Marco Rubios Speech on Immigration

jere.chievres 2012/01/29 16:52:17
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  • Philo® ~PWCM~JLA ✩ 2012/01/31 01:57:38 (edited)
  • Adakin Valorem~PWCM~JLA 2012/01/29 22:48:35
    Good Info
    Adakin Valorem~PWCM~JLA
    Very good speech. I just wish the guy was constitutionally qualified to become POTUS.
  • ☆ QueenAline 2012/01/29 18:29:53
    ☆ QueenAline
    Marco Rubio is MY senator...love him, love his policies, and love what he has to say.
  • jere.ch... ☆ Queen... 2012/01/29 23:09:47
    So do I.
  • MustangSally 2012/01/29 16:59:36
    Good Info
    He is an impressive person!
  • jere.chievres 2012/01/29 16:54:56
    Good Info
    He is one of the Better Ones, He was born in Miami.

    The Marco Rubio Speech on Immigration That Everyone’s Talking About
    Posted on January 29, 2012 by Conservative Byte

    Rising GOP star Sen. Marco Rubio (FL) gave an impressive speech on immigration Friday to the Hispanic Leadership Network conference, an event led by former Florida Governor Jeb Bush.

    The Miami Herald reports that Sen. Rubio’s “sweeping” immigration speech took swipes at both Republicans and Democrats for playing politics with an issue so crucial to hispanics, calling for a compassionate approach for dealing with the issue of illegal immigration.

    The presumptive top pick for running mate to any of the remaining Republican presidential candidates conquered an early challenge during his remarks, addressing a group of protesters at the event who stood and interrupted Sen. Rubio’s speech.

    “Let me tell you guys something; these young men and women raise a very legitimate issue,” Sen. Rubio said. “They came here to a crowd that they know might not be kind to their point of view on issues. And they had the bravery and the courage to raise their voices. I thank God I’m in a country where I can do that and I want them to hear what I have to say.”
  • Adakin ... jere.ch... 2012/01/29 22:47:40
    Adakin Valorem~PWCM~JLA
    "The presumptive top pick for running mate to any of the remaining Republican presidential candidates"

    Jere, your "presumptive top pick for running mate" is not a NATURAL BORN citizen.... Yes, he was born in Miami! Yes, he is a U.S. Citizen... but he is a Native Born citizen, not NATURAL born as defined by the Supreme Court in Minor v. Happersett, 88 U.S. 162, 168.

    If the the judge finds in favor of the plantif in the Georgia case, Rubio has reached his pinnical elected office. http://video.foxnews.com/v/14...
  • jere.ch... Adakin ... 2012/01/29 23:10:22
    Let's hope so.
  • Adakin ... jere.ch... 2012/01/30 04:11:21

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