Mitt Romney's Mormonism is a Cult

Mopvyzo USA 2012/09/19 19:28:29
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  • D.C. Willis 2012/09/19 20:20:52
    D.C. Willis
    It began as a cult but once it acquired enough members it was called a religion. To me it is just a large cult.

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  • johndhutcheson 2013/09/08 20:40:43
    Well, duh. It started as a real estate scam when Joseph smith swindled his neighbour out of his farm.
  • Golden Panther 2013/09/08 15:53:55
    Golden Panther
    You may have a grain of sand as proof of Mormonism being a cult....but, I guarantee you that there is no more bigger and evil cult in this world than ISLAM. Never, heard of Mormons killing innocents for any reason unlike the Muslims who will kill innocents just for the hell of it.
  • Darien Golden ... 2013/09/08 17:41:46
    The only muslims that kill are Al-queda. Muslims are encouraged NOT too, though.
  • Golden ... Darien 2013/09/08 18:01:33
    Golden Panther
    What Kool-Aid machine do you get your mind bending swill from? Talk to me about their evil so called honor killings and your scripture calling for the death of all who do not believe in your cult.
  • johndhu... Golden ... 2013/09/08 21:01:30
    "A lesser of two evils is still evil"
    It is led by a money hungry few who slander couples in committed relationships because they miss read the very old stories by authors who likely raped goats and sheep could not stand pagan worship involving male cult prostitutes (who were revered in there time) and priests.

    The only modestly redeeming feature of this cult is that when evil becomes socially unacceptable it flip flips. Examples:
    c 1880 Gives up polygamy so Utah can join the union.
    c 1978 Admits black Americans into the clergy (still bans them from high office)

    But is still insists gays be celibate, or have a fake unsatisfying marriage.

    Ultimate, as with all forms of Abrahamic religion it is a death cult where a fictitious after life is held up for the gullible to take them away from the real, compelling and extraordinary that is right in front of them.
  • Simpattyco 2013/09/08 14:25:49
    What are all you people thinking? If Christian shame on you Why can't everybody believe what they want so long as they hurt no one?
  • All American 2013/09/08 13:57:07
    All American
    I think all religions are cults.
  • Darien All Ame... 2013/09/08 17:40:50
    Not cool, dude. Not cool at all.
  • All Ame... Darien 2013/09/08 20:48:44
    All American
    No, it's kewl, man.
  • Darien 2013/09/08 06:50:05
    ARE YOU KIDDING?! The LDS church isn`t a "cult!" It`s the world`s most true religion! Does Protestantism or Catholocism have some of god`s power in the hands of 13 year olds? And who DOESN`T use wine for sacrament? Mormons! Also, they have 4 main books of scripture: Bible, book of Mormon, D&C; (Doctrine & Covenants), and Pearl of Great Price! God lives in Heaven, not on Kolob, Kolob`s just the closest STAR to heaven! WHY ARE YOU ALL SO RACIST?! WHERE DID THE CONSTITUTION GO?! whatever HAPPENED TO THE "RESPECT OTHERS` BELIEFS?!"
  • Jeff Darien 2013/09/08 13:29:30
    Why are you so upset?
  • Darien Jeff 2013/09/08 17:40:07
    Because people just don`t get it! They think of mormonism as "evil!" It`s not! It`s the true religion!Christ said he would return after the gospel being gone from the earth for a while, and what faith was gone for 1500 years? Mormonism!
  • Jeff Darien 2013/09/10 22:07:24 (edited)
    Have you ever belonged to or studied another religion?
  • RogerCoppock 2013/08/09 08:59:15
  • firefly 2013/07/02 11:15:21
  • Darien firefly 2013/09/08 06:50:52
    Hi I`m a Mormon 2.
  • Keith 2012/09/20 01:47:23
    I'm a Mormon and the Church is not a cult. How can a worldwide church with several million members be a cult?
  • Cat 1017 Keith 2012/09/20 03:54:41 (edited)
    Cat 1017
    Its a cult under the guise of Christianity....God is a spirit always has been , always will be...God is a triune being, There is not heavenly mother, Satan IS NOT Jesus brother...Joseph Smith was a con artist and racist....Did I forget anything...There is NO book of mormons, your works WON'T elevate you to the godhead, its only by Gods grace thru Jesus sacrifice that we will enter in, NOT by our works but by Gods grace otherwise you negate Jesus death and resurrection... Its a cult....
  • Keith Cat 1017 2012/09/20 13:46:39
    Sadly, the label of “cult” is often used to criticize or demean the faith of others with different opinions. Many people apply this label to Mormons due to misinformation or ignorance.

    Properly known as The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Mormons belong to the fourth largest Christian faith in the United States that is growing steadily throughout the world. In fact, more Mormons live outside than inside the United States.

    At the center of the Church is Jesus Christ, the Son of God and Redeemer of all mankind. Whenever Mormons pray to God, they do so in the name of Jesus Christ. Baptism by immersion, according to the symbolism of Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection, marks a person’s entrance into the Church. The “sacrament” (what other Christian traditions call “communion”) is administered weekly in Sunday services as members reflect on the life and sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

  • Cat 1017 Keith 2012/09/20 16:28:40 (edited)
    Cat 1017
    In this case , Cult is the actual reality of moronism...Its is NOT christianity because too many of its belief is against christian tenets...SIMPLE!!!
    The size of a CULT doesn't validate whether its of christian belief ...I noted some of THE MANY beliefs in Mormonism that OPPOSES its standing as a Christian belief....

    At the center of the Church is Jesus Christ, the Son of God and Redeemer of all mankind..... Jesus IS NOT satans brother, that in itself disqualifies it as chritianity...All the other symbols do not make it christianity...
  • Jeff Cat 1017 2012/10/14 22:15:36
    Sometimes these people are so programmed into this cult that they can't even be reasoned with. Had a friend that was an ex-Mormon and I learned much from her. Provided they aren't pushing their faith on me, I feel pity for them, the women are so surpressed and treated as second class citizens.
  • Darien Jeff 2013/09/08 06:52:22
    God gave men the priesthood, and gave them the gift of having one of his powers: creating life. They aren`t "Second-class!"
  • Jeff Darien 2013/09/08 13:31:16
    They consider Satan a brother in spirit. Can you explain that reasoning?
  • Cat 1017 Darien 2013/09/08 16:56:34
    Cat 1017
    A man CAN NOT create life without a woman...In that situation they are co dependent....One part is no good without the other....
  • Darien Cat 1017 2013/09/08 06:53:28
    Everyone, except for heavenly father, or "God," is a spirit brother/sister, Cat. Even Satan and Jesus.
  • Cat 1017 Darien 2013/09/08 17:01:25
    Cat 1017
    God IS a spirit....We are spirits that have a soul which lives in a body...Satan is of a different spirit than God....I am NOT of the same spirit as satan....I am of the same spirit as God, we must know God in spirit and truth....
  • Jeff Keith 2012/10/13 19:35:23 (edited)
    When a Mormon decides to leave the faith they are cruelly shunned by members and even their own families. This is a form of coersion to get members to stay in the church. They are hypocrits that claim to accept other's religious and spiritual beliefs but they do not at all.

    The members believe after death that they go to thei own private planet, become a God, and poplatate that planet themselves. Christians believe in one God.

    I don't care how popular it is, so is Scientology. and Jehovah's Winesses, but that doesn't make any difference. .
  • Keith Jeff 2012/10/14 21:58:52
    If you have any question try this: www.lds.org
  • Jeff Keith 2013/09/08 13:06:09 (edited)
    I've already been to that site and other years and have gone to Mormon social events. I had a woman friend that was a Mormon and had men friends that were married to Mormon women and they are all divorced. One guy left the state, moved over a 1000 miles to a very rural area. Members of the The Mormon Church eventually tracked him down over 10 years later, appeared at his door unannounced, and tried to get him to rejoin.

    If you have any question try these:

    "Under the Banner of Heaven: A Story of Violent Faith" an investigative book by Jon Krakauer is an excellent book.

    "Secret Ceremonies", a book written by Deborah Laake tells of her experience with the Mormons as a wife. This woman needed psychological help yet was repeatedly ignored and told to pray more.
  • firefly Jeff 2013/09/08 08:28:25
  • Jeff firefly 2013/09/08 13:19:53 (edited)
    I had a friend that wasn't excommunicated by the Mormon Church and wasn't even threatened that that would happen to her. She was born and raised in the Mormon Religion, left of her free will after secretly researching it, and decided she had too many answered questions about it. She didn't rant and wasn't disgruntled as she spoke of some of the positive aspects of Mormonism.

    What right does a church or cult have in excommunicating someone? Isn't God the one that does the judging? I've attended many churches of many faiths in my life and I never even ONCE attended one when another religion even attempted to criticize any other religion or cult.

    Don't concern yourself with my soul, concern yourself your membership in a cult.
  • firefly Jeff 2013/09/08 14:27:01
  • Jeff firefly 2013/09/08 14:41:39 (edited)
    No I overlooked that part. How was heaven? I'm not joking or making fun of you, I'm asking that as a serious question as I once experienced a medical trauma while hospitalized.
  • firefly Jeff 2013/09/08 15:30:37
  • Jeff firefly 2013/09/08 23:56:35
    I flat lined on two separate occasions in a hospital. The second time I was in a warm, glowing tunnel, and had ancestors welcoming with love that I'd never met on Earth. I was slowly going upward. It was then communicated to me that my time on earth wasn't over.The paddles worked and I went back in to my body.

    I got a sneak preview of where my soul is going, did you?
  • firefly Jeff 2013/09/10 21:35:36
  • Tw!stəd_S!stər 2012/09/19 22:43:53
    Not much different from Scientology.
  • Mike 2012/09/19 22:17:57
    usually when you ask a Mormon about the history of their faith, they don't know it.
  • Cal 2012/09/19 21:17:32
    You guys are obviously desperate if this is all you can scrape up.
  • Mopvyzo... Cal 2012/09/20 09:48:36

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