Man throws shoe at George W Bush: what do you want to throw at Bush?

Pop Patrol 2008/12/15 20:07:53
I would throw this at Bush...
I wouldn't throw anything
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Soon-to-be-former president Bush had 2 shoes thrown at him by an Iraqi journalist... what would you like to throw at Bush?

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  • hmjtrj-searching for truth 2008/12/16 01:41:22
    I wouldn't throw anything
    hmjtrj-searching for truth
    He has my prayers and gratitude for his service. He is a gentleman and deserves a whole lot better than lefty loonies give him credit for.
    Now throw all your nasty little evil comments you want. I'll never change my mind and I never read trash.
    History will tell.

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  • Raven deckman204 2009/01/11 08:59:33
    An 8500 inauguration gown for the First Lady doesn't really sound so expensive when you consider the individual prices of some of the outfits bought for Sarah Palin just to make quiet appearances in the hopes of getting some more votes for the Trickle-Down people. An inauguration gown is usually a one-time thing, a pinnacle of a life. How many sets of china does the White House own? I WILL be disappointed if the Obamas spend another half million on unneeded china.
  • sly Raven 2009/01/14 01:26:20
    ok you are definitely a perfect example of a liberal, you democrat hero does the same thing in spending money as any Republican, but you justify their reasoning for the money spent. Typical liberal, and when they spend a million on anything in the white house or on their personal clothing, you will justify that too. oh and how about how much money they are spending to send their girls to private schools while Obama destroys the public schools with his dictating to them on how education should work.
  • sly zande 2009/01/14 01:21:12
    ok, so now its the Presidents job to bale out families? Yep this is what you think the democrats are going to do for you isn't it? How about if the banks that the democrats pushed for didn't need to be bailed out either, this is a free marketing country not a socialistic country. It is not our Presidents job to babysit us and bail us out when we make bad money judgements, you are suppose to be a grown up, stop expecting your country to bail you out of every mistake you make and learn how to take care of yourself
  • littlek 2009/01/10 14:53:00
    I wouldn't throw anything
    I do not like George Bush but because of Him being the president of the US, would not disrespect him by throwing a shoe at him! This is America and were suppossed to be civilized and adults! If He were to ask my opionion then I could say I don't like what you've done as president and you have hurt many people, Just because you were president didn't mean you could disregard other's and do what you wanted.But throwing something at him could and probably would be classified here in the US as an assault upon the president of the US. Besides, We all have a judgement day coming that we will have to be accountable for and so will G.Bush! Karen
  • lynn 2009/01/10 14:20:30
    I would want to throw my thanks and gratitude for the years he gave this country and for keeping us as safe as he did from more terrorist attacks
  • polly 2009/01/10 14:00:17
    I am just glad he is leaving office very, very soon.
  • deckman204 polly 2009/01/10 20:38:00
    Wonder if you will be saying that in the next couple of years? Hey but what the hell no matter what long after Bush is gone, folks like yourself will still be laying the blame at his door step because you won't admit your messiah couldn't cut the mustard!

    Power to the Sheepole!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • sly deckman204 2009/01/14 01:28:51
    you are so right, the blame will always be put on Bush. When will liberals ever learn. Oh they don't have to learn anything and become educated the government will take care of them
  • Deleted 2009/01/10 13:38:44
  • wallydog 2009/01/10 04:03:27
    A big smelt about 3 to 5 days old.
  • shimmy 2009/01/10 03:43:47
    I wouldn't throw anything
    He is our president & he should be respected
  • SteelMagnolia 2009/01/10 01:08:59
    What the shoe steps in.
  • holly gaskarth barakat saporta 2009/01/10 00:42:21
    holly gaskarth barakat saporta
    the BIRD.
  • Linda 2009/01/10 00:30:24
    I would throw this at Bush...
    I would like to throw war crimes charges at Bush and Cheney and whoever else from the administration that had any part in the Iraq war..
  • deckman204 Linda 2009/01/10 20:40:13 (edited)
    Are you stupid????????? Or just ignorant??????? Maybe your high????

    Please explain to us all what war crimes those would be, with substantiated facts please.

    And not some left wing rehtoric that you heard on CNN or MSNBC.
  • Raven deckman204 2009/01/11 09:03:05
    Read the Geneva Conventions. And our constitution if you have a chance. Why battle? The hundreds of thousands of little kids killed even after Bush admitted Iraq had nothing to do with 9-11don't bother you. They bother us on the other side. And don't mention al Qaeda. There WAS no al Qaeda in Iraq until we invaded.
  • sly Raven 2009/01/14 01:32:47
    how many children were killed by saddam before we went in Iraq? can you tell me that. How many children were let out of Saddams prisons when went into Iraq? Saddam killed ten times more children and Iraqis than any of our soldiers have.
  • Rumplet... deckman204 2009/01/11 18:07:29
    left wing?
    are you for real?
    the country is in the shitter
    Where are you?
    torture, rendition,
    no WMDs, scandals up the wazoo, invasion ,
    a vice president on TV saying he doesnt care what the american people think
    unlawful spying, thousands upon thousands of dead in Iraq, Wall street bailouts etc etc etc...

    if there isnt enough for hardcore supporters of Bu$hco to feast their myopic eyes on even NOW,
    than we really do live in seperate worlds
    can keep telling yourselves its a small minority of left wing freedom
    hating commie pinkos espousing these sentiments of bush hate
    but you know you're wrong
    & that is, if you aren't all trolls to begin with

    enjoy the depression
  • sly Rumplet... 2009/01/14 01:42:29
    what about Clinton bombin bosnia? What about that invasion for no reason? Waht about Clintons wiretapping, and yes he did do that. Our soldiers are not torturing POWs that is a big lie. The WMDs were smuggled out of the country before we got there, I can't gurantee that fact, but could almost bet on it. Oh and we are not wrong it is a small minority of pinko leftist spouting out their mouths about wanting Bush charged with war crimes. Many people are angry with him but don't expect him or his administration or want them to be charged with war crimes.
    Am I a troll? no? I am a conservative who happens to be one of the poor working class, but I am smart enough to know and understand that the country is not to be dependent on the president to take care of them, I like the free market, I like a free country, not a free handout, but the right to work and to keep my money not have it taken away from me by the liberal government.

    No I am not going to enjoy the depression the majority democratic congress put us in after being in charge for the last two years, this is when our economy took its biggest dive, so yes I blame the democrats. The bail out the democrats pushed for . I blame Bush for being a wimp and not standing up to that democratic congress.

    You enjoy your depression because your messiah Obama is going to make it worse and keep us there for a long long time.
  • Rumplet... sly 2009/01/18 17:19:49
    I never said he was any such thing
    Ive been trying not to get negative on everyone's love in for the guy
    knowing what I know about Obama's backers
    same story different day

    Isnt it clear by now this dem/Rep division is tearing the US apart!?

    liberal, conservative , what an interesting way to divide and conquer
    The US political system is a great example of the Hegelain dialect

    look it up

    I stand by my position that
    none of this happening by accident
    the illusion of division is just that
    to keep us, the little people insecure & frightened
  • sly Linda 2009/01/14 01:29:34
    no war crimes were comitted
  • dnonnema 2009/01/10 00:03:18
    If anything, I would throw my undying gratitude for he and his cabinet having the balls to squash the islamofascist pigs, and not selling their souls to be popular in the mainstream media's eyes. Thank you GWB for cracking skulls and waterboarding that scumbag khalid sheikh mohammad. You will be sorely missed.
  • jazzy dnonnema 2009/01/29 19:09:21
    AMEN brother !! Great post !! Another patriotic American who can think for himself.
  • luckybuster 2009/01/09 23:14:54
    A bucket full of: Get the Hell out of the White house, go the Hell back to Texas, and shut the Hell up!
  • Bart 2009/01/09 23:10:46
    I would throw this at Bush...
    I'd like to throw Bush on the front lines of military action. He seems to romanticize what front-line realities are.
    and throw DickChaney in there too. He doesnt seem to appreciate the fact that the American public was fed lies about Iraq and now our citizens are being injured and killed due to their mistakes.
    and his response, "So?"??
    Yes, throw both of their fibbing carcasses to any military front line hotbed , thank you.
  • deckman204 Bart 2009/01/10 20:43:09
    Please expand sir. What lies are you talking about???
  • Raven Bart 2009/01/11 09:05:22
    Thank YOU. Sadly, there are hundreds of thousands who still think the invasion of Iraq was tied in to 9-11 or U.S. defense. As is the sad case, ignorance has the perseverance of a cockroach.
  • have fork will travel 2009/01/09 23:04:18
    I wouldn't throw anything
    have fork will travel
    This is silly. Now Bush is going to be the left's whipping boy. But then again, on a slow news day, all y'all can go out and bash Nixon again.
  • moses 2009/01/09 21:14:56 (edited)
    I am not sure that President Bush made many of the decisions attibuted to him. I think Cheney had him by the nose and lead him astray. I am not a global warming activist as I believe that they are why we don't have our energy policy in our favor. I believe prior to the 1970, American interest in the oil in Saudi Arabia was about 95 percent until they were nationalized. And if the Bush Family were friends with the Ben Laden family as is rumored, then he should have kept the oil prices down.
  • ed 2009/01/09 21:03:02
    I wouldn't throw anything
    This is the USA. We don't do stiff like that here.
  • Emma 2009/01/09 21:00:21
    I wouldn't throw anything
    Bush had to make a tough decision!!!!!!!! What he needs to do is stop being such a coward and tell us why we are in this war! But it's too late! I mean you all think that you could be the best president ever! Think again! He made a tough decision and he made a good one! so shut up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • alouisis 2009/01/09 17:05:17
    I would throw this at Bush...
    Please, go away. Go away now. You should be ashamed and should never show your face in public ever again.
  • deckman204 alouisis 2009/01/10 20:44:40
    Maybe you could have done a better job at running the country????????????
  • YOMOMMA 2009/01/09 16:38:34
    a Thank you and some rose petals
  • Raven YOMOMMA 2009/01/11 09:11:51
    With all due respect, you SERIOUSLY need a vacation in a nice place filled with good reading material, including the highly respected newspapers of our allies. You send him a rose petal for every American vet who comes home without a limb and ends up homeless. Read "Iraq War Veterans Against the War" and find out how many of our boys are in tombs because he didn't take the time to have someone get the proper armour for them. Throw a rose petal for each member of each boy's family. You are probably one of those who think the world hates us for our freedom. You poor thing.
  • Nolt 2009/01/09 16:14:11
    I would throw flowers at Pres. Bush. Regardless of anything else, he has kept our country safe for 8 years. He has done what he thought was best no matter how terribly the press has treated him. I have never heard such terrible things said about a sitting President in my life. Who cares what France thinks about us. I don't think much of them. Our own press has made him so unpopular. Yes, flowers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Nick Nolt 2009/01/09 20:53:40
    If you are referring to no new terrorist attacks IN THE UNITED STATES since 9/11, Bill Clinton achieved the same feat after the '93 bombing of the WTC...
  • deckman204 Nick 2009/01/10 20:49:23 (edited)
    That's funny Bill Clinton was in office when they tried three other times to take down the WTC.

    HE DONE NOTHING!!!!!! Because he and Hillary were further in bed with the Saudi's then GWB ever hoped to be.

    As a result of doing nothing over 3000 innocent people lost their lives. And like it or not Iraq was part of the overall plan. After a year of the UN sticking their "dick beaters" in it Sadam and his cronies had enough time to move Iraq out of Iraq.

    And now that same sorry crew is coming back to the White House.

    God Help The American Sheepole!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Nick deckman204 2009/02/04 21:38:00
    One time, just like under Bush. They succeeded in their second attempt.

    No one is more of a bed mate with the Saudis than the Bushes...
  • deckman204 Nick 2009/02/05 01:09:20
    Check ur facts egg head they tried more than one time with slick willie!

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