Mitt Romney made a boatload of money buying risky failing companies and turning them around to profitability. Gingrich counseled Fannie and Freddie. Which one would have more expertise to apply to a failing federal government?

tncdel 2012/01/24 03:10:58
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Mitt Romney has spent more than 20 years in private enterprise, making thousands of business decisions affecting hundreds of companies that led to more than 100,000 new jobs and billions of dollars for employees and investors.

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  • Pedalpusher 2012/09/19 15:37:19
    Romney [tell us why].
    Has a proven track record, has already showed he can do it in his business practices!
  • nbarton2 2012/09/19 03:49:33
    Romney [tell us why].
    Gingrinch really? Fannie and Freddie aren't success stories by any stretch. Romney at least has many businesses that have been successful.
  • Sgt Major B 2012/06/10 16:45:57
    Romney [tell us why].
    Sgt Major B
    Damned hard to argue with success.
  • Charge 2012/06/10 16:44:00
    Romney [tell us why].
    Because he can beat Obama.....
    beat obama
  • dominic garcia 2012/03/31 13:13:55
    Romney [tell us why].
    dominic garcia
    Without a doubt Mitt Romney is what our Country needs to turn the economy around. I believe he is a the right man. We need to put aside out petty little excuses to not like him and start supporting him 100%. He is our hope to bring back good American values into our families. His life speaks for itself. Mitt Romney can easily beat Obama.
  • jams 2012/01/24 14:23:40
    Romney [tell us why].
    Romney will work on the Economy.
    Newt will work on rewriting the history of his personal legacy.
  • USAF Vet 2012/01/24 07:40:57
    Romney [tell us why].
    USAF Vet
    Romney's record over Gingrich's is unquestionable; both have ideas and solutions to the conundrum of problems facing this country. The sitting administration has shown nothing tangible to get this country out of the hole it's in (apart from cranking up the printing press) and new reasonable, rational ideas are more than welcome at this point in history.
  • MadAsHEck 2012/01/24 03:38:17
    Gingrich would have more expertise at turning around failing enterprises [exp...
    Newt tol\d them to stop supporting the toxic mortgages if you do your research. Which they actually refused to follow.
  • tncdel MadAsHEck 2012/01/24 04:00:54
    What was his track record at actually turning around failing enterprises? ZILCH! But Romney was an expert at doing just that.
  • CUDDLY BUT STILL CRABBY 2012/01/24 03:20:47
    Romney [tell us why].
    I'll take either one. If Romney wants Americans to vote for him over anyone else, he better get busy speaking like a true candidate who needs your vote instead of being the PRESUMED nominee.
  • Ken 2012/01/24 03:12:45
    Romney [tell us why].
    Both would.
  • tncdel 2012/01/24 03:12:32
    Romney [tell us why].

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