Mark Twain: "It's easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled."

jt 2012/09/19 16:46:15
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liberal lies

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  • mrdog 2012/09/20 07:19:51
    I agree with Mark Twain
    I may be true...but surely voters can look at the last four years...and realize they
    were fooled in 08.... bark
  • Dub 2012/09/20 02:22:57
    I agree with Mark Twain
    That comment is very truthful
  • Mark 2012/09/19 19:59:57
    I agree with Mark Twain
    He came up with lots of these gemlets
  • Reggie☮ 2012/09/19 17:33:36
    I agree with Mark Twain
    Very true.
  • Dana 2012/09/19 17:30:21
    I agree with Mark Twain
    Fool me once shame on you , fool me twice shame on me!
  • mwg0735 2012/09/19 17:25:43
  • Kiosk Kid 2012/09/19 17:00:43
    I agree with Mark Twain
    Kiosk Kid
    While that is a brilliant observation, many Liberals have been dumbed down. Other don't care as long as they are getting their pockets lined
  • Mrkando Kiosk Kid 2012/09/19 17:13:30
    I see you have been thoroughly brainwashed. To bad you don't really know any!
  • Kiosk Kid Mrkando 2012/09/19 18:22:20
    Kiosk Kid
    Since you can't produced facts, let me slam the Liberal with facts.

    A Marxist is an individual that supports the teachings and ideology of Karl Marx. Liberals support the teaching and ideology of Karl Marx. Therefore, Liberals are Marxist.

    Karl Marx said; “Democracy is the road to socialism.”
    Karl Marx said; “From each, according to his ability; to each, according to his need.”


    Didn’t Obama pass Obamacare in the Senate without a single Republican vote? Didn’t Obamacare transfer wealth from those with abilities to those of need? Wasn’t the justification for Obamacare that 30 million people needed it?

    If you walk like a duck and you talk like a duck, you are a duck.
  • Philo-Publius 2012/09/19 16:54:48
    I agree with Mark Twain
    This is why I'd only trust someone who was trying to fool me (on the off chance they may also incidentally be telling me the truth, or a partial truth).

    A sincere person, who may be telling me the truth but is ignorant of this principle, cannot be trusted due to incompetence.
  • Russian 2012/09/19 16:53:37
    I agree with Mark Twain
    If what he says is a lie, may God strike me dead.
  • Robert Russian 2012/09/20 21:57:01
    Twain was an atheist. So I don't think that works.
  • Russian Robert 2012/09/20 22:10:34
    If what he says is a lie, then that means the cake is a lie.
  • Mrkando 2012/09/19 16:49:35
    I agree with Mark Twain
    Does kind of sound like something Romney would say doesn't it.
  • jt Mrkando 2012/09/19 16:51:56
    Ur right...

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