Michelle Obama's DNC Speech: Hit or Miss?

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By most accounts, Michelle Obama's Democratic National Convention Speech Tuesday night was a big hit. The first lady spoke admiringly of her husband's middle-class roots (recalling how when they first got together, Barack's car had a hole in it through which she could see the pavement), character and accomplishments. Here are some key sound bites from the speech...

michelle obama

"Well today, after so many struggles and triumphs and moments that have tested my husband in ways I never could have imagined, and I have seen firsthand that being president does not change who you are. No, it reveals who you are."

"So when it comes to rebuilding our economy, Barack is thinking about folks like my dad and like his grandmother. He's thinking about the pride that comes from a hard day's work. That is why he signed the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act to help women get equal pay for equal work."

"That is why he cut taxes for working families at small businesses."

"That's how he brought our economy [from the] brink of collapse to creating jobs again. Jobs you can raise a family on, good jobs. Right here in the United States of America."

"When it comes to the health of our families, Barack refused to listen to those folks who told him to leave health reform for another day. Another president. He didn't care whether it was the easy thing to do politically. That is not how he was raised. He cared that it was the right thing to do."

"He -- he did it because he believed that here in America, our grandparents should be able to afford their medicine. Our kids should be able to see a doctor when they're sick. And no one in this country should ever go broke because of an accident or an illness."

"And he believes that women are more than capable of making our own choices about our bodies and our health care."

"Barack knows the American dream because he's lived it. And he wants everyone in this country, everyone to have the same opportunity no matter who we are or where we are from or what we look like or who we love."

What did you think of Mrs. O's speech?

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