Media Matters issues its Thought Instructions to the Democrat zombies: "Recall Election Does Not Diminish Obama's Chances In November"

RJ~PWCM~JLA 2012/06/06 15:59:55
It took them a while to get the email out, but Media Matters has finally released its Thought Instructions to the Democrat party zombies.

The official line we'll be hearing from them is: "Sorry, Fox: Recall Election Does Not Diminish Obama's Chances In November"

In the email, the 0bama Propaganda Department (sometimes called Media Matters by funder George Soros) attacks anyone and anything that appeared on Fox to say that the results of the Walker recall are not a good omen for 0bama's re-election chances.

Of course, they were singing a different tune in 2011, when they thought they had a very good chance of defeating Walker. And when their strategy was to link this recall election with the "grass roots" (LOL!) Occupy movement.

Somehow, it didn't quite work out the way they had hoped!
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  • mac9 2012/06/07 16:30:47
    Yeah.....that's bull. They also said Walker would be recalled. The lefty loons have to be told and what to say. They are so inept they can't stand for anything on their own.
  • TruBluTopaz 2012/06/06 22:50:00
    What happened to "elections have consequences?" I thought that was a DNC mantra. Democrat guru
  • wicked soda boy 2012/06/06 21:02:05
    wicked soda boy
    Media Nitwits and George "Sorry-ass" Soros are pathetic!
  • Informed Voter 2012/06/06 19:31:45
    Informed Voter
    Right! And it's currently snowing pixie dust on the sun, too!
  • Space Invader 2012/06/06 19:17:00
    Space Invader
    Could he just get in his magic spaceship and head off to whatever planet alien libs go to?? baracks magic spaceship1
  • dawn 2012/06/06 18:49:53
    Great victory for Walker! The lefties are all saying it was because of outside donors. What about all the unions coming to Wisconsin and their donations.?
  • RJ~PWCM... dawn 2012/06/06 18:53:02
    They're so full of crap it's actually embarrassing. Even they know only the hardest-core, most brainwashed of their zombies can believe the drivel that's spewing from their mouths!
  • stevmackey 2012/06/06 17:20:08
    Things look good when you bury your head in the sand!
  • RJ~PWCM... stevmackey 2012/06/06 18:53:19
    That's also a good time to sneak up on someone and kick them in the ass!
  • none 2012/06/06 17:16:55
  • RJ~PWCM... none 2012/06/06 18:54:35
  • whitewulf--the unruly mobster 2012/06/06 17:09:46
  • U-Dog 2012/06/06 17:03:47
  • Chef Bunyan 2012/06/06 16:54:29
    Chef Bunyan
    Well I for one am PRAYING that the GOP powers that be will wake up and smell the coffee and nominate some one other than Romnobama. But if that happens, I WILL vote for him because we MUST get 0blowhole OUT! WE CANNOT LET THE VOTE BE SPLIT PEOPLE OR 0BLOWHOLE WILL BE RE ELECTED!
  • Striker 2012/06/06 16:36:32
    Not to worry, MM. If the RINO's manage to nominate Oromney, nothing will "change", so it doesn't matter about losing your freaky communist idol.

    But when the highway turns to Libertarian Gary Johnson, then you will have something to fret about.
  • Seonag 2012/06/06 16:32:55
    Media Matters response does not surprise me at all. In fact, just about all of the Obama worshipers are saying the loss in Wisconsin doesn't mean anything at all --- after being so sure that the Dems would win in WI even as late as yesterday evening!
  • RJ~PWCM... Seonag 2012/06/06 18:56:22
    Yep. Wolfie "The Republican Guard has been decimated" Blitzkrieg was all giddy early last night how the race was "tied"!
  • Seonag RJ~PWCM... 2012/06/06 20:07:36
    Saw a video of that. Even the 'local' stations in my area were all but crying over Barrett's loss.
  • Murph 65 2012/06/06 16:19:40
    Murph 65
    I think we were all expecting this mantra - It doesn't matter, won't affect the election - but we should not become complacent. We have a lot of work ahead of us on getting Obama and his cronies out. Am hoping Nevada, one of my favorite states, sends Reid to the hinterlands come November. That would be a help. Not sure California will ever dump Pelosi, but that would sure be a blessing. As for Obama, his czars etc, stay alert, vote, help people get out to vote, pay attention and keep this first step going.
  • RJ~PWCM... Murph 65 2012/06/06 18:57:57
    I think getting rid of Pelosi is a bridge too far. Her district is at ground-zero of an already left-wing lunatic city. But 0bama is completely defeatable - it's the GOP's to win or lose.
  • Murph 65 RJ~PWCM... 2012/06/06 19:03:51
    Murph 65
    Maybe she'll decide she's just too old to run this next time. One can hope, can't one?
  • RJ~PWCM... Murph 65 2012/06/14 12:25:41
    Yes. But - don't hold your breath! :))
  • Murph 65 RJ~PWCM... 2012/06/14 17:53:22
    Murph 65
    Trust me, not holding breath about anything relating to current political situation and people in this country. I might suggest to a few folks, however, that they do hold their breath. Nah, that would just be plain mean. :)
  • Seonag Murph 65 2012/06/06 20:05:42
    Sad to say, Reid, being in the Senate, won re-election in 2010 (thanks to the Casino Unions) and won't need to run again until 2014. Pelosi, on the other hand, has to run every two years but her district is San Francisco and they live and breath Nancy! So, unfortunately, unless SF falls into the Pacific, it appears we may be stuck with the Wicked Witch of the West.
  • Murph 65 Seonag 2012/06/07 12:09:12
    Murph 65
    Have been waiting for 50+ years for California to fall into the Pacific. Am tired of waiting. Will just wish and hope that those people out there eventually wake up. Have talked to my casino buddies a lot about Reid - am getting no where.
  • Ashley 2012/06/06 16:16:42
    Obama is hurting his chances at re-election.
  • Ron the Realist 2012/06/06 16:14:12
    Ron the Realist
    No doubt ProudPropagandist will be disseminating the talking points to the parrots shortly.
  • JoeBtfsplk Ron the... 2012/06/06 16:47:29
    good one - he posted one earlier that made me laugh;

  • RJ~PWCM... Ron the... 2012/06/06 18:58:12

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