More lies and deceit from Reid ,obama and Durbin on Social Security. read below.

mal 2012/12/05 12:37:06
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  • TidBit 2012/12/16 08:04:42 (edited)
    I looked up the 042-68-4425 number. The guy died in june 1981 and born in 1890...listed as deceased but his number is still active. We all know who is using (or used) it. It was reissued between 1977-1979 (obama's grandmother Madelyn Payne Dunham volunteered in the probate dept and had access to dead people's ss numbers...THEY DON'T REISSUE THEM! The numbers are retired to the social security death index....obama's grandmother had to find a deceased person who was not claiming benifits before they died so no one would report the death to the social security admin.). No one knows he's dead, his number wouldn't raise question. The guy was originally from France (Ellis Island records). Lived in CT died in HI.
  • ~ The Rebel ~ 2012/12/06 00:03:14
    ~ The Rebel ~
    Excellent article and it's been included in my next bulk email that's going out shortly...
  • patriot88000 2012/12/05 18:58:26
    Never trusted Dick Durbin (and he is I'm sorry to say my alleged Non-Representative Representative) from Illinois, and I have even less respect or trust for Obama or Reid.
  • lark 2012/12/05 17:55:35
    to be a successful in politics you must lie and they all do it so well
  • Soup Man 2012/12/05 17:08:52
  • Joe The Economist 2012/12/05 16:07:36
    Joe The Economist
    Thanks for providing the Link. Krasting produces well researched pieces. His last paragraph is the important one. The problem will only get harder to fix.

    His blame on the Democrats is one-sided. Paul Ryan - Mr. Privatization - said that Social Security does not add to the deficit in meaningful way. A pox on both houses.
  • D Hanes 2012/12/05 15:38:00
    D Hanes
    More lies... what a surprise!!!
  • Artist~PWCM~ 2012/12/05 14:11:00
  • TidBit Artist~... 2012/12/16 08:10:48
    too funny lol
  • Artist~... TidBit 2012/12/16 14:25:31
    If the shoe fits...
  • mac9 2012/12/05 14:01:44
    Liars all. Half of the country knew.....now we all pay.
  • Reggie☮ 2012/12/05 14:00:50
    You were expecting the truth
    Ho Hum sign
  • SJG 2012/12/05 13:41:42
  • Matt 2012/12/05 13:23:36 (edited)
    Like every other problem that our country faces, this one was also created by the politicians that we elect to solve problems.

    Problem : Social Security will eventually run out.

    Solution : Let's pass "free trade" agreements and send all of our high paying, taxable, manufacturing jobs overseas ! Let us "borrow" all of the Social Security receipts and waste them overseas on foreign aid to our enemies and unwinnable foreign wars that benefit no one.
    Defense Spending
  • mal Matt 2012/12/05 23:13:20
    axelrod is now loading up austerity gimmicks in states where the senate race in two years could go either way. they are very good at gutter politics.
  • Matt mal 2012/12/06 02:35:36
    The highest level of federal politics requires a periscope to view the gutter.
  • Pamela 2012/12/05 13:19:15 (edited)
    There you have it, the three stooges who will lie to push their agenda. the tree stooges
  • Joe The... Pamela 2012/12/05 13:41:57
    Joe The Economist
    The Trustees have one agenda, the financial safety of the system. The figures that they produce are as positive as can be written. To what agenda are you referring?
  • Pamela Joe The... 2012/12/05 21:52:12
    Their agenda is to change the Constitution.
  • Joe The... Pamela 2012/12/05 22:41:51
    Joe The Economist
    The Constitutionality of Social Security was determined 50 years ago. You may not agree with them, but the nine people who get paid to interpret the Constitution say that it is. So the Trustees have nothing to do with changing the Constitution.
  • Drummerlou 2012/12/05 13:13:22
    Like the Republicans never lied...PLEASE!
  • Joe The... Drummerlou 2012/12/05 13:45:00
    Joe The Economist
    Justifying the lies of one by the lies of another is not reasonable. Politicians lie. That is how they get their job. It is the job of the voter to figure out which politician is lying the most.

    In terms of Social Security, the Trustees say both parties are lying, and what the politicians are doing is dangerous. Social Security brings together a bad mix of short-terms goals of the politicians and the long-term needs of the elderly. When it crashes it will not be pretty.
  • DS in Oak Ridge NC 2012/12/05 12:49:06
    DS in Oak Ridge NC
    I found this info both enlightening and frightening. We've already gone over the 1st cliff.
  • Joe The... DS in O... 2012/12/05 13:48:07
    Joe The Economist
    Bruce is one of the better writers on the subject.

    If you find the projections frightening, you really ought to look at the assumptions. Those are Steven King material. When the Trustees say that Social Security can last until 2033 - it assumes good economic conditions which we don't have. It assumes that workers in 2031 will pay more in taxes and get less in return while having their parents knocking on the door. When benefits are cut by 25%, parents will need to have more support.

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