Mike and Ike Have Split Up: Will the Breakup Marketing Campaign Increase Sales?

Business 2012/04/15 22:25:16
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The rumors are true . . . Mike and Ike have split up. (Wait—who are Mike and Ike again?) Yes, that’s right we’re talking about the names behind the fruit-flavored chewy candies. We had no idea that Mike and Ike were characters with distinct personalities and interests, but ok, we’re willing to play along.

In an effort to appeal to teens, Just Go, the company behind Mike and Ike, has devised a marketing campaign in which Mike and Ike go their separate ways. And of course the breakup is playing out on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr. It’s unclear whether Mike and Ike were formally friends, business partners, or a romantic couple—but many are referring to their split as a gay divorce. (This is despite the fact same-sex marriage is not legal in the company’s home state of Pennsylvania.)

The duo officially split on April 2, citing “creative differences,” but if you happened to be a fan of the company’s Facebook page before that date, you would have known that tensions had been building between Mike and Ike for quite some time. Even the candy’s packaging now reflects the couple’s new relationship status, with one of the names scribbled out on each of the boxes. Packages with Mike’s name crossed out feature a handwritten message from Ike accusing Mike of “spending way too much time on his music.” Boxes with scribbles over Ike’s name include a note from Mike accusing Ike of “spending way too much time on his graffiti art.”

Apparently, “the company is trying to get them back together” so we may see a Mike and Ike reunion in the future. (Sounds a lot like the Barbie and Ken breakup/reunion campaign to us.) So far, the Mike and Ike split has generated a lot of buzz in the media and the company has gained over 200,000 new Facebook fans. But will that translate into increased sales? What do you think SodaHeads?

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  • mikeala bennett 2013/08/20 19:44:04
    mikeala bennett
    Mike and Ike can not split up I love there candy if they split up I will be MAD!!! Break up if u dare and if u do u will have a VARY MAD fan. But remember its ur choice. Make the right one
  • brittany elizabeth 2012/11/15 00:10:24
    brittany elizabeth
    its just a scam to get all you idoits to buy more mike and ikes
  • Dan brittan... 2012/12/04 17:19:27
    It's the company's take on the current "drama" fad Hollywood + the media have been using for over a decade now to(hopefuly) promote their "questionably" talented actors & artists. I supose the psychology is directed to the younger fans. Me?....."frankly my dear, I don't give a damn".
  • katie davison 2012/09/22 04:27:29
    katie davison
    mike ike are percet togther and i love that candy but now people are bad because they break up.it make me sad!
  • Johnisha 2012/09/20 18:43:28
    i feel like mike&ike; are both stupid and should make up because they were friends before anything
  • dskyy 2012/09/20 06:17:47
    I wouldn't want to go inside a store and ask for a box of Mike same thing goes for asking for a box of Ike don't sound right will it ever No so keep me posted on
  • jon 2012/09/17 21:00:27
    they gust whant more money
  • Mini-mee 2012/08/25 19:37:19
    It's totally working - even though I'd like to say it isn't. It hasn't translated into sales at my house. But that is only because I am die-hard addicted hot tamales. But it sure has made me think about Mike & Ikes, talk about Mike and Ikes and Google Mike & Ikes. So ... yeah, it's totally working.
  • Kate 2012/08/08 03:43:32
    Why would it make anyone want to buy it? I don't buy it and I still don't. The only reason I looked it up is because its on the tv every 5 minutes and I wanted to know what was going on..its stupid in my opinion. Oh, and they say they want to appeal to teens? I'm a teen and I don't feel any more attracted to it. I'm sure most people still feel the same way they did before the "break up".
  • amberjane(; 2012/08/07 18:57:48
    Mike and ike's are still the same candy I love them and always have but the "break up" shouldn't make anyone want more it will just add the usual dramma or make people a little curious I guess it can have an effect on marketing some what but not very much
  • kristal 2012/07/29 22:28:07
    Mike and ike will get ppl to buy it beause ppl like action and drama
  • kayla 2012/07/21 04:50:14
    I usually only eat mike and ike candies when people give them to me. I don't think that because of the so-called "break-up" I will be jumping out of my seat every time I run out. Perhaps it is because I am a single lady with no break-up experience, but the scandal has done nothing to me. Maybe one day when I go through a terrible break-up I will look back on the time that Mike and Ike broke up, but I can't promise anything.
  • kristal kayla 2012/07/29 22:31:46
    Wow woman ppl eat it cause they love drama duh!!!
  • amberja... kristal 2012/08/07 18:59:36
    People dramma not candy dramma.
  • Bella Bella 2012/07/20 13:13:30
    Bella Bella
    I think it's cute and adorable. It's like childhood friends who have a fight and claim to "never" be friends again, then crosses the outted friend off a school book, only to make up again and the crossed name changes into a heart with the friends name in the middle... I love it, if this is a sales campaigne then their appeal to memories of childhood silliness is spot on <3
  • donna.robinson.102 2012/07/10 16:13:42
    To the ones who say who cares, i don't care, its not working, yes you do and yes it is otherwise you would'nt have taken the time to read about it and even more time to comment! And when even celebs get involved, thats a sure sign its working. Now on with the show., i have been a fan of Mike and Ike's since childhood, so i certainely hope the splitup is'nt long lived and they come together on their creative diffrences, hahaha, but until then, i'll just have to settle the dilemma in my own manner by switching each time i purchase a box so as not to show favourtism!
  • Glimmer... donna.r... 2012/07/14 00:50:29
    I think Mike and Ike splitting was STuPID it's SO not working!
  • kristal Glimmer... 2012/07/29 22:33:03
    Not stupid party pooper ur just mad cause u don't have a best selling candy duh :)
  • donna.r... Glimmer... 2012/08/07 19:46:02
    To each there own, but you do realize we are talking about FUN right as in LAUGHS, mike and ike is candy, so um kinda lighten up dude!
  • donna.r... Glimmer... 2012/08/08 03:53:15 (edited)
    And you're commenting because........And you read the article because........
  • kristal donna.r... 2012/07/29 22:22:04
    Not true
  • donna.r... kristal 2012/08/07 19:51:29 (edited)
    One thing i do know, its not that serious, calm down, we are talking about candy have a mike or ike! :-)
  • donna.r... kristal 2012/08/07 19:54:40 (edited)
    I have no idea what you are talking about!
  • Addison Rodel 2012/07/03 20:24:57
    Addison Rodel
    I think that Mike and Ike should get back together so that all this drama stops! This is kinda weird that they broke up. ):
  • Pepsi 2012/07/02 23:10:27
    Why would they breakup its so sad:(
  • devontae 2012/06/14 02:38:56
    idk y they broke up but they should have jus t stayed togetheer it snot gonna in crease sell ok it wont an d never will
  • tweet_tweet 2012/04/18 02:29:33
    that's hilarious
  • Papillon 2012/04/17 15:20:56
  • ♥ Amy ♥ Is Home♥ 2012/04/17 14:40:46
    ♥ Amy ♥ Is Home♥
    I know it wont make me go buy any ... Im more a fan of

    red hotts
  • Papillon ♥ Amy ♥... 2012/04/17 15:16:32
  • ♥ Amy ♥... Papillon 2012/04/17 15:25:32
    ♥ Amy ♥ Is Home♥
    no I musant lol .... how funny... someone sent me some of those in the mail just last week.... I didn't really like them.... Red Hots are not as chewy
  • Papillon ♥ Amy ♥... 2012/04/17 16:18:51
  • Dovesraven 2012/04/17 14:24:15
    It probably is a publicity stunt to make people spend it while they can get it and once they make record profits there gonna decided to stay and laugh at everyone who went for it
  • ☥☽✪☾DAW ☽✪☾ 2012/04/17 14:22:01
  • addi ☥☽✪☾DAW... 2012/07/13 02:47:41
    I don't really care about the break up. I bet they'll taste the same just with a different name it doesn't matter
  • Get Bashed 2012/04/17 13:37:24
    Get Bashed
    If I had to choose, I would be on Mike's side....no one chooses "Ike", just ask Tina! Hahahahahaaha..............
  • Captain Foxhound BN0 2012/04/17 12:08:33
    Captain Foxhound BN0
    Yes. It's working now. What a fun idea. I love when commercials make you want to watch them, instead of invading your space.
  • Playerazzi 2012/04/17 09:41:18
    WTF are Mike and Ike? Never seen 'em.

    Are they anything like Good 'n' Plenty?

    Or M and M?

  • Papillon Playerazzi 2012/04/17 15:17:21
  • BlackwinterG36C 2012/04/17 09:22:37
    For one thing the candy tastes like sh**. 2nd sounds like 2 gay guys breaking up. 3rd they will get back together just look at bert and ernie, Yogi and Boo Boo, OR Ace and Gary!

    Ace and Gary

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