Mitt Romney is outraged and ready to invade Iran over the murders in the U.S. Embassy in Cairo. Is Mitt the Chicken Hawk Romney willing to commit troops before information of who did it comes to light?

bob 2012/09/12 16:44:54
Just like G.W. Bush, Mitt the Chicken Hawk Romney is willing to a start unfunded war before proof comes to light.
Mitt the Chicken Hawk Romney is not willing to a start war before proof comes to light.
Like Dick the draft dodger Cheney, Mitt the Chicken Hawk Romney is a draft dodger who would kill our love ones and waste our tax money on a war with out credible proof
Mitt the Chicken Hawk Romney is a disgrace in foreign affairs and the Republican War Machine
All of the above
None of the above
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  • frank 2012/09/12 16:48:46
    None of the above
    At least Romney showed emotion, your Omama showed none as he read his speech.

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  • elvira 2012/09/15 05:52:52
    If he were to do this, he better make sure he is in front of all the troops.
  • Tortoise 2012/09/14 17:00:55
    None of the above
    what the evil muslims did was an act of war...I hope we go over there and blow them all to allah
  • william 2012/09/13 16:45:45
    None of the above
    mitt is just talking...he wouldn't do shyte....
  • **StarzAbove** 2012/09/13 14:52:38
    All of the above
    Mitt's an idiot and a twit and certainly not qualified to be president.
  • bigfoot 2012/09/13 14:19:01
    Like Dick the draft dodger Cheney, Mitt the Chicken Hawk Romney is a draft do...
    Republican Answers to everything.Tax Cuts and War.
  • toni 2012/09/13 13:05:56
    None of the above
    No one was killed in Egypt and it looks like Libya wasn't a protest but a coordinated planned attack. Public saber rattling just inflames an already volitale situation. The US needs to take action, but not against an entire country.
  • Leonidas 2012/09/13 12:21:28
    Like Dick the draft dodger Cheney, Mitt the Chicken Hawk Romney is a draft do...
    I assume the Question was about the murders in our consulate in Bengasi Libya
  • Bill 2012/09/13 12:15:04
    None of the above
    Only bob could come to this conclusion!!!
  • concerned 2012/09/13 07:09:40
    Just like G.W. Bush, Mitt the Chicken Hawk Romney is willing to a start unfun...
    Mitt is an idiot ... with a mic ... and money ...
  • Irish little 2012/09/13 04:06:50
    None of the above
    Irish little
    Oh boy ,mixed up again. ROMNEY ? I think your talking about obummer.
  • Jeff Smith 2012/09/13 02:59:03
    All of the above
    Jeff Smith
    Who cares turn the middle east into a sheet of glass already
  • mwg0735 2012/09/13 02:32:10
  • mac9 2012/09/13 01:19:34
    None of the above
    GREAT.....millions of Americans are behind that. We are sick of these muslim's crapping on our country. We will see a change. You should spend some time with Obama in the middle east. Then make your decision.
  • Olde' Smoke 2012/09/13 01:18:49
    None of the above
    Olde' Smoke
    Bob your the biggest chicken head I know
  • Bureauc 0Bamao 2012/09/13 00:32:21
    None of the above
    Bureauc 0Bamao
    No one should appease or apologize to the perpetrators.
    Show some back bone and leadership for once barack.

    These thugs would not have tried this with Bush in office,
    but with a pussy in charge they trample all over us.
    Watch folks, barack will do NOTHING but read another speech from the teleprompter.
  • Buzz 2012/09/12 23:31:15
    None of the above
    He never said anything of the sort. Google Bill Clinton's Draft Letter if you want to read about a real draft dodger who also organized anti-war protests on foreign soil while his countrymen were serving. Romney never undermined our troops like Bill Clinton. Yet Clinton is now considered a hero by dems. Nightline exposed the letter originally.
  • kitkat42 2012/09/12 23:19:39
    Just like G.W. Bush, Mitt the Chicken Hawk Romney is willing to a start unfun...
    First off, no one was killed in Cairo. The deaths were in Libya. Mittens needed to get his facts straight before inserting his foot in mouth. He's just saying and doing what his handlers tell him to say and do. He needs better advisers. He's a puppet and should keep his mouth shut. He thinks he's already president, he's an idiot. JMHO
  • William Major 2012/09/12 22:22:58
  • Paul 2012/09/12 22:12:53
    Just like G.W. Bush, Mitt the Chicken Hawk Romney is willing to a start unfun...
    Seems that way to me, just like Bush, just like McCain, Ryan also maintained the republican talking point of the USA showing strength and force with it's military rather than establishing and keeping good relations. What don't the repubs get about diplomacy?

    I'm still not sure exactly what Obama did or said that was "apologizing" for anything. "Wasn't cleared by Washington" was apparently a remark that bothered Romney, but I still haven't found anything Obama has said that shows weakness. Maybe there was something, but I see much more evidence of what a diplomatic nightmare Romney will be as far as international relations.
  • Gia 2012/09/12 22:07:19
    Just like G.W. Bush, Mitt the Chicken Hawk Romney is willing to a start unfun...
    Oh, sounds so familiar. Whats the word?........... Bush! President bush
  • Paul Gia 2012/09/12 22:17:13
    three words, weapons of mass destruction WMD
  • Gia Paul 2012/09/12 22:38:36
    All the way!!! Bad him! weapons of mass dstruction
  • Gia Gia 2012/09/12 22:29:31
    To frank. Yeah the emotion he showed was how much he wants to start another war.
  • EddyGee53 2012/09/12 21:57:39
    None of the above
    Mitt Romney may be many things that I don't like but in this instance he speaks with the voice of the majority of the people of this nation, the only people that are in denial here are those same people who believe its normal to kill our unborn, that gay marriage is normal, that our government represents the will of our nation, simply put those clueless liberal apologists who represent the aggressively vocal MINORITY. We are being tested by those who want to destroy us, those who know it's not Bush or Reagan in the White House but a Muslim liberal sympathizer who will turn a blind eye to their threat in his quest for re-election and continuing personal power. Our current President refuses to protect Americans within our borders from invaders from Mexico why would he bother to protect
    our citizens abroad from his Muslim friends?
  • Paul EddyGee53 2012/09/12 22:23:22
    Really doesn't matter what the real situations are about, the hard conservatives will stick to their story no matter, good thing they're no more a majority than the agressive liberals.
  • EddyGee53 Paul 2012/09/15 20:03:13 (edited)
    I don't know about that the last big test of your Liberal viewpoint was in North Carolina where more than 61% of the voters disagreed that Gay Marriage was legally acceptable.
    Ever ask yourself WHY Liberal Democrats refuse to ask for a National vote on Gay Marriage? The reason is FEAR! They KNOW it would fail dramatically if voted on Nationally. And talk about sticking to their story this "Hardline Conservative" nonsense
    is the same old smokescreen you Liberal Democrats spew when you get your asses kicked, you are the minority BECAUSE you are trying to force people to your viewpoint
    and the more you try to force change the more you will lose.
  • Paul EddyGee53 2012/09/16 07:36:44
  • EddyGee53 Paul 2012/09/22 18:03:42
    You are entitled to your opinion but so is the rest of America and the difference between us is that I respect theirs and will now force mine upon them! When and if our beliefs change change happens,forcing your beliefs on others by circumventing their will is not Democracy it is Dictatorship and that my friend will not breed acceptance,it will breed hate and violence. When the minority override the majority thru political expediency are still Americans?
  • Billyk75 2012/09/12 21:56:05
    None of the above
    What does Yellow Belly Obama plan on doing?
  • Paul Billyk75 2012/09/12 22:59:05
    President Obama will assess the situation before running his mouth, more than the repub wanna-be did this morning
  • Billyk75 Paul 2012/09/12 23:13:43
    He did run his mouth with his gutless apologizing.
  • Paul Billyk75 2012/09/13 00:10:43
    What exactly was this big apology Obama made? please give me a link. Should we start a war because some idiot made a film and is now in hiding? "Wasn't cleared by Washington", that is the statement I saw sited by Romney. Maybe more to it, but there is such a thing as diplomacy.
    Romney running his mouth this morning did nothing positive for the situation.
  • Billyk75 Paul 2012/09/13 19:47:19
    I never said we should go to war.
  • Paul Billyk75 2012/09/13 19:53:46
    really doesn't matter if you said it or not, the idea is suggested by the hard line stance republican Romney puts forth with ideas he puts out. I'm glad to hear you don't support war, some would.
  • bosshog 2012/09/12 21:07:42
    Mitt the Chicken Hawk Romney is not willing to a start war before proof comes...
    I can see bob that you would not defend our contry, I wonder if you believe in our CONSTITUTION. Naturaly you need to find out what group did this and set your sights on them collect your intel then make your planns. But the 3 deaths must be defended in some matter. Mitt Romney, knows more about running anything and about foreigon affairs than what we have in the White House at the present time.
  • Paul bosshog 2012/09/12 22:42:33
    If you read as good as you write, what the hell do you know about the Constitution.
    Neither Romney or Ryan displayed the level of diplomacy a situation like this demanded this morning, even if them and their party make wild claims to be more of a Constitutionalist than the other half of the Nation.

    What do you think, was Romney outraged enough to drop a nuke, maybe start WWIII over a terrorist act done by a relatively small group of individuals? That would be just great, just what the world and our country needs is a hothead leader.

    I do realize both Romney and Ryan were attempting to use republican talking points for their campaign, another words just a lot of noise. Seems to me, they both stepped on their dicks this morning.
  • BILL 2012/09/12 21:00:53
    None of the above
    Who care's as long as someone doe's something besides sit on our behinds and cry foul all day
  • Camille Palmer 2012/09/12 20:38:27
    All of the above
    Camille Palmer
    The rioters say this attack on US Infidels was because of a film Made Jews, who are Private citizens, who's soul Purpose in making the film was to cause an OUTRAGE, and they Succeeded, beyond their Wildest Expectations.
    They are Attacking any American in retaliation, to a Insult to Allah.

    The rioters, and the Film makes should Be Stuffed in a room, together, and not let out, toll the beat some sense in to each other. And Leave innocent people out of it.
    Personally I think the films makers Should stand trial for involuntary manslaughter at the least o at least,.. infighting to RIOT,.. which the admit to Wanting to cause an Uproar, now that has resulted in the deaths of American, diplomatic workers.
    Shame and Damnation on them Both.
  • D.C. Willis 2012/09/12 20:35:24
    Just like G.W. Bush, Mitt the Chicken Hawk Romney is willing to a start unfun...
    D.C. Willis
  • wildemanne 2012/09/12 20:27:53
    Like Dick the draft dodger Cheney, Mitt the Chicken Hawk Romney is a draft do...
    the only emotion romney showed is lust thinking how much money his cronies could make for him as he throws our lives away for his personal war

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