOL LOL yes i do! and i agree with you 100 %.
  • irish WannaBe... 2010/11/12 14:33:14
    seen this? i know ,i know but its long . follow the link at the bottom to vetrans today and bookmark it!
  • WannaBe... WannaBe... 2010/11/10 13:43:33
    WannaBeRSC the Contrarian SOB
    Watching the coverage morph;
    Google news
    Contrail »
    Washington ...
    Military Says Missile-Like Object Wasn't Missile
    CBS News - David Martin - ‎32 minutes ago‎
    This image captured by a KCBS News helicopter shows an unidentified projectile launched from an unknown point in the Pacific Ocean, off the coast of Los Angeles, Nov. 8, 2010.
    Video: Mystery missile launch off California coast: Comes from submarine? RT
    California 'Mystery Missile' Stumps Military Officials ABC News
    Washington Post - NewsChannel 9 WSYR - CNN International - Christian Science Monitor
    all 1,160 news articles »
  • irish WannaBe... 2010/11/11 10:29:39
    wonder what it will end up being? balloons??LOL
  • WannaBe... irish 2010/11/11 13:09:34
    WannaBeRSC the Contrarian SOB
    Moths... I'm sure it'll be migrating moths.
  • irish WannaBe... 2010/11/12 13:14:35
    LOL LOL now thats a new one! must be pretty big. animated mothralol lol pretty
  • TananaT... WannaBe... 2010/11/10 19:33:22 (edited)
    Exactly.. and I saw the MODUS sat pic before it was removed. Cuz found it and posted it then asked me to look at it because I have background in satellite imagery to gather interpretive data when I worked for the Feds. The object's trail was there. What was even more interesting was a thin straight line right out of the Nevada desert (appropriate military site) that hit the object and either deflected it or destroyed it. Line was too straight, to consistent in perimeters to be anything other than a laser. Satellite was moderate mass spec which means that its programed to look for certain anomalies such as heat, radiation etc.
  • WannaBe... TananaT... 2010/11/11 08:28:27
    WannaBeRSC the Contrarian SOB
    Wasn't on the laser side DoD, ship board missiles were more my gig, and that track was from a missile.
    Didn't see Cuz's post... that would have been interesting. We've come a long from Star Wars.Wonder if they are still using adaptive mirrors...
  • TananaT... WannaBe... 2010/11/11 08:45:18
    For some reason I don't think so.. Just what my nuke physicist half brother had to say on the subject.. "We have stuff beyond your wildest imagination." Humm considering he knows I have a really WILD imagination that says a mouthful.
  • WannaBe... TananaT... 2010/11/11 09:13:31
    WannaBeRSC the Contrarian SOB
    I have no reason to doubt his assertion.

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