Maryland the Latest State To Confirm That "Obamacare" Is LOWERING PREMIUMS

ProudProgressive 2013/07/27 18:18:49
Right Wing heads are exploding as we speak. Despite their continued efforts to paint the Affordable Care Act as a "failure" that will make premiums "skyrocket", state after state is reporting that thanks to "Obamacare", premiums for their residents are going DOWN. One can only wonder why they bother any more.

Article excerpt follows:

Maryland Touts Low Obamacare Health Insurance Premiums
by Jeffrey Young
July 27, 2013

Health coverage sold on Obamacare's health insurance exchange in Maryland will be among the cheapest in the country, state officials said Friday.

A 21-year-old nonsmoker will be able to buy health insurance that costs as little as $93 a month on the Maryland Health Connection, the state's health insurance exchange, starting Oct. 1 for coverage that takes effect Jan 1, the Maryland Insurance Division revealed in a press release. Rates for insurance with richer benefits and lower deductibles will be higher and premiums will vary by age, residence location, tobacco use and whether family members enroll.

Maryland is the latest state to disclose how much health insurance actually will cost under President Barack Obama's health care reform law. The state joins California, New York and elsewhere in achieving monthly premiums below estimates by the Congressional Budget Office and others. Officials in states including Indiana have released preliminary findings suggesting health insurance costs will skyrocket as a result of the law.

Younger, healthier people who buy inexpensive, bare-bones insurance on today's market may see higher prices for more comprehensive coverage on the exchanges, while older people are expected to see lower rates. People with pre-existing conditions can't be turned down or be charged higher premiums because of their medical histories. The law also prohibits women being charged more than men.

Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley (D) and his administration have wholeheartedly embraced Obamacare implementation, in stark contrast to the the 34 states, mostly with Republican governors, that left the federal government to erect the health insurance exchanges that will be used by residents who don't get health benefits at work or are employed by small businesses. Maryland also exercised its regulatory authority to force health plans to curb rate increases for next year, such as the 25 percent hike initially requested by CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield in April.

In the Baltimore metropolitan area, a 25-year-old nonsmoker will have access to "bronze" level coverage -- the second-least generous of four tiers of benefits -- for $124 to $237 a month. A 50-year-old nonsmoker will see monthly prices for a "silver" plan ranging from $267 to $470, according to a Maryland Insurance Administration analysis.

By contrast, the median cost of an individual health insurance plan for a 30-year-old, nonsmoking man in Maryland this year is $190 a a month and the cheapest is $62, according to a report issued by the Government Accountability Office this week. An exact comparison can't be made because current plans aren't subject to Obamacare's minimum benefit standards and the least expensive policy has a $10,000 deductible -- far higher than will be allowed on the health insurance exchanges.

obamacare premiums maryland

The new exchange prices don't account for tax credits available on a sliding scale to people who earn from the federal poverty level -- $11,490 for a single person this year -- and four times that amount. The Maryland Insurance Administration estimates that three-quarters of the people who will use the health insurance exchange will qualify for tax credits that will cut the cost of their coverage. Maryland also is expanding Medicaid to anyone earning up to 133 percent of poverty under Obamacare next year, joining 22 states and the District of Columbia in doing so.

The Maryland Insurance Administration said the state's health insurance premiums are among the lowest available in 12 states that have released pricing information to date.

"Among Bronze plans compared for young adults, Maryland rates were lower than those proposed or approved in all other eight states for which a comparison was possible. For example, the lowest price for a Bronze plan for a 25-year-old in Maryland was $114, compared to $134 in Virginia, $146 in Colorado, $163 in Ohio, $167 in Washington State, and $174 in California," a report by the Maryland Health Connection concludes.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services announced last week that premiums in 10 states and the District of Columbia will be lower than Congressional Budget Office projections. The federal government won't issue information about the rates on federally run exchanges until nearer to the beginning of the six-month Obamacare enrollment period that begins in October.

Read More: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/07/26/obamacare...

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  • CA Gal 2013/07/27 18:25:01
    CA Gal
    This is exactly what Republicans feared most....it's going to work! When the citizens in the red states realize what their politicians are blocking them from, those politicians will be lucky to hang onto their jobs.

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  • unclepat 2013/07/27 19:58:54
    Medicaid, Social Security and now Obamacare. Why is it that conservatives have to be literally dragged kicking and screaming into doing the right thing by the American people? That's ten states now that have reported the good things with the ACA and not one of them have mentioned "death panels". The right's fears are that anymore states that realize the benefits of Obamacare, will put them in the unenviable position of NEVER seeing the inside of the White House ever again as a primary occupant. Good post PP.
  • 4dc unclepat 2013/07/28 00:04:02
    10 out of 50..ur not real good in math are you? just like your dumba*s leader
  • unclepat 4dc 2013/07/28 11:12:22
    And how many of the remaining 40 are red states? Your dumba*a governor has helped his state rack up fairly high insurance costs and now will have his states' citizens suffer because of his stupidity. Okay, goober?
  • 4dc unclepat 2013/07/28 12:40:13
    goober? a goober salute to you, gomer...
  • unclepat 4dc 2013/07/28 23:56:39
    Lemme guess? A picture of your daddy after having to hear again that he failed his high school finals test again. It must be a bitch to be close to sixty and still in the 11th grade.
  • 4dc unclepat 2013/07/29 00:02:38
    nope, daddy showing the finger that gave your mama so much false pleasure...dumb bit*h thought it was a penis..and that was in the 6th grade...did she ever tell you that story? it would be the one about the best sex she ever had...and she still thinks it's when you were conceived...or was it a relative. huh uncle?
  • unclepat 4dc 2013/07/29 00:43:16
    You call that a joke? Then again that's the best one can expect from a person like you. The end product of a night's passion between your aunt and uncle at the local trailer park! lolololololol
  • 4dc unclepat 2013/07/30 22:55:55
    no, not a joke ..truth hurts worse..trailer park? otay buckwheat
  • Kaimeso 2013/07/27 19:26:35
    Funny, my premiums have almost doubled since Obamacare became law. Plus my co-pay has increased, and services have been reduced. Fortunately only one of my doctors has quit, she decided enough of this BS and moved back to Europe.
  • unclepat Kaimeso 2013/07/27 20:00:54
    How strange is that? Obamacare is loosely based on the European model and yet your doctor move back? I guess the feeling is that if you can't fleece the patients over here in the U.S, he might as well go back home, huh? lol
  • Kaimeso unclepat 2013/07/27 20:48:22
    Yes, very strange but in the doctors letter to her patients she stated with the new Obama care laws that she could no longer provide the quality of care her patients deserved. She was a good doctor, didn't overcharge,, etc,..
  • unclepat Kaimeso 2013/07/27 22:05:31
    I got news for you. She moved because she couldn't overcharge you anymore. Her preference has always been Europe but she was making a killing in the states. Now that everything is the same, she just figured she'd go back home!
  • KW Kaimeso 2013/07/27 21:43:28
    I would be interested to know what part of the law made your premium "double" since most of the law that you might try to blame that on...didn't even go into effect yet.
  • Kaimeso KW 2013/07/29 17:28:39
    Haven't been paying any attention of information come from the health insurance companies have you,.. (not a question, just a statement)
  • KW Kaimeso 2013/07/29 20:27:25
    Haven't been paying attention in HS English grammar, have you..... (not a question, just a statement)

    Oh, I pay attention. Do you?
  • Kaimeso KW 2013/07/30 16:53:13
    OH MY GOD,... A TYPO,.....
  • KW Kaimeso 2013/07/30 18:05:54
    Not a typo.
  • ProudPr... Kaimeso 2013/07/29 17:45:03
    That's what comes from living in a Red State. You can't vote, you can't have health care, and you can be shot by anyone who says "I was scared". You want your premiums to go down? Vote for Democrats.
  • Kaimeso ProudPr... 2013/07/29 17:52:16
    You come up with a lot of dumb posts and comments, but that one really has to take the award for blind stupidity,. congratulations.
  • ProudPr... Kaimeso 2013/07/29 18:38:23
    LOL you're the one living in North Carolina.

    My sincere sympathies.
  • Kaimeso ProudPr... 2013/07/29 18:55:34
    Sad to think someone like you might have the right to vote,.. you bring the definition of "UNINFORMED" to a whole new level.
  • wildcat 2013/07/27 19:22:50
    That is good news. States that want it to work will find a way to make it work. The states that want it to fail will find a way to make it fail. I can see Kansas making Obamacare fail.
  • maquignon 2013/07/27 18:34:00
    I would bet my LAST dollar that these figures are as bogus as the similar blurb about California. I am certain that there are a FEW who will pay less. The overwhelming majority, including me, will pay much much much MORE!!! This reminds me of a similar story about a car race that appeared in Pravda during the cold war. The headline in Pravda read "Soviet car comes in Second! US car Next To Last." It was true. They just didn't mention that there were only two cars in the race. You guys are despicable for preying on innocent ignoramuses that you know will believe AND REPEAT anything you say and will not do any investigation for themselves.
  • ProudPr... maquignon 2013/07/27 19:02:38
    If facts are too difficult for you, that's your problem. Maybe you should move to a Blue state, where the state government actually WANTS to do what's best for you instead of looking at you only as a source of funding for corporate giveaways like the good folks in Louisiana.
  • Idiot r... maquignon 2013/07/27 19:39:19
  • unclepat maquignon 2013/07/27 20:04:36
    First the unemployment numbers were bogus and now this? Seems to me that when the non-partisan CBO sees the conservative side of life, you just love them. However when their numbers aren't what you expect, then you fall back on the tried and true teabbager method of deniability. Make up your minds already when it comes to telling folks what you really want, ok?
  • Tarheel 2013/07/27 18:27:17
    Great article, thanks for posting! I never could understand how premiums would go up when more people were having to purchase health insurance.
  • CA Gal 2013/07/27 18:25:01
    CA Gal
    This is exactly what Republicans feared most....it's going to work! When the citizens in the red states realize what their politicians are blocking them from, those politicians will be lucky to hang onto their jobs.
  • JCD aka "biz" 2013/07/27 18:20:47
    JCD aka "biz"
    Good news! (Not for the Republican Right, though).

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