DavidK 2012/05/07 06:15:11

We need to show more sympathy
for these people.
They travel miles in the heat.
They risk their lives crossing a
They don't get paid enough
They do jobs that others won't do
or are afraid to do.
They live in crowdedconditions among
a people who speak a different language.
They rarely see their families,
and they face adversity all day ~ every
I'm not talking about illegal Mexicans
I'm talking about our troops!
Doesn't it seem strange that so many are
willing to lavish all kinds
of social benefits on illegals,
but don't support our troops?
Wouldn't it be great if we took
the $360,000,000,000 (that's billion)
we spend on illegals every
year, and spend it on our
A veteran is someone who,
at one point in their life,
wrote a blank checkmade payable
toThe United States of America
for any amount, up to
and including their life......
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  • lm1b2 2012/05/07 12:31:04
    Their are people all over the world who want to come to this Country,and wait years to legally do so, over a million a year come here legally every year,and my sympathy goes out to them making a new life in a new Country.I have no sympathy for the Criminals coming here illegally,and living here illegally costing US citizens millions of dollars.
  • Stacie 2012/05/07 09:40:49
    I absolutely agree with you.
  • truthman 2012/05/07 07:25:56
    I agree.
  • Jo 2012/05/07 07:00:27
    what makes you say that they dont support our troops?
  • DavidK Jo 2012/05/07 07:05:48
    Never made that statement. Simply put, too many believe that illegals get a bad break and deserve to be here. Obama is hoping so, at least. Point is, our troops are serving for a purpose. Too many believe they need to come home. We need troops in other Countries to keep the peace NOT to necessarily fight wars. If you don't support their mission, you don't support the troops.
  • Jo DavidK 2012/05/07 07:08:47 (edited)
    the people who believe they need to come home are harboring that belief out of concern for thier safety and an overall hatred of war in general. and you DID make that statement; "....so many are willing to lavish all kinds of benefits on illegals but dont support our troops"
  • DavidK Jo 2012/05/07 07:14:15
    true in some cases
  • DavidK Jo 2012/07/04 06:47:39
  • Buoyant... DavidK 2012/07/04 06:15:54 (edited)
    Buoyant Leadraft
    I want every illegal alien deported from the US. I even want Anchor babies born here at no fault of their own searched out and removed from public classrooms and deported with their illegal alien parents. This was not what the 14th amendment was for. It was for slavery. You can However support the troops that are thrown into a bad war bad policies and not support the war. You don't even need to be a left wing moonbat hippy on acid to know that.

    If you don't support their mission, you don't support the troops? What is that from 2nd grade propaganda school? Get real buddy.
  • DavidK Buoyant... 2012/07/04 06:36:27 (edited)
  • retiredingeorgia 2012/05/07 06:36:16

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