Mitt Romney Talks Himself Into a No-Win Situation: Should He Admit He Lied About His Tax Rate or That He Lied About Being Unfit for the Presidency?

my2cents 2012/09/25 02:15:08
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Romney's 2011 tax returns show an effective tax rate of 14.1%, but he only reached that mark by not claiming deductions he was entitled to. Had the Romneys taken all
of the deductions made available by their $4.02 million in 2011
donations, his effective tax rate could have been as low as 10.4

By not using all the available deductions, he paid an additional $500,000 to the federal government.

That decision contradicts a pledge Romney made during an interview in
July, when he told ABC News he would not pay more in taxes "than are
legally due. And, frankly, if I had paid more than are legally due I
don't think I'd be qualified to become president. I'd think people would
want me to follow the law and pay only what the tax code requires."

Romney made a similar remark in January during a GOP primary debate,
when he said, "I pay all the taxes that are legally required and not a
dollar more. I don't think you want someone as the candidate for
president who pays more taxes than he owes."

Spokeswoman Michele Davis explained the mixed message, saying, "[Romney]
has been clear that no American need pay more than he or she owes
under the law. At the same time, he was in the unique position of having
made a commitment to the public that his tax rate would be above 13
percent. He directed his preparers to ensure that he is consistent with
that statement."

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  • art1ej 2012/09/28 03:12:21
  • my2cents art1ej 2012/10/02 19:14:17
    You're not the only one who's noticed that:


  • art1ej my2cents 2012/10/04 05:15:15
    LOL so im not the only one.....
  • SickOfBigGov 2012/09/25 03:18:07
    None of the above
    The richest American pay the majority of taxes in this country..You people are so brainwashed..
    romney vs biden tax
  • my2cents SickOfB... 2012/09/25 03:56:24
    Read the question.
  • SickOfB... my2cents 2012/09/25 13:13:42
    Read the answer.
  • my2cents SickOfB... 2012/09/25 15:52:27
    Your answer has nothing to do with the question.

    This is a diversion-free zone.
  • SickOfB... my2cents 2012/09/25 17:47:41
    This is a 'control the narrative' zone....I'm revolting against it!
  • my2cents SickOfB... 2012/09/25 19:23:52
    Post your own question then, this is MY thread.
  • SickOfB... my2cents 2012/09/26 02:23:10
    Bwahhha...You own a thread? Well, consider yourself lucky, cause that'll be all you own when Obama get's thru with this country.
  • my2cents SickOfB... 2012/09/26 03:00:54 (edited)
    It's more than you have.
  • SickOfB... my2cents 2012/09/26 03:05:30
    Ok, junior...
  • my2cents SickOfB... 2012/09/26 03:37:41
    So there.
  • joseph digristina 2012/09/25 02:44:51
  • Scott 2012/09/25 02:32:20
    It depends to which crowed he's speaking, as is the case with every one of his "core beliefs"
  • Gravitas 2012/09/25 02:27:01
  • joseph ... Gravitas 2012/09/25 02:40:43 (edited)
  • Gravitas joseph ... 2012/09/25 02:44:53
  • joseph ... Gravitas 2012/09/25 02:47:27
  • Gravitas joseph ... 2012/09/25 02:56:53
    The buck-tooth b!tch can sing, too?

    michelle obama fat lady
  • joseph ... Gravitas 2012/09/25 03:16:46
  • Gravitas joseph ... 2012/09/25 16:29:02
  • joseph ... Gravitas 2012/09/25 17:09:53
  • Gravitas joseph ... 2012/09/25 18:04:46
    CLASS vs ASS,.... pictures worth a thousand words.

  • joseph ... Gravitas 2012/09/25 18:14:28 (edited)
  • Gravitas joseph ... 2012/09/25 18:36:47
    22 personal assistants, weed-wackers, trusses, corsets, sandblaster, Bondo, spackle, paint booth, exterminator with tent and proper fumigation works wonders,.... 'eh? And she's still a fugly, America hating, patient-dumping bitch.
  • joseph ... Gravitas 2012/09/25 18:48:01
  • my2cents Gravitas 2012/09/25 19:26:21
    Jealously is not pretty.
  • my2cents Gravitas 2012/09/25 19:25:07
    thank God we taxpayers don't have to pay for Laura's God-awful pantsuits anymore!
  • my2cents Gravitas 2012/09/25 02:49:26
    LOL! Better Obama than a traitor to his own country!
  • joseph ... my2cents 2012/09/25 02:51:14
  • my2cents joseph ... 2012/09/25 03:57:11
    That too.
  • Gravitas my2cents 2012/09/25 03:01:46
  • joseph ... Gravitas 2012/09/25 03:18:30
  • my2cents Gravitas 2012/09/25 03:59:07
    China will overtake the U.S. as an economic power thanks to people like Romney sending our jobs and factories there and investing in Chinese corporations.

    If someone like Romney gets in the White House, you may as well start learning Chinese, because we'll all be working for them.
  • Gravitas my2cents 2012/09/25 04:09:52
    I guess you didn't bother reading the link.

    In addition to that, 0bammy has practically given GM to the Chinese. 7 of every 10 GM vehicles are manufactured outside the USA since the bail-out and their R&D program is moving there as well.
    Barry's buddy Jeffery Immelt has outsourced more jobs from GE than any other source.
    Just TRY to find a GE appliance with a "Made in the USA" label.

    He funded his failed porkulus package with borrowed funds from China.

    You have it just a bit bassackwards.
  • my2cents Gravitas 2012/09/25 04:36:40 (edited)
    Not at all. Romney was the outsourcing pioneer of Bain Capital. He not only sent American jobs to China, he has invested millions in that country.

    Mitt has a vested interest in making sure China stays healthy.
  • Gravitas my2cents 2012/09/25 04:47:43
    Sorry pal,.... old lies that have been debunked 100 X's over.

    Keep carrying that torch though, it will make Barry Soetoro's removal all the more sweeter.
  • my2cents Gravitas 2012/09/25 15:53:35
    Nope, right as rain. I bet we'd see China emerge as the new world power under a Romney reign. And he and his friends would clean up.
  • Gravitas my2cents 2012/09/25 16:16:12

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