Marsha Blackburn gives the phrase dumb blonde a whole new meaning

This woman supposedly represents Congressional District 7 in Tennessee, but please, folks, don't judge us by her. We are not all like that. The former image consultant was a state senator several years ago. She was such an embarrassment to the Republicans in our General Assembly that they gerrymandered a district just for her and sent her to Congress to get rid of her. They knew, once there, all she had to do was look pretty, and learn the talking points. She has not disappointed them. She has however disappointed her constituency. A congressman (that what she wants to be called), in her fourth term, she has not sponsored a single piece of legislation that has made it into law even though her party has been in control most of the time she's been there. Of the 297 bills she has co-sponsored, only 4 have made it into law. Her legislation is just written to placate her extremist bigoted base, not to help the people of her district. She is the sponsor of the "Birther" Bill. LOL.

Most recently she voted AGAINST the banning of foreign nuclear waste to Oak Ridge, Tennessee. Why pray tell, do we need some other country's nuclear waste?

The list of her transgressions goes on and on. She voted against fair pay for women, against raising the minimum wage, against veteran's benefits. She likes photo-ops where she brings a check to our county for some public works project or something, while we all know she didn't even vote for it. You might wonder why she continues to win. As I said earlier, this is a gerrymandered district--70% Republican. While some are wising up, it's not nearly enough.

If this kinda makes you sick, and it really should---because her votes indirectly affect everybody in America, please help us. Support her opponent, Dr. Greg Rabidoux, a Constitutional law professor, attorney, and mediator. He's 10 times smarter and more articulate than she could ever be, and he's a moderate Democrat who believes in bringing people together to work on our common problems. Marsha has only tried to divide us--she's one of the ones who perpetuated the death panel myth and the "government is going to kill your grandma" myth. She's a real piece of work.

Anyway, the website is www.rabidoux4congress.com. It's clearly a grassroots effort to get rid of the plague on our district, Blackburn. It's an uphill battle, but don't forget Scott Brown was 30 points behind in the polls once too. Greg is the kind of populist the people seem to like now. We've got the man--we just need the money to get the message out. Help us out today! Again, www.rabidoux4congress.com.
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