Man Survives Two Months in Car Without Food: Believable or Unlikely?

News 2012/02/20 14:00:00
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According the BBC, a 45-year-old man was found trapped in his car on Friday, about half a mile from a main road in northern Sweden, and claims to have been stuck there since December 19. Temperatures had reached -22F (-30C) in the area, and the man could hardly speak when he was found. Officials say they believe his story, and one doctor says he might have fallen into a "kind of hibernation."

Officer Ebbe Nyberg said, "He was in a very poor state. Poor condition. He said he'd been there for a long time and had survived on a little snow. He said himself he hadn't eaten anything since December." The man was found huddled in a sleeping bag in the back seat, and is thought to have used melted snow to stay hydrated. Talk about a long winter...

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  • Bigbrowneyes 2012/02/20 17:29:38
    On average, I think, people can survive about a month without food. If he had a large fat/muscle deposit, the body could burn that for energy as long as it had water...(But he's from Sweden, don't they have low obesity rates?...)

    It's both believable to me and unlikely.
  • Stryder 2012/02/20 17:14:01
    This entire story reeks of fraud.
  • Mr. Wonderful 2012/02/20 16:26:39 (edited)
    Mr. Wonderful
    Fishy at best. You don't start out "trapped" in your car. You had to drive to that point. If as the report says he was only half a mile from a main road, why didn't he hike back? If he was going towards this main road and got stuck it would be logical he knew a main road was just ahead or what was he doing on a side road in a bad storm he never traveled before?

    Either way, sounds fishy. With all that snow I suppose you could maybe stay hydrated, the snow also would serve as shelter, so maybe, but for two months, doubtful. I'd give the guy maybe a week, two on the outside. Again, the thing that shouts out at me, why no attempt to hike out? I don't care how much snow is on the ground and there couldn't have been that much if he drove to where he ended up that is should have been relatively simple to "save
    himself" with that short a hike.
  • Scott ヶ... Mr. Won... 2012/02/20 18:36:18
    Scott ヶBrony Of PHAETヶ
    He got buried in snow?
  • FUS RO ... Scott ヶ... 2012/02/21 05:03:05
    Dig out
  • FUS RO ... Mr. Won... 2012/02/21 05:02:48
    He could have got what of the car and walked. It was a half a mile.
  • Fenabarb 2012/02/20 16:23:44
    did he have a mars bar - now that make it believable - lol
  • Kigan 2012/02/20 16:13:04 (edited)
    I remember learning in science class that, in dire times, the body can change use of energy to necessary function only.

    2 months on only melted snow is a long shot, and I would like to see the missing persons report that backs the time frame of his disappearance, but I don't think it is impossible.
  • Unlikely
    Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Kellie Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ
    I'm not buying it.
  • Angelika Insomniac 2012/02/20 15:26:47
    Angelika Insomniac
    It's possible, obviously, but I wouldn't want to test it out.
  • william Matthews 2012/02/20 15:26:16
    william Matthews
    Weird Stuff happen when your in survival situations. any one watch 127 hours the movie. Like that
  • pj 2012/02/20 15:24:01
    i dnt think its possible
  • Red_Horse 2012/02/20 15:18:10
  • Alex Red_Horse 2012/02/20 21:26:09
    LOL got that right!
  • Murph Red_Horse 2012/02/22 20:35:56
  • Red_Horse Murph 2012/02/23 00:58:52
  • Bowman 2012/02/20 15:10:58
    Why would he lie about it?
  • Cold Warrior 2012/02/20 15:08:34
    Cold Warrior
    Very doubtful.
  • D D 2012/02/20 15:07:39
    D D
    Every year this happens. Someone gets caught out in snow and manages to survive. People survived starvation and cold and hard labor and survived concentration camps, so...
  • TMan 2012/02/20 14:40:47
  • Rave 2012/02/20 14:31:19
    It's not the first time it's happened here in the North believe it or not. Back during the War here in Finland many troops got buried under snow and survived for over a month without food, strangely the cold can put you into a sort of hibernation mode.
  • The Electrician 2012/02/20 14:19:34
    The Electrician
    Total impossibility.
  • TMan The Ele... 2012/02/20 14:41:29
  • The Ele... TMan 2012/02/21 02:58:00
    The Electrician
    Two months without eating ? What are you people smoking ? 12 hour in 32 degrees or less will kill you. I was in the Navy, we learned about it. Maybe 2 days, but 2 months ? Use your heads.
  • TMan The Ele... 2012/02/21 03:05:44
  • The Ele... TMan 2012/02/21 03:07:29
    The Electrician
    For two months ?
  • TMan The Ele... 2012/02/21 03:08:22
  • rcswagg... The Ele... 2012/02/20 17:41:27
    Ever heard of fasting people do this stuff all the time.
  • The Ele... rcswagg... 2012/02/21 03:01:32
    The Electrician
    Show some scientific evidence, give a link or creditable article. I've got a doctors appointment in the morning, I'll ask my doctor and his staff, especially the Nutritionist.
  • rcswagg... The Ele... 2012/02/22 21:39:13
    You dont need evidence for what people do all the time. Go ask a pastor even a muslim. Its a common thing.
  • Sofahead The Ele... 2012/02/20 17:51:57
    While I agree with you it's highly improbable for the length of time reported, I would not rule it impossible as the extraordinary does happen occasionaly.

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