Mormon Church Blames Gays For Sending In Envelopes With White Powder; What Would You Send?

Axl Snaks 2008/11/15 20:00:12
Hate Mail!
Nothing, I'm Too Just Too Cool...
Maybe We Should Look At WHY This Hoax Was Sent In The First Place
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MSNBC, SALT LAKE CITY - The Mormon church on Friday blamed opponents of California's gay marriage ban for sending hoax mailings containing white powder to temples, while a group that also supported the measure condemned "acts of domestic terrorism against our supporters."

Investigators have not publicly cited any evidence that the mailings were linked to the Mormon church's support of the measure, and a gay rights group in Utah disputed that gay protesters were involved.

The letters were sent to the Salt Lake City headquarters of the church, where powder spilled on a mail clerk's hand, and to a temple in Los Angeles. Both packages tested nontoxic, the FBI said Friday.

The two temples were sites of recent protests against the church's support for a California ballot initiative that superseded a court decision allowing gay marriage. The Mormon church, whose official name is the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, said it is stepping up security.

"We call upon those who have honest disagreements on this issue to urge restraint upon the extreme actions of a few," church President Thomas S. Monson said in a statement.

Gay rights group condemns hoaxes
The Utah Pride Center, a gay rights group, put out its own statement calling the powder hoaxes and acts of vandalism "deplorable."

However, the group said, "It is false to conclude that yesterday's suspicious package came from gay protesters. Overwhelmingly, gay and allied Utahns have expressed their pain, frustration and commitment to securing rights through peaceful demonstrations and marches."

The coalition that ran the campaign to defeat Proposition 8 also issued a condemnation Friday.

"The NO on 8 campaign was about civil rights and seeking equality for all Californians. We have said time and again that the Mormon church deserves the same respect as any other religion," said Ali Bay, a spokeswoman for Equality California, the state's largest gay rights group.

The FBI is still investigating both cases, spokesman Juan T. Becerra said, noting that it's a crime to release a substance to threaten harm and stoke public fear.

"Even if you send a hoax threat, you're still in violation of federal law," Becerra said.

Anthrax mailed as a white powder to lawmakers and media members killed five people and sickened 17 in 2001. Since then, hoaxes modeled on the anthrax mailings have popped up but usually turn out to be harmless.

Religious coalition denounces protests
Separately, the coalition of religious groups behind the successful measure held a news conference to denounce protests carried out since Election Day.

The backlash has included calls for a boycott of Utah ski resorts and California businesses whose owners donated to the cause.

"Our opponents do not like the outcome and that is to be respected. They fought hard and they feel defeated and that is understandable," said Frank Schubert, co-manager of the Yes on 8 campaign. "What they do not have the right to do, however, is to harass and intimidate people. And they do not have the right to commit acts of domestic terrorism against our supporters."

Meanwhile, five civil rights groups asked California's highest court Friday to annul the ban on the grounds that Proposition 8 threatens the legal standing of all minority groups, not just gays.

The NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, the Mexican-American Legal Defense Fund, the Asian Pacific American Legal Center and two other groups petitioned the state Supreme Court to prevent the change from taking effect.

The petition is the fourth seeking to have the measure invalidated. But it's the first to argue that the court should step in because the gay marriage ban, which overturned the Supreme Court ruling that legalized gay unions, sets a precedent that could be used to undermine the rights of racial minorities.

Eva Paterson, president of the San Francisco-based Equal Justice Society, said the election raises the specter of voters deciding to bar illegal immigrants from public schools, disenfranchising black voters or otherwise using the ballot box to promote segregation.

"The court ruled that to discriminate in the area of same-sex marriage was unconstitutional and violated our guaranteed equality," Paterson said. "Why should a slim majority of Californians be able to put discrimination back into the California Constitution?"

[So now, what would you send?]
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  • I'm Left, You're Wrong 2008/11/15 20:06:46
    Nothing, I'm Too Just Too Cool...
    I'm Left, You're Wrong
    I would send them a simple letter asking: "How many kids could you have fed and clothed with the $80 Million Dollars you pissed away trying to write discrimmination into the Constitution?"

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  • HermioneRonfan 2009/02/09 02:57:21
    Its not the mormons fault that there just stating there opinion. They shouldnt get freaked out that that church doesnt believe in gay marriage. They should end it peacefully if possible. Besides its not only the mormons who are against it. So why single them out?
  • J 2008/11/20 05:40:57
    If i was going to make a statement i would do it peacefully without causing a panic like this one.
  • Jaybird 2008/11/18 22:46:31
    Nothing, I'm Too Just Too Cool...
    It's rediculous.
  • GVC 2008/11/16 20:19:00
    Maybe We Should Look At WHY This Hoax Was Sent In The First Place
    First, they need to let the authorities do their thang, and track down who actually sent the damned things instead of just making blind accusations.

    Placing the blame on the entire gay community for the actions of one individual is completely and utterly ridiculous. It smacks of desperation to me.

    Want an equally plausible theory? Someone from the YES on Prop 8 crowd, or the LDS Church itself, sent the damned envelopes! What better way to try and discredit the gay community in the eyes of the public and the media than to make it look like we are a bunch of "terrorists"? Do something like this, send a few agitators into the crowds during the protests to cause some violence, make things look bad all around - who would ever know?

    Just let law enforcement do its job and quit speculating.
  • rustex78 GVC 2008/11/21 04:22:29
  • rustex78 2008/11/16 18:18:28
  • Axl Snaks rustex78 2008/11/16 19:45:21
  • GVC rustex78 2008/11/16 20:20:15

    Justice Robert H. Jackson (Brown vs Board of Education, Topeka, KS) wrote, "the very purpose of the Bill of Rights was to withdraw certain subjects from the vicissitudes of political controversy, to place them beyond the reach of majorities ... One's right to life, liberty, and property, to free speech, a free press, freedom of worship and assembly, and other fundamental rights may not be submitted to vote."
  • rustex78 GVC 2008/11/16 20:39:50
  • GVC rustex78 2008/11/16 20:50:45
    Nor any of the other 27 state amendments :(

    I still can't figure out why it hasn't become a SCOTUS issue yet why no state is recognizing the marriages performed legally in MA, CT or CA by the others states, when it is obviously a violation of the Full Faith and Credit Clause.

    For that matter, I can't understand why DOMA was ever consider to be Constitutional.
  • Tomus Megalomania 2008/11/16 11:35:02
    Nothing, I'm Too Just Too Cool...
    Tomus Megalomania
    Yeah..I am pretty cool...
  • Jak 2008/11/16 09:02:36
    Nothing makes a louder statement ;D bombs louder statement
  • Desert Cloud 2008/11/16 08:39:09
    Desert Cloud
    I would have picked Nothing, but I don't consider my self too cool. I'm just a member of humanity. The best payback for the Mormons is simply letting the infinite and wise Universe reckon with them. You can't avoid Karma.
  • Axl Snaks Desert ... 2008/11/16 08:58:37
  • Desert ... Axl Snaks 2008/11/16 09:21:33
    Desert Cloud
    Most certainly. I have no proof if we come back or not but I have a spiritual belief from reading the Bhagavad-Gita that we might.
  • Axl Snaks Desert ... 2008/11/16 17:41:55
  • rustex78 Desert ... 2008/11/16 18:14:22
  • Pearl 2008/11/16 08:23:30 (edited)
    Mormon.. One letter off From Moron...
    undecided mormon letter moron
  • heather 2008/11/16 07:39:13
    i have no idea lol i dont even like Church i run away from it i wud send like a porno to them just to see thare faces lol XD that wud be so funny all i know is that thare saying something about gay's i am like O.o huh cus i am lol ^_^
  • chiglet - Daedric Sigil Mag... 2008/11/16 06:48:11
    chiglet - Daedric Sigil Mage, Smirotiel
    I'd send condoms (new) and sex ed materials.
  • 1tenthAngel 2008/11/16 06:31:36
    Nothing, I'm Too Just Too Cool...
    there's wacky gays too, no group is perfect..
  • MrsKaulitz88 2008/11/16 03:35:12
    a porno!!!! XD
  • Peggy 2008/11/16 01:41:33
    Nothing, I'm Too Just Too Cool...
    Maybe a letter containing the disapppointment felt by those in favor of prop 8 because the church felt it nesassary to get involved with the issue in the first place.
  • BlueStar Belle 2008/11/16 01:16:29
    BlueStar Belle
    I'd send them an official revocation of their tax-exempt status.
  • The Beaver 2008/11/16 01:10:52
    Hate Mail!
    The Beaver
  • EEEE "Its not always a race... 2008/11/16 00:31:42
    EEEE "Its not always a race issue, sometimes its a people issue"
    If they had a good point, they need to know that they have now ruined it because now we will only remember that they became terrorist for there cause....if you think about it, all terrorist have a cause, but no one really knows what it is because we only know them for doing stupid terroristic things...
  • BlayneD 2008/11/15 23:04:32
    Nothing, I'm Too Just Too Cool...
    one of my really close friends is a Mormon and ya she may have different views as i do but im not gonna send shit like that

    I mean really come on people....its kinda sad, i thought we were fighting the terrorists in the Middle east, but anymore you just have to look down the road to find one at least to some extent
  • Kenny D 2008/11/15 22:35:12
    Kenny D
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  • Noah C. 2008/11/15 21:37:01
    Noah C.
  • sadiesmom 2008/11/15 21:06:18
    Perhaps pictures of loved children with mommy &mommy; or daddy & daddy!
  • Fat Bastard 2008/11/15 21:03:09
    Fat Bastard
    I would send nothing!
  • Lee The Hybrid Snowflake 2008/11/15 20:42:39
    Lee The Hybrid Snowflake
    I don't see why they are in eachothers business.
  • Axl Snaks Lee The... 2008/11/15 20:47:29
  • Lee The... Axl Snaks 2008/11/15 20:53:25
    Lee The Hybrid Snowflake
    Can't we all just get along?........LOL
  • Axl Snaks Lee The... 2008/11/15 21:19:13
  • Lee The... Axl Snaks 2008/11/15 21:26:52
    Lee The Hybrid Snowflake
  • Sono Violado 2008/11/15 20:42:34
    Nothing, I'm Too Just Too Cool...
    Sono Violado
    Not because I'm too cool, but because the church, regardless of denomination, has no bearing on this issue. This is Governmental, judicial specifically, and therefore has to be handled through our courts, and not through our ballots.
  • Axl Snaks Sono Vi... 2008/11/15 20:47:50
  • Sono Vi... Axl Snaks 2008/11/15 20:51:53
    Sono Violado
    although it shouldn't as decreed by Thomas Jefferson both in his wording of the Declaration and his decree in 1789 (date may be off) as President.

    We the people allow it, through emotion and our socialist tendencies, which I neither condone, nor prohibit as it is in our human nature.
  • Illjwamh 2008/11/15 20:40:34
    Nothing, I'm Too Just Too Cool...
    Pretty much what Palin For Dog Catcher 2012 said.

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