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Why is Mitt Romney Making Pledges to a Washington Lobbyist?

We’ve previously told you about the 1% Pledge
— a pledge run by Washington superlobbyist Grover Norquist that the
vast majority of Congressional Republicans have taken. Instead of
merely pledging to uphold the oath they take to “support and defend the
Constitution of the United
States,” these Members of Congress also pledge to never, ever raise
taxes on anyone and/or end any of the wasteful tax loopholes and
giveaways written into our broken tax code.

While some Republicans have recently come to their senses
and publicly, even angrily denounced the 1% Pledge, at least one
continues be locked in: Mitt Romney. Earlier this week, the lobbyist
author of the 1% Pledge underscored that it would force Romney to oppose the Buffett Rule no matter what:

Norquist voiced confidence that there’s not a chance the presumptive
GOP presidential nominee will back away from the tax pledge, which binds
office holders to “oppose any and all efforts” to increase the marginal
income tax rate.

“He has
basically endorsed the Ryan plan,” Norquist said in reference to the
House GOP budget authored by Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.), which would lower
the top individual tax rate to 25 percent. “He’s signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge, so he’s put in writing that he would never do this.

“And what
House of Representatives would allow him to and what Republican Senate
would allow him to? This is not going to be an option,” Norquist added.

Not that we
had any doubts about Romney’s ironclad opposition to making the very
wealthiest Americans like himself pay their fair share in taxes, but
here’s the rundown on what else Mitt Romney’s 1% Pledge means in

Mitt Romney’s 1% Pledge in Action

Mitt Romney has promised a Washington lobbyist that he will never, ever:

  • make the wealthiest Americans pay their fair share
  • make huge corporations pay their fair share (or even any taxes at all in some cases)
  • end the unfair tax loopholes that allow millionaires like himself
    and the billionaires funding his campaign to pay a lower tax rate than
    middle class Americans
  • end the unfair handouts to hedge fund and private equity managers (like Mitt Romney himself)
  • end tens of billions of dollars in handouts to Big Oil
  • end unfair tax loopholes that pay companies to ship jobs overseas
  • end unfair tax loopholes for vacation homes and yachts
  • end unfair and ridiculous tax loopholes for things like wealthy horse breeders or corporate jets

And of
course we know that for every dollar in giveaways to the wealthiest 1
Percent and special interests that Mitt Romney pledges to protect,
that’s one more dollar he’ll cut from Social Security, Medicare, and
programs that benefit middle class families. In fact, that’s exactly what
Romney’s already said he’ll do
: slash programs for the middle class in order to give trillions more in tax breaks to the wealthiest Americans.

making pledges to Washington lobbyists to protect every last tax
giveaway to the wealthy and corporate special interests, we need leaders
who will pledge to uphold the Constitution and do what’s best for the

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