Minnesota has just voted to allow gay marriage. Do you expect to see a similar law pass in your state?

ABC News U.S. 2013/05/14 01:00:00
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After a day of passionate yet respectful speeches on both sides of the issue, the Minnesota State Senate voted 37-30 to legalize same-sex marriage Tuesday, overcoming the last hurdle before the bill moves on to Gov. Mark Dayton, who supports giving same-sex couples the freedom to marry.

Minnesota would join 11 other states and the District of Columbia in legalizing same-sex marriage, meaning that about 18 percent of the country’s population has the option to marry regardless of gender.

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  • Chancy 2013/05/14 01:38:27
    what's more important to ABC news
    gay marriage or the Justice Department wiretapping AP?
    are the telephones secure safe at ABC?

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  • Zamboni - Madoka Magica fan... 2013/08/08 01:21:19
    My state already allows gay marriage.
    Zamboni - Madoka Magica fan BN0
  • Wolfie 2013/06/14 01:10:47
    In Alabama ? Are you f*ing kidding ?? Ha,ha,ha.That's funny.F*ing buncha rednecks out here.
  • Vicky 2013/06/10 23:17:20
    Hell no! I'm for real marriage. Not homosexual unions backed by the state. A marriage certificate or not, homosexuality runs contrary to natural marriage and procreation. Surrogacy, sperm banks, or adoption will never equate the organic setting of a loving union between husband and wife. If that's being a bigot, then I'm proud of it. I fearlessly wear the t-shirt!
  • Sunny 2013/06/10 21:34:37 (edited)
    Yes.... but it will take a while. They'll all get there at some point. The southern states, it seems, are always behind in logical, honest change.
  • zeldamaster17~平和 2013/06/02 15:10:10
    As stupid as it is not to, I live in Louisiana. The only state more bigoted than us is texas.
  • awalsh 2013/05/27 22:26:37
    In Australia, we're a little behind. I heard SA and TAZ are gonna pass it.
  • BlueRepublican 2013/05/26 21:13:36
    Not for a while.
  • paul 2013/05/23 14:52:31
    Yes, but not for a while. I live in Georgia, but the demographics are changing every year. The South in general will be slow to come around, but surely that's not a surprise.
  • chelsi.roberts.94 2013/05/23 03:41:58 (edited)
    My state already allows gay marriage.
    I don't get why gay marriage is such a big deal. Love is love. I'm straight but I have a lot of friends who aren't and I'm totally fine with it because they're cool people. They're just like anyone else. Romeo & Juliet really comes to mind- I know they aren't gay- but love is love. I don't think I need to make my point any clearer.
  • paul chelsi.... 2013/05/23 14:56:31
    I agree 100% with what your saying, but it shouldn't have to be sugar coated. People get married at all the time for a variety of reasons: finances, companionship, green cards, etc. No one asks heterosexuals if they're in love
  • AG 2013/05/22 20:10:41
    No, we have morals.
  • paul AG 2013/05/23 14:53:29
    Translation: No, I'm straight.
  • Sunny AG 2013/06/10 21:38:36
    Are we talking morals? or beliefs from an organized religion ?
  • Mark_Allen 2013/05/22 07:58:49
    My state already allows gay marriage.
    Somebody warn Cletus it's only a matter of time before it's everywhere.
  • salvationsanctuaryx 2013/05/21 21:13:34
    Although I would like to, I live in Texas, so yea, there goes any chances of gay marriage ever being legal in my state.
  • TaniaHoenink 2013/05/21 19:48:41
    Though my vote doesn't really count, considering I live in the Netherlands and it's been legal here for years c:
  • gsndhyte 2013/05/21 19:14:30
    PA is like two states. Very Liberal around Philly, Pittsburgh, some other cities, very conservative in the rural areas. It's hard to call
  • ocean master 2013/05/21 18:54:13
    ocean master
    the culture of misery and death is winning
  • nat75 ocean m... 2013/05/21 21:11:15
    the culture of anti discrimination and equal rights are winning
  • Psyblade ocean m... 2013/05/23 05:33:32
    Where do you get misery and death from two people getting married?
  • Metaldane 2013/05/21 18:09:58
    My state already allows gay marriage.
    I live in washington state glad of it too.
  • happyboi 2013/05/21 17:06:05
    My state already allows gay marriage.
    Thank God the tide is turning. No rest without equal rights for all.
  • judge happyboi 2013/05/21 18:14:25 (edited)
  • happyboi judge 2013/06/15 23:10:41
    You are sick. I feel sorry for you. Please get professional help.
  • judge happyboi 2013/06/16 02:04:58
    We are all sick with sin. Have you trusted Jesus Christ to treat it?
  • happyboi judge 2013/06/28 22:53:49 (edited)
    To forgive me for my sins, or to become who you think it is everyone should be? Either way, it's really any of your business...
  • judge happyboi 2013/06/30 19:31:29
    Yes, as an ambassador of Jesus Christ, it is my job to tell others the good news of how Jesus died to pay our sin bail and free us from Satan's domain.
    It is up to you to deceide if you wish to leave Satan's domain and where you want to spend eternity.
  • happyboi judge 2013/07/01 20:13:48
    You have done your duty... pat yourself on the back and leave me alone.
  • DAVID 2013/05/21 16:46:54
  • MasterLibertarian 2013/05/21 16:20:12
    Nobody care ABC!
  • BlunderWoman 2013/05/21 14:51:30
    At this point, it seems to be inevitable.
  • TheIntelligence 2013/05/21 03:29:10
    I don't think Indiana will be passing that law any time soon, alot of my statesmen are simple farmers, and that just doesn't agree with thier beliefs. I'm not in favour of same sex marrage either, because it portrays the gov't. forcing the church to marry people, that's no good, even though im athiest, the church has rights as an organisation.

    I am however in suppord of Civil Unions, same sex couples get the rights/benefits of a married couple, but the sanctity of christian marrage isn't "soiled"
  • happyboi TheInte... 2013/05/21 16:57:03
    No one is asking the states to force a church marriage... where did you get that information? we are talking about marriage in the legal sense.
  • TheInte... happyboi 2013/07/09 14:53:46
    If you payed attention, I said that it would be portrayed as the Gov't forcing the churches to marry same sex couples, and you can't force the church to do that. However, I think - leagaly - we owe it to our fellow citizens to get them equal rights under the law.
  • Jason -... TheInte... 2013/05/23 21:47:04
    Jason - CoG
    I'm with you on this, brother. Civil Unions - yes, marriage - no.
  • happyboi Jason -... 2013/06/15 23:01:53
    And all the rights that go with marriage that are not recognized in civil unions?
  • TheInte... Jason -... 2013/07/09 14:54:57
    I'm with you, but just to clairify, this whole mess would be avoided had they chose to use the word Civil Union, and not marrige from the start. It just gets people confused
  • JayRevolution 2013/05/21 03:20:18
    My state already allows gay marriage.
    I gladly live in Minnesota. I was actually at that rally and the signing of the bill.
  • happyboi JayRevo... 2013/05/21 16:57:40
    Congratulations Jada
  • dandydgrus 2013/05/21 01:06:22
    i answered wrong. my state already allows gay marriage
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