Media Glosses Over Eric Holder’s Deadline Extension for Producing Fast and Furious Documents

Yo'Adrienne..AFCL 2012/02/20 01:52:04
Holder's disregard for CONGRESS is reprehensible.
Fast & Furious will make "Watergate"look like Pee-Wee's Playhouse.
SO where's the outrage?
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This confused me. Just last week before Attorney General Eric Holder testified the media had no problem acting like Representative Darrell Issa was being unfair and asking too much of Mr. Holder & the DOJ when it came to releasing the rest of the documents.
They never mentioned the subpoena for those documents was issued October 12, 2011. You’d think the Old Media would be all over this. Nope. As far as I can tell CNN is the only media outlet that reported it.

Come on Old Media! This is a great loss for the GOP. Representative Issa caved and now Mr. Holder has so much more time to not comply with the October 12, 2011 subpoena. Yes I am going to keep repeating it. The subpoena was issued October 12, 2011.

Mr. Issa gave Mr. Holder & the DOJ until 5:00 on Thursday, January 26th to hand over the remaining the documents. As Dr. Hawkins said, Mr. Issa blinked and Mr. Holder is left off the hook.
I am amazed this isn’t splattered all over the front pages of the Old Media. Their guy won. Big time.
The top law official in the country flips his middle finger at the law and no one says a thing.

Fast and Furious will be the worst political to hit this country. This will make Watergate look like Pee Wee's Playhouse. Try to subvert the constitution. Selling guns to drug cartels and possible terrorist groups (Hamas and Hezbola). The killing of US border guards. The cover up leading right to the President of the United States.
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