Militia conference call about Bundy Ranch SPECIAL

Sharon 2014/04/13 11:39:48
Las Vegas - As tensions diminish and the standoff between militias supporting Cliven Bundy and federal agents winds down, various militias and supporters conduct a conference call to discuss events and strategy.
As the standoff ends in what can only be considered a win for Cliven Bundy and the militias in the United States, supporters and participants hold a conference call to discuss the events. Similar calls have been conducted over the last several days to coordinate resistance to the federal operation.
Callers are identified by a four-digit numerical designation or a call sign.

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Men don't always behave badly
The day they fried Ted Bundy
Digital Journal will be providing exclusive updates of the discussion every ten minutes.

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Call summary:
Host: Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has stood down and the situation is defusing.
Unidentified Caller: BLM has returned some of the cattle seized during the standoff.
Host: Expresses gratitude that the situation seems to have ended peacefully.
5710: Woman calls in to state that a police scanner call says that federal forces are conducting a uniform change, and have not ended the standoff. Report is unconfirmed.
Host: Asks for intelligence reports via Twitter marked with the hastag #OathBeforeOrders.
California 2: Advises continued presence and encourages people to keep the communication network up through "Operation American Spring."
Host: States that militia alerts levels remain elevated, and will remain elevated until the situation has completely diffused.
Host: Advises the call is open to all supporters. Number is 559-726-1300. The access code to enter the conference call is 276125.
Justin King: Notified callers that press was on the call and that the conversation was being summarized and posted via Digital Journal.
Unidentified caller: Dispels rumors of shots being fired today at the ranch.
Host: Minutemen notice states that the Bundy family is still requesting support in the ongoing battle with the federal government.
Host: Discusses the value of the communication network to the opposition's desire for peace.
Host: Requests reports from personnel at Bundy Ranch regarding numbers of federal personnel still in area.
Several callers: Discussion of the possibility of the withdraw being an opportunity for federal forces to regroup. Consensus of participants is that the battle of Bundy Ranch is not over.
2 Million Bikers: Advises that BLM has not backed down and that government forces are waiting for the withdraw of militia forces.
5814: Reports in for North Carolina. Supports idea that BLM is regrouping and that the confrontation has not ended.
8748: Reports in from District of Columbia. Advises a social media post contained the wrong access code for the call.
Host: Personal remarks about a homeless friend.
Unidentified caller: Asks about detained militia members from Oklahoma and Texas.
Host: Verifies that some of the militiamen had been released, but no confirmation as to whether or not all those detained have been released.
Host: Advises everyone in the area abide by local firearms laws and keep a low profile.
3035 "Chicago Girl": Discusses a potential Presidential candidate.
Host: Makes jokes about the candidate's birth certificate.
Florida 1: Northeast Florida Minutemen report in.
Host: Discusses the cattle already in the possession of BLM that have been auctioned or destroyed.
Florida 1: Discusses reported National Guard presence in Nevada.
Host: Discuss necessity to have date and time of photos to be used for militia intelligence operations.
Montana 1: Questions the validity of the conference call. Discussion about federal disinformation operations.
0773: Alternative media notifies they are streaming the call via their website.
Unidentified Caller: States Lt. Colonel Alan West has stated that BLM does not plan on leaving for "at least a day or two." Then discusses a recording of federal agents telling protesters "If you come any closer, we will shoot."
Host: Discusses the possibility of Constitutional convention.
Makethemlisten: Discusses immigration reform.
7357: Comments on the lack of elected officials commenting on an armed standoff between militias and federal agents. States that Harry Reid's connections to the property were at fault.
Host: Discusses an "awakening" in the United States to federal tyranny. Cites google searches for the term "False Flag."
Alaska 1: States 40 State Senators and Representatives from Arizona have issued a letter of recognition in favor of Cliven Bundy.
Nevada 1: Report from Bundy Ranch from Oregon Militia stating that federal agents are at a Holiday Inn near the ranch regrouping in fatigues. Militia is currently pulling up BLM signs near the ranch and will dump them in the Holiday Inn parking lot to let federal agents know that the militia units are aware of their presence.
1907: Discussion with measures necessary to join the Illinois Militia.
1371: Intelligence update from Red River site where a similar action by the federal government is occurring. Discussion about sending some militia forces to the area to reinforce that location. Illinois Sons of Liberty forces heading to ranch.
Houston Oath Keepers: Advises participants to become more involved in local politics and election of Sheriffs.
Host: Advises law enforcement to begin filing charges against other officers that engage in police brutality and corruption.
Houston Oath Keepers: Reinforces the advice of host in regards to officers keeping silent in the face of police brutality.
Louisiana 1: Questions stance of militia deployments in regards to areas left unprotected by the deployments.
Host: Advises those arriving to come as peaceful protesters in civilian clothes that "just happen to have munitions and weapons to be used in self defense."
Louisiana 1: Requests more intelligence on Red River site.
Host: Advises militias are maintaining elevated alert levels.
7711: States a source has informed her that the federal operation was to secure land to meet international obligations.
Alaska 1: Discusses possible civil disobedience in Alaska at Cold Harbor.
1473: Militia is not leaving. Ranchers are still requesting more protesters.
Host: Encourages more supporters and participants to join the call. Roughly 100 on call now.
Archangel: Calls to confirm a letter that has become viral on social media sites. No confirmation available.
Host: Advises that law enforcement was running plates of people in the area of the ranch. Advises again to carry firearms in accordance with local law.
Host: Unable to confirm whether the offer from local Native Americans to use tribal lands was ever utilized.
The conference call will continue until the situation at the Bundy Ranch is completely resolved.

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  • Ethan Owens 2014/04/16 20:14:59 (edited)
    Ethan Owens
    first of all that was not a victory for you stupid conservatives or a surrender for the government, it was the government being tactful, honestly the government could have shot and killed all of you conservatives who came out to defend the Bundy family but they did not want to look bad so they decided not to kill all of the people there. Now if you silly stupid Conservatives want to start a war by firing the first shots then the government will be able to kill of you and the government will win almost every encounter as they should.
  • Bun 2014/04/14 06:33:06
    Bundy is No Cult Hero, He has taken and used Public Lands for His own Personal Profit, Ranchers Need Permits to Graze their cattle on Public Land..... he had none!
    Do you know how much damage this Rancher and his animals have done to the top soil and water quality?
  • Sharon Bun 2014/04/14 06:40:21
    I can imagine...

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