Mitt Romney's tour bus will be tailed by a Cadillac with a dog on the roof. Funny or Failure?

Assassin~ Badass Buzz Guru 2012/06/18 14:37:21
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  • Bureauc... Grandbr... 2012/06/30 04:20:39
    Bureauc 0Bamao
    Feel free to point out my lies.
    *Employment participation rate at 30 year low.
    *Record unemployment not seen since Carter years.
    *Were it not for the lowest Employment participation rate in 30 years, the unemployment rate would be 11%
    *record numbers of welfare recipients
    *Record number of weeks to find employment
  • Grandbr... Bureauc... 2012/06/30 06:46:42
    You're saying that the economic crisis is evidence of the "over-the-top rhetoric and outright lies" of "Obama and his minions"? How does that make any sense?
  • Bureauc... Grandbr... 2012/07/13 01:15:57
    Bureauc 0Bamao
    No, It was the short list as to why 0bama is indefensible.

    But please point out to me how this video qualifies as ''over-the-top rhetoric and outright lies'' as you stated above. It is one of obama's (former, I guess) supporters.

  • beach bum 2012/06/19 03:09:20
    beach bum
  • The Libertarian 2012/06/19 02:25:24
    The Libertarian
    This should be on their roof.

    Obama eating dog
  • Lisa 2012/06/19 02:06:32
    Another choice should have been pathetic and stupid just like those two people.
  • Ozzyboy 2012/06/19 02:04:32
    Will those two idiots be having dog with their drinks tonight?
  • flrdsgns Ozzyboy 2012/06/19 13:58:01
    roasted poodle, good tasting and good for you too! :)
  • Ozzyboy flrdsgns 2012/06/19 18:44:07
    Meant to reply, not like. Your side ought to know how dog tastes. Hopefully you will be changed over to crow in November.
  • flrdsgns Ozzyboy 2012/06/19 22:55:49
    aww, don't get your panties in a wad. lighten up, life is too short to be so serious
  • marcuss....PHART 2012/06/19 01:54:31
    Will 0WEbama be tailed by a chef roasting a dog?

    roasted dog
  • Azrael-In GOD we trust 2012/06/19 01:16:48
    Azrael-In GOD we trust
    The only funny part was Shamus 2 on the roof of the auto.
    The pair wasn't funny at all. If that is what Romney is having follow him to be funny, I wish he'd give me a call.
    I could really fix up his campaign train.
  • flrdsgns Azrael-... 2012/06/19 13:58:47
    I'm sure you know all about pulling a train...
  • Azrael-... flrdsgns 2012/06/20 00:11:59
    Azrael-In GOD we trust
    Nothing about it was funny.
  • flrdsgns Azrael-... 2012/06/20 00:46:10
    Guess we see things differently
  • Azrael-... flrdsgns 2012/06/20 01:01:32
    Azrael-In GOD we trust
    I guess so-I just kept trying to find something funny about it, but couldn't. I really tried.
  • WhereIsAmerica? ~PWCM~JLA 2012/06/19 00:54:59
    WhereIsAmerica? ~PWCM~JLA
    But Obama might get hungry when he sees it, hide all the dogs...quick!
  • Cliff 2012/06/19 00:18:19 (edited)
  • Huntclan 2012/06/19 00:08:28
    Since Obie is a 1 percenter, I would also like to see the same thing happen to him. Except, maybe a half-eaten dog on the roof.
  • Arel 2012/06/18 23:49:45
  • redhorse29 2012/06/18 23:35:26
    It is sick and in bad taste. If the GOP plays it right they will splatter the photos all over the media and internet with a logo: "Level of POTUS Maturity".
  • Grandbr... redhorse29 2012/06/19 17:54:58
    The actions of Moveon.org are not representative of the President. They represent only themselves. Contrast that with Romney having his own campaign tour bus circle an Obama rally disruptively honking it's horn all the while ( http://politicalticker.blogs.... ) and NOW we have a conversation about maturity levels of Presidential candidates...
  • 4dc 2012/06/18 23:08:23
    unless they have a vehicle following odumbo around with a working class American on the roof
  • Steve 2012/06/18 22:53:55
  • dubbie Steve 2012/06/18 23:08:58
    And dang sure aint a T Bone
  • Grandbr... dubbie 2012/06/19 17:57:37
    Comparing the moronic actions of a grown man to the innocent actions of a little child, hm? I can see how it would be detrimental to try comparing Romney to an actual adult...
  • WhereIs... Steve 2012/06/19 00:56:13
    WhereIsAmerica? ~PWCM~JLA
    You had better tell Obama he is NOT dinner.
  • Grandbr... WhereIs... 2012/06/19 17:59:06
    Ha ha! The only way to justify Romney's stupid behavior as an adult is to level it against the innocent actions of a young child. Thanks for making that clear...
  • Lanikai Steve 2012/06/19 14:54:55
    he isn't a MEAL either clown.
  • Grandbr... Lanikai 2012/06/19 18:01:03
    And another one! The actions of a young, innocent child are the only thing you can cite in your sad little attempt to divert attention away from Romney's pitiful behavior as a grown man.
  • Lanikai Grandbr... 2012/06/19 18:04:21
    And an ACCEPTED practice of putting the dog in the trunk or on top ALSO qualifies, so you can compare the two-but do it equally.

    Having grown up driving across country, from cali o florida and back, I saw dogs on roofs, in barely closed trunks, in trailers towed on the back. NONE of them were hurt and certainly NONE became lunch.
  • Grandbr... Lanikai 2012/06/19 18:16:37 (edited)
    Oh, it's "accepted" to put your dog in the trunk or on the roof of your car? Really? Since when and by whom (other than you and Romney of course). I've done plenty of long distance driving as an adult myself and have NEVER seen such a thing. Perhaps you're speaking solely of decades ago, before people typically treated animals humanely.

    And the fact remains that you folks can't come up with anything better than comparing adult Romney to 7 year old Obama to try diverting attention from Mitt's inhumane behavior. So sad!
  • Lanikai Grandbr... 2012/06/19 20:00:47
    it WAS way back then.

    We moved our siamese in the trunk or our old doge dart when I was 5, that was 42 years ago and YES it was accepted at that time.
  • Grandbr... Lanikai 2012/06/19 22:34:33
    Perhaps "accepted" by some, but still stupid. You put a dog in the trunk and it didn't strike anyone in your family as cruel and inhumane treatment? Holy crap...
  • Lanikai Grandbr... 2012/06/20 14:56:44
    Hey, that will NEVER be as stupid as eating dog-but you all delcare that THAT was fine.
  • Grandbr... Lanikai 2012/06/20 18:03:31
    A very young child eating the food that's served him is "fine". A person eating the local cuisine of the area they're living in is "fine". Especially in comparison to adults being too stupid to recognize the danger and cruelty of subjecting a dog to either a car trunk or roof ride.
  • Lanikai Grandbr... 2012/06/20 18:14:16
    He wasn't that young, and enjoyed the experience enough to recount it in a book. So, how is that obama WORSHIP working for YOU????
  • AL 2012/06/18 22:34:10 (edited)
    I just hope he doesn't pass by the white House around lunch time is all!
  • Assassi... AL 2012/06/18 23:08:00
  • CR.Star Assassi... 2012/06/19 00:51:45

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