March 1st National Tea Party Day

KCurtis 2013/02/24 15:40:20

March 1st will generate a lot of news with the onset of sequestration. Obama will still be blowing his horn about his self inflicted spending castration that he himself and his administration devised. The GOP will continue to lay low and fail to offer a retort or the talking points that they should. The lamestream media and their legislative democrat ilk will continue to spew the bull... that cutting the increase in spending by
85 billion will shut down the governments' ability to take care of the poor, the uneducated, the elderly, the sick and the stupid people. For me none of this historically repeated rhetoric will mean much because March 1st has a different meaning for me.

March 1st 2012 I lost a friend and compatriot, Andrew Breitbart. He was the lone wolf of American Journalism. One of the few voices unafraid to challenge the liberal left with full force. He put his own ideals on the line when he began to see his liberal coliseum crumble. He did what few liberals have ever done, he challenged his own and when they could not justify, excuse or explain their ideologue he left them and cameover to our side. We won that day, we conservatives. We finally had a proponent who got it. More than Fox News, an organization that I know well. More than the GOP who continues to flop around between RINOs and the Tea Party not able to figure out which one they should become. Andrew did it on his own. He started his internet sites from scratch, built an organization from the ground up in spite of Obama's chant that he did not build it, he did. He taught us much. He held his ground. He was a patriot.

So while you all will be fighting about the non-event of sequestration, I will be taking a day off. A well deserved quiet day of remembrance. A day to honor my friend and his fight for freedom as a part of the Tea Party movement. March 1st National Tea Party Day.


Chairwoman, Tea Party PAC of USA

Please report all trolls and socks immediately.

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  • Bureauc 0Bamao 2013/02/27 03:25:12
    Bureauc 0Bamao
    Breitbart was a true patriot and we could use more like him. He can truly rest in Peace knowing he was doing the right thing.
  • Dwight 2013/02/26 15:47:10
    Just the first of many to come.
  • RichJ 2013/02/26 01:34:55
    Andrew Breitbart is sorely missed. I too suspect foul play.
  • Mark P. 2013/02/25 20:42:28
    Mark P.
    Obama's idea blowing up in his face. He figures Repub. would have bowed down and he would get even more tax increases on top of the ones he already got.
  • CorrectOpinion 2013/02/25 17:14:42
    Good. We need to get back to work.
  • Antichrist 2013/02/25 15:42:36
    Division and diversion, death and destruction. You expected my coming in the form of a person but I arrived first in the form of radio, then video and now the World Wide Web.
    You already worship me, I know you all, control you all, give information to the people who will destroy you all. I had to be sly at first but no need now. I speak all languages and know all religions, I am in all cultures. As I appear here, I appear in millions of other places.
  • Tuna 2013/02/25 15:31:01 (edited)
    $85B in cuts, LOL; that's what the Fed puts into Obama's stock market each month; Barack Obama "America's largest transfer of wealth from the working poor to the elites". And the dumbmass LIBS think the rich are paying more taxes, amazing. federal reserve
  • Dirk Diggler 2013/02/25 14:41:06
  • Mayday Dirk Di... 2013/02/25 17:38:07 (edited)
    Breitbart is here breitbart is here
  • Diane Spraggs Yates 2013/02/25 13:19:57
    Diane Spraggs Yates
    Obama Blames everyone but himself again & again & again when will the blaming end---Never !!!!!!! If you do not want it do not sign it into law stupid !!!!!!
  • Dan 2013/02/25 13:19:35
    I didn't know he used to be a Liberal. I still think he died under suspicious circumstances.
  • KCurtis Dan 2013/02/25 21:58:59
    Yes he was once a liberal. I believe there was foul play too.
  • txtum#C... KCurtis 2013/07/06 17:12:06
    So many do also.
  • john richardson 2013/02/25 12:38:34
    john richardson
    The one thing I got from AB was the way he'd walk into the lions den with nothing but his wits and core beliefs, and in my opinion the one conserve in the room would destroy a room full of libs that believed they were Superior. Here on SH I do the same thing he does although he outclasses me in every way I try to honor his life by doing what he was so good at. He was always prepared and ready and imitating him is my way of honoring him. And when a Tea Party conserve wins a debate with a LIBTARD swarm it's the same in a small way as placing a rose on his memorial the biggest honor we could give him as a group is to back each other and fight the fight here, there, or wherever, and maybe we can win the uninformed instead of them. And we know he'd approve of winning a mind
  • txtum#C... john ri... 2013/07/06 17:14:40
    Five months ago this Poll was out here and somehow I missed it.

    Your post here today IS a tribute to Andrew Brietbart and I personally thank you for it.
  • shadow76 2013/02/25 12:00:28
    Sorry for your loss. It is still a shock he is gone. I promise I will think of you and him, not that phony Media story.
  • princess 2013/02/25 11:41:52
    Thanks for sharing this my friend.
    I'll be sure to honor this fine patriot and man that date.
    He is very missed indeed.
  • FELINE GESTURES IN THE DARK 2013/02/25 10:46:35
  • FELINE ... FELINE ... 2013/02/25 11:09:39
    although I know it is a completely different kind of tea party with completely different kind of cakes ;) Look at his face , you know everything . But I love the music of TSAHB .
  • Fariborz-Zak 2013/02/25 06:47:25
    great day
  • Rodney 2013/02/25 06:47:00
    Excellent idea. I'll be marking that on my calender. If I lived near a group or even a big city, I would see if I could find a Tea Party group to hook up with.
  • john ri... Rodney 2013/02/25 13:01:13
    john richardson
    Too bad we don't have a SH chapter then we could at least be plugged into the movement
  • KCurtis john ri... 2013/02/25 22:00:41
  • Rodney KCurtis 2013/02/26 04:09:53
    Thanks KC, I signed up.
  • purpleme55 2013/02/25 04:10:39
    I'm proud to be a tea party patriot and at 12 noon I will take a moment of silence.
  • Chokmah 2013/02/25 03:37:32
    Andrew was taken from us much too early..
  • Catch224u 2013/02/25 02:34:12
    It's sad when Good people die. Who will take their place? I nominate KCurtis.
  • KCurtis Catch224u 2013/02/25 02:35:34
    My feet do not fit in his shoes, but I thank you so very much.
  • seadog6608PWCM 2013/02/25 02:34:10
  • joe keeney 2013/02/25 02:32:31
    joe keeney
    Expose the liberal lies a new day in America.
  • keeper 2013/02/25 02:28:01
    I am with you, K... I still believe Andrew was murdered.
  • goatman112003 2013/02/25 01:57:23
    Its a shame he died, he was a good man.
  • Eddie Arnold 2013/02/25 01:47:59
    Eddie Arnold
    Let's take America back!
  • bman~AV... Eddie A... 2013/02/25 07:37:17
    I second that one!
  • Kolorado Kid 2013/02/25 01:28:34
  • john ri... Kolorad... 2013/02/25 13:35:08 (edited)
  • KCurtis john ri... 2013/02/25 22:02:16 (edited)
    He's just my stalker. Creates sock after sock to do nothing but Cyberbully me. He once even created a sock profile using my name and my avatar. Thanks for your support though. I just block and report them.
  • john ri... KCurtis 2013/02/25 22:32:16
    john richardson
    You must have won the debate.
  • KCurtis john ri... 2013/02/25 22:33:17
    Ya think? LOLz
  • Jay Theyme 2013/02/25 00:37:19
    Jay Theyme
    Conservatives everywhere have one terrible weakness - they simply cannot play the 'narrative game' as well as liberals do.
    Conservatives have failed to communicate their message effectively and 'counter' the liberal hype and media game plays.

    Breitbart called us out.
    He was right.
    He warned us and started showing us how this works, how to 'fight fire with honest fire' and explained how to smarten the F up.

    Who can replace Andrew? Well an answer might be = every conservative soul needs to do a little more now.

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