Man Who Calls Women ‘Dumb Twats’ and ‘C-nts’ Now Minority Owner of NY Mets?

~ The Rebel ~ 2012/06/06 06:54:16
Remember all the manufactured outrage when Rush Limbaugh wanted to buy a piece of the St. Louis Rams? The mere thought of it was met with howls of indignation of race charlatans and hucksters. Well, now belligerent “comedian” Bill Maher has bought a piece of the New York Mets and nobody seems offended by his past behavior.

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  • Cyan9 2012/06/06 07:27:31
    Blah Blah Blah. I was a Mets fan before and I'm a Mets fan today. I don't really care who buys stock into it. If Mets fans were looking for a pretext to switch teams don't you think the Mets' win record would be enough? It's about loyalty and fun, not petty partisan antics. When I buy something, I don't really care the partisanship of the owner. We're all apart of the same country. We shouldn't have to sell liberal X and conservative X just because some people don't know how to separate politics from the private world.
  • U-Dog Cyan9 2012/06/06 11:35:46
    I think you missed the point but then you are a Mets fan.-) This isn't about you and it isn't about trying to get fans to abandon the Mets... As though they would. It is about the selective hypocritical cultural response when liberals as opposed to conservatives do the same thing.

    This would be all over the news and the liberal media would be enraged and screaming bloody murder had Limbaugh bought stock in the Mets but you can hear a pin drop when one of their own little nasties does it.

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