Massachusetts Town Bans Plastic Water Bottles: Should More Cities Do the Same?

Living 2013/01/06 19:40:50
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For the environment's sake, Concord, Massachusetts is attempting to be ahead of the curve. However, that might not sit well with all of its residents, who are used to carrying regular sized water bottles. According to TIME, Concord has become the first municipality to ban the sale of single-serving water bottles that are smaller than one liter.

The ban was voted on in April and officially went into effect on New Year's Day. The reason for the ban is because of the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) alarming statistic: As of 2010, the United States generated 31 million tons of plastic waste. There are business owners who are reportedly unhappy about the ban, saying it restricts freedom of choice.

They also make the point that residents may just drive to nearby towns to purchase smaller water bottles. Yet there is one major benefit because of this ban. The main benefit is the hopeful decrease in plastic waste, which will in theory, help cut down on fossil fuel use and cost when it comes to producing all those water bottles.

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  • HH 2013/02/07 17:48:50
    Water bottles should be banned, and instead of plastic water bottles we can do canned water. It's the same thing as canned soda, and they are easier to recycle.
  • onesarahouston 2013/01/20 00:54:27
    Flasks rule!!
  • trap flapper 2013/01/11 10:40:42
    trap flapper
    Massachusetts is pretty strange. One town banned some kind of beaver from making dams on the local river. The shipped out all of the beaver. Now the river floods every year.....The residents banned the dog tracks from running, giving up 3.5 million in tax revenues a year.....Maybe the ban should come with instructions.
  • dallasjoe trap fl... 2013/01/15 16:30:06
    Honey the race tracks were shut down because the treatment of the Dogs after their "Careers". It is called caring and Compassion for the dogs. Well since you come from Florida where you can go out and hunt down people and then Claim "Stand my Ground"
  • ADENAE 2013/01/11 08:12:56
  • Gohmert Pyle 2013/01/09 19:02:39
    Gohmert Pyle
    Sodas and sports drinks?

    When does the city begin to increase the gas tax? Too many vehicles are polluting this country! Time to ban the SUV because freedom of choice is too dangerous.
  • RJeffreySavlov 2013/01/09 17:17:07
    Left wing environmentalists taking over and destroying the North East. How about mandatory bottle deposits and recycling. That would at least keep the issue in circulation and out of land fills.
  • dallasjoe 2013/01/09 17:06:26
    Just put a 5 cent deposit on them
  • Bob dallasjoe 2013/01/09 17:09:01
    Good idea.
  • dallasjoe Bob 2013/01/10 18:56:36
    somebody would pick them up
  • Bob 2013/01/09 17:00:28
    This Liberal ideology, save the planet, "we're going to melt" is way out of control! Sure the world's environment is changing, it is always changing, we really have no control over it.
  • Not A Crybaby Richard <3Fre... 2013/01/09 16:35:14
    Not A Crybaby Richard <3Freedom!
    Water isn't something you buy in the shops, it comes out of the washbasin. Mineral water should be bottled though.
  • The Logical Canadian 2013/01/09 16:34:13
    The Logical Canadian
    Unless, they stop putting crap chemicals and chlorine in the water supply.. Bottle water is the purist water there
  • Angelatxpatriot 2013/01/09 16:22:44
    Yeah, considering that some plastics are known to be detrimental to a persons livelihood and health. Don't even know why some of the things we consume are even out there, when the makers (food producers, distributors, etc.) know good and well these things are cancer causing agents on a mass scale. Isn't that when we want Big Brother to step up to bat for us? No, guess not, they're too busy protecting us from ourselves.
  • Wm Kabrich Angelat... 2013/01/09 16:50:31
    Wm Kabrich
    They are out there because not you or the government have the right to tell me or any one else what I should or shouldn't consume. Just who do you think you are? The god you don't believe in??
  • Angelat... Wm Kabrich 2013/01/09 17:03:21
    Wow, way to assume something about someone you know nothing about. First let me start by saying, I'm a Christian. I'm a Libertarian, I'm a Constitutionalist, and not a fan of Big Brother. So get over yourself for just a minute. ONe of the jobs of our government is to protect our liberties. One of those liberties is LIFE. If there is a tyrannical force out there, taking away that right....LIFE, then it's the responsibility of the government to interfere. It's one thing for you to risk your life, but quite another for some else to. That being said, if you want to drink your water in bottles, and you don't mind the cancer that will eat you up in the very end, then be my guest. I understand your hatred for glass containers or metal, they're such a pain in the ass.
  • dallasjoe Angelat... 2013/01/09 17:08:00
    Angel christians are such Haters
  • Angelat... dallasjoe 2013/01/10 12:55:41
    Yet another assumption, now this time directed towards masses of people you don't know. Don't categorize and stereotype people based on your opinion or experiences with a few. It's narrow minded and ignorant. Now we're completely off subject and pointing fingers.
  • dallasjoe Angelat... 2013/01/10 18:57:13
    NO an observation from Life Christians Are Haters
  • Angelat... dallasjoe 2013/01/11 15:06:34
    Not this one.
  • dallasjoe Angelat... 2013/01/12 05:49:48
    Angel to be a Christan youhave to be a hater. Tell me what are your views on Same Sex (Civil) Marraiges?
  • Angelat... dallasjoe 2013/01/14 15:27:59
    haha! same sex marriage is of no concern to our government, and neither is opposite sex marriage. a person's personal life is their business, and it is not the place of our government to dictate who we can and cannot marry. did i bust your bubble, or your image of me? typical.
  • dallasjoe Angelat... 2013/01/14 15:31:22
    I wish your point of view was shared by others who Profess to be Christians. Most are haters, and feel OK telling others how to act
  • Angelat... dallasjoe 2013/01/14 15:50:48
    Well then they're not following the commandments of the Bible. Bible clearly instructs us not to judge, and to forgive, and to love. I leave the judgement to God, it makes my life a lot easier. Easier to love then to have to play judge.
  • dallasjoe Angelat... 2013/01/15 16:32:34
    Angel you are one of the few Most are more like Rev Pheleps very judgemental
  • jubil8 BN-0 PON 2013/01/09 16:09:50
    jubil8 BN-0 PON
    Does anyone not own a personal water bottle these days? Just pour your water out of your LARGE plastic bottle into your SMALL personal bottle and stfu.
    sports water bottle
  • KRE 2013/01/09 16:08:33
    Endorsing the use of reusable containers would ultimately save both money and help the environment; living in a “use it once and throw it away” culture may be convenient; but it is hardly economic or ecologically or environmentally sound. Sooner or later the planet will revolt and refuse to sustain life as we know it. We need a clean environment; the environment does not need us.

    Is it really such a great inconvenience to reuse, or at least recycle such containers?

    As a species humans seem content to wait until “the eleventh hour” and then struggle to deal with a “full-blown calamity” rather than sanely, rationally dealing with such an issue well prior to it becoming a crisis.

    At some point, the planet will cease to be a hospitable host for us humans; we need to do our utmost to ensure that we are not the cause of this change.

    Read Silent Spring by Rachael Carson; should serve as a “wake-up call.”
    Though; maybe not!?
  • william keegan 2013/01/09 15:54:03
    william keegan
    I have a better idea, why not ban buildings all together! Now there's a bright idea, a town with no buildings, a guaranteed pollution free environment!

    Although I was born there I could never claim MA as a real part of the USA, it has developed into some sort of Socialist experiment gone amuck!
  • Bronar 2013/01/09 15:15:23
    Banning, no. Make them recyclable with a returnable deposit as in my state, yes.
  • Palmer Bronar 2013/01/09 15:19:31
    I was going to say this but you beat me to it. I think many places in Europe do the same. I don't think many places here in the U.S. do it yet, but I agree with what you say. It should be how you described, recyclable with a returnable deposit.

    What they did was a bit too extreme, banning them completely because they aren't handled efficiently.
  • Bronar Palmer 2013/01/09 15:29:01
    Plus, why not just do your shopping in the next town over. Not exactly a plus for local businesses.
  • Angelat... Bronar 2013/01/09 16:25:43
    Ever hear of carcinogens? Do you know the chemicals used to make certain plastics? Do you know that long term consumption of these chemicals can eventually lead to life threatening illnesses like cancer? We don't need plastic containers, especially if they're causing epidemic health hazards.
  • Bronar Angelat... 2013/01/09 16:38:07
    I cook steak over charcoal, drive a car to work, drink liquor and occasionally smoke a good cigar, amongst many other bad habits. Just like my pop who is now in his eighties and going strong. Do you feel the nanny state should be making all those other choices of mine illegal too?
  • Angelat... Bronar 2013/01/09 16:49:39
    No, I don't feel the nanny state should be making any personal choices for me. I'm very much a proud libertarian/constitutionalist. I do think that our government was put into place to protect it's citizens of their rights/liberties (one of those is a right to life), and to protect us from foreign invasion. That's it. That's all that our government should be doing. That one, little right...the right to life....well that gets ignored by the big business's that manufacture these products that are known to risk that right to life. At the very least...plastic bottles should have a warning like cigarettes..."warning, this plastic bottle could eventually cause cancer", so that the ignorant masses are informed. I avoid plastic bottles for this reason. I'm just sick of big business getting rich off of the lives and health of the human population. I bet you money, there's a politician or two out there who's invested in a plastics manufacturer.
  • Bronar Angelat... 2013/01/09 18:58:25
    So could my steak and charcoal. Your going to end up with a warning on 75% of the products in every supermarket. And any decent sized portfolio that doesn't have a few chemical companies in the mix is poorly balanced. What do you think that new car smell is, clean oxygen, do they need labels too? You're far likelier to die on the highway driving to work, should there be warning labels on every on ramp? Maybe every road right under the speed limit signs. Sorry I think it's simply nanny state run amok.
  • Angelat... Bronar 2013/01/10 13:04:37
    I supposed if you're OK with the man made chemcials that we all consume on a daily basis, that cause severe health problems, from diabetes to cancer then that's your option and freedom to continue on. I guess a better option would be for these business's that poison the products we consume, to go out of business, to be boycott. Unfortunately that would take the masses of consumers to wake up from their ignorance, become aware and actually care about what they consume. It all adds up. You're right we're being poisoned at every turn. It would be impossible to shut ourselves off from that since it's in everything and everywhere. Like I said, I suppose if everyone is OK with the high cancer rates and the many forms cancer, and their loved ones and possibly themselves going through that, then so be it, it'll never stop. I personally think cancer is one of the most horrible ways to die. It amazes me that people find all this acceptable, and part of life. It isn't a part of life, these poisons and cancer itself is created by man.
  • thefatguy 2013/01/09 14:33:44
    No, but I do enjoy knowing that the foolish "liberals" in Concord will have to suffer for their voting choices. You asked for it; you got it! LOL! Ignorant fools!!
  • DavidK 2013/01/09 14:05:07
    Its just another way the liberals are pushing Socialism in our Country.
  • thefatguy DavidK 2013/01/09 14:37:18
    More correctly, it is "Eco-socialism".
  • kathy.km.96 2013/01/09 13:22:21
    It may surprise you folks to know, back in the olden days, people ALSO got thirsty, yet managed to slake said thirst, without destroying the environment. (and by "olden days", I mean 10 - 15 years ago) Recycling is a lovely idea, in theory, but it does NOT deal with all the plastic bottles that end up in the trash, nor does it address the waste of resources involved in manufacture of the bottles.
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