Mitt Romney Booed At NAACP Convention For Saying He'd Repeal Obamacare

Samantha 2012/07/11 16:46:52
There's only one word to describe what happened, RUDE! I support the work of the NAACP but, if they didn't want to hear what Mr. Romney had to say, why invite him? I believe a Mitt Romney presidency would be a disaster for Americans regardless of skin color. However, this is another example of the lack of civility in American politics. At what point does it stop? Older Americans wonder why so many other Americans, including younger voters, are turned off by politics. My message to those older than me, on all sides of the political debate, is grow up and stop acting like unruly children. Children in a kindergarten are more civil to each other than adults participating in political debates.

Mitt Romney was booed Wednesday at the NAACP conference for promising to repeal the president's signature health care reform law, bringing him to an awkward halt in the middle of an otherwise civilly-received pitch for black voters.

It was an awkward moment that forced him to go off script, after giving a somewhat pained smile as the booing continued.

"I'm going to eliminate every non-essential, expensive program I can find, that includes Obamacare, and I'm going to work to reform and save --" Romney said before being interrupted for about 15 seconds.

Considering a similar response to George W. Bush, how can progressives/liberals be surprised when, Bush for example, refused an invitation to speak? I believe one problem, and there are many, with our current political system is the fact our political process is controlled by the DNC and RNC. They're able to deny third party candidates access to debates or creating rules that make it more difficult for third party candidates to be on ballots. Why not open up the process to more political parties - left, right and the middle - and instead of engaging in childish election tactics let's have a real debate about the future of this country.

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  • Doc 2012/07/12 22:39:37
    Actually, the bravery that Mittens displayed in even showing up there to speak made me think better of him. We all know that the NAACP, like most on the left, (for the most part)considers any republican white person a racist. Yet he went there and spoke, anyway.
    That's pretty gutsy, like Obama going to speak at a white power event.(he hasn't)

    However, why didn't Obama speak there?
    Was he afraid, because of how poorly minorities are doing under his administration?
    Or does he just think his race puts us minorities in his pocket?
    did you hear Joe Biden? Fake black accent, hispanic slur jokes. but that's okay, since he's a democrat
  • Samantha Doc 2012/07/13 14:48:26
    There was nothing brave about it; he was invited and, if reports are true, tried to pack the audience with his own people. How shameful is that?

    Considering how much some white people hate Obama, I wouldn't advise him to appear anywhere close.
  • Doc Samantha 2012/07/13 20:49:37
    He tried to pack the audience with his own people?
    Could you please provide proof? I saw no evidence of that.

    And might I please ask you this, if he had declined the invite, how many folks on the left would have called him racist for not going?

    It seems that no matter what mittens does, you would condemn it.

    Now, you know that are some folks on the right who are that way about Mr. Obama.
    Are you like those people? Just about Mittens instead?
  • Samantha Doc 2012/07/15 19:07:22 (edited)
    I refer to the comments of a member of the NAACP. If you read my comments, I posted "if reports are true..."

    I comment on what Romney says and does.
  • Doc Samantha 2012/07/18 02:14:10
    Using the old "If reports are true" line is just another way to spread lies. I would think that someone of your character would only need information that they know is true to make a point.

    But I will tell you this, those reports are false, just like many of the things coming out of Obama's campaign.
  • Morningstar 2012/07/11 17:03:17
    #1 was romney invited to speak or did he go on his own accord?
  • Samantha Morning... 2012/07/11 17:20:48
    He was probably invited.
  • Samantha 2012/07/11 16:58:51
    To be fair to the NAACP: http://www.motherjones.com/po...

    However, this doesn't excuse being rude!
  • Stoner 2012/07/11 16:52:12 (edited)

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