Mittens Romney Cannot Identify a Donut. Can You?

joseph digristina 2012/06/14 06:59:40
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Mitt Romney Can’t Identify A Donut (Not An Onion Article)

Not a part of the Book of Mormon.

No, I am not making this up. There’s video:

I could pick on Romney for not being overly familiar with
donuts and if I was a partisan hack, I would. But I won’t. He’s a
billionaire and I find it highly unlikely donuts are a part of his
regular diet. I doubt he even knows what Kraft macaroni and cheese is.
That’s not a fault, never mind his fault,
it’s just a fact. This doesn’t bother me nor should it you. Liberals
pride themselves on accepting alternative lifestyles and, really, this
is no different. What does bother me about it, however, is that
conservatives make a big deal out of being a “regular American” and
Romney is about as far as it gets from that mythical norm.

The 2000 and 2004 elections saw the rise of the absolutely inane question, ”which
candidate would you rather have a beer with?” Who cares?! I want to
know whether the candidate is qualified and smart enough to do the job.
Whether I can hang out with them is irrelevant. But it was a big deal to
the right. Bush was sold as a down home regular Joe you could shoot the
breeze with. Yee-fricking-haw. Gore and Kerry were supposedly too stiff
and mechanical. The 2008 election saw the same tactic: it was a
non-stop “snob-a-thon” as the GOP tried its best to paint Obama as an
elitist. Here’s a piece from Human Events:

Obama is an effetenik, a white teacup, pinkie-in-the-air sort. Hillary is more of a shot-and-a-beer guy than he is.

There was weeks, WEEKS, of jokes about
Obama eating arugula, as if this was some bizarre vegetable never seen
before. He put mustard on a hamburger = OUTRAGE! Never mind that
McDonald’s routinely puts mustard on their burgers, Obama put some on! Elitist!

But none of that matters all of a sudden. Obama drinks beer, is a
good family man, plays basketball and has physique at fifty I would have
killed for when I was twenty.

I'm not jealous. Nope. Not me. At all. Not even a little.

He can sing, tell a joke and is extremely popular. Heck, the GOP has
labeled him a “celebrity” and a “rock star!” Who doesn’t want to have a
beer with a celebrity? Apparently not the GOP anymore. These days, being
popular is an awful thing and Obama should be ashamed of himself
for…well, no one can really say but there’s definitely something wrong
with him! ¡ʞɔɐןq s,ǝɥ :ʇuıɥ

A short digression: “Which candidate would you rather have a beer
with?” Funny how you don’t hear that question anymore, isn’t it? The
“liberal” media is absolutely complicit with this sea change and reveal
themselves to be the corporate tool we’ve known they are for years. Gore
was “unlikable” and the “liberal” media reported on every gaffe and
error as if he were a pathological liar (he wasn’t). Kerry was “stiff”
and the “liberal” media allowed Fox to label him a “flip-flopper” (he
wasn’t). Romney is stiff and unlikable to his own base and he’s
been caught in a number of bald-faced lies but the media seems to
forgotten how much they enjoy calling presidential candidates liars. I
guess that only applies to Democratic candidates?

Mitt Romney not being familiar with a donut is not really the issue
or even a strike against him when adults discuss it. My spellchecker
doesn’t seem to be familiar with donuts either. It keeps prompting me to
correct it (I guess it was programmed by a billionaire). Anyway! The real point
is the blinding hypocrisy of the right. If Romney was less robotic you
can be sure we would still be hearing all about President
Obama’s effeteness and how he’s an ivory tower elite with nothing in
common with “real” Americans. There’s the occasional lame attempt to go
there but it’s really hard to be taken seriously when you’re comparing
him to one of the richest men in the world. Romney is the very
definition of “out of touch” with “regular Americans” but, true to form,
conservatives pirouetted a perfect 180 degrees and it’s his wealth and
“business experience” that make him the superior candidate.

It’s a wonder the right doesn’t suffer from chronic whiplash, they change their minds so often.

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  • Rebel Yell 2012/06/14 15:31:42
    Yes, Mitt's a robot.
    Rebel Yell
    His defenders say Willard just had a " brain freeze". Seems to happen more and more often. There is something seriously wrong with that man. All oars are not in the water.
  • Lady Whitewolf 2012/06/14 09:53:30
    No, republicans don't eat donuts, they eat off the Koch Bros. dining table.
    Lady Whitewolf
  • joseph digristina 2012/06/14 07:05:17

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