Modern Madness: Saudi Arabia Building Women-Only Cities?

~ The Rebel ~ 2012/08/10 15:39:27
Saudi-Modon plans to establish women-only industrial cities ... Efforts are under way to establish the Kingdom's first women-only industrial city in the Eastern Province city of Hofuf. Saudi Industrial Property Authority (Modon) has initiated works for planning and development of the city. "We are now working on a second industrial city for women," said Saleh Al-Rasheed, acting director general of Modon. "We have plans to establish a number of women-only industries in various parts of the Kingdom," he added. Al-Rasheed said Minister of Municipal and Rural Affairs Prince Mansour bin Miteb, has already allocated land for the first women-only industrial city in Hofuf. – Arab News

Dominant Social Theme: Ain't Saudi Arabia grand? Its Saud sheiks are building entire same-sex cities to advance women's liberation – Middle Eastern style!

The article explains – in its frighteningly chipper way – that moves to build cities just for women follows a Cabinet decision that "urged authorities to create more job opportunities for women in order for them to play an important role in the Kingdom's development."

Actually, we are sure it has to do with the Saud family's determination to continue to enforce the tenets of Wahabbism – a mutated "fundamentalist" version of Islam that deprives women of even the right to drive a car and can impose terrible mutilation on them for minor infractions. Here's some more:

The Cabinet also instructed the relevant ministry to allocate lands ... to establish industrial projects for women ... Modon seeks to allocate land for industrial development and develop industrial cities in collaboration with a number of government agencies and the private sector to meet the requirements of investors.

Al-Rasheed highlighted Saudi women's ability to engage in various industrial activities, adding that the development of women-only industrial cities would help tap their energy to boost national development.

Read More: http://www.rightsidenews.info/2012080916832/life-a...

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  • JD 2012/08/13 11:16:51 (edited)
  • Katherine 2012/08/11 06:11:33
    Trying to make Islam seem palatable to the world?
  • cowboy 2012/08/10 18:15:26
    Of course, if they get enough women together in one spot, and those women unite, maybe they can overthrow the country.
  • JD cowboy 2012/08/13 11:14:41
  • cowboy 2012/08/10 18:13:33
    So no toilet seats that raise???
  • auron 2012/08/10 15:48:06
    Sounds like a nice vaction spot, closed once a month.

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