Men Take Naked Trip Through Car Wash, Howls of Pain Wake Neighbors

Kyle 2012/04/05 16:10:53

Vancouver, Canada — Three young, intoxicated men near Vancouver,
B.C., apparently thought it would be fun to get undressed, jump into a
shopping cart and go through a high-pressure car wash late Tuesday

The Vancouver Sun reported Wednesday that the trio selected the wash
setting of either “typhoon” or “super typhoon” and rolled themselves
into the car wash. Police in the suburb of Abbotsford were alerted when
neighbors heard loud screams of pain coming from the car wash.

“We arrived to find intoxicated men putting their clothes back on,
and realizing that the best decisions aren’t made while drunk and at a
car wash without a car in the middle of the night,” Abbotsford police
Constable Ian MacDonald told the Sun.

Abbotsford police later posted a tweet warning that pressure-washing
yourself will not increase “intelligence or sobriety,” the Sun said.

The trio were warned and sent home
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