Man Spending 80 Days in Airport: Could You Do It?

News 2011/10/27 21:00:00
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Only in Canada. Oh, and Tom Hanks movies.

Jaeger Mah, a 29-year-old Canadian man, has been living in Vancouver International Airport (YVR) since August 17, and he'll be there until next Thursday, when his stay is officially up. No, it's not for pleasure -- at least, not purely. The airport requested video submissions from people willing to undergo an 80-day lockdown and document it. Mah was selected out of 160 submissions.

So... Why is YVR doing this, exactly? Simple: To show people what goes on at airports. A YVR spokesperson told Fox, "A lot of people don't realize what goes on at an airport. We get a lot of requests for behind-the-scenes tours. We can't do that from a security perspective." Their solution was to give one brave person an 80-day tour and let him show the world what goes on.

But it's not all fun and games. Fox reports Mah is getting $15,000 and a per diem budget for his "14-hour days" and "late nights spent editing video." Luckily, he says he's "not sleeping on the benches." He does get the luxury of an airport hotel when his work is done, and says he quickly figured out the best places to get food.

Naturally, Mah has made a lot of friends in his time at YVR. He meets employees for lunch, and says he's "meeting some incredible people." An airport spokesperson told Fox, "I think he's going to miss this place. He's leaving a whole new set of friends." But Mah laments, "I haven't seen my friends in about a month."

It will all be over soon. He gets out November 3.
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  • AvaC 2011/10/28 21:11:26 (edited)
    I can't even stand it when I have to stay longer when my flight is delayed... Fair less for 80 days! -__-

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  • Magnus ☮ RP ☮ 2012 ☮ 2011/12/14 10:50:43
    Magnus ☮ RP ☮ 2012 ☮
    I bet that those videos WON'T include the hours of footage of this guy having his twig and berries groped by TSA at every turn (I hear they're actually going down the pants and into the underwear now)... LOL! So yeah, hell no. And by the way airlines: since 9/11 I'd rather DRIVE/SAIL than fly! Not because of the 'fear' of 'terrorism' but because of the way it's supposedly being 'diverted'. TSA: Neener, neener you won't get my wiener! >=P
  • Linda Magadla 2011/11/04 10:29:43
    Linda Magadla
    no its 2 much.
  • Jon 2011/11/01 23:00:30
    I've been to enough airports to know what goes on in them and why would I want to stay in one for 80 days. Airports are the most dirty places anyone could go to, since there more people that go through them then anyone place. It bad enough to have a lay over 2 to 3 hours maybe longer. But this was a job and did included airport hotel room this may made difference. I guess these days you can't complain where your employer will send you.
  • shydreamguy 2011/11/01 20:43:14
    But i wouldnt want to.
  • Tasinahri 2011/11/01 20:34:00
    For that kind of money, I could.
  • Gimmedap 2011/11/01 19:42:36
    Sure I could do it. But if he has 14 hr days, he's getting what? 13 bucks an hour? Not really worth that.
  • wpsark 2011/11/01 19:22:15
    not if it was really staying in the airport but this guy isn't roughing it. He's getting paid and get's a hotel room meals etc... lame
  • amcsquizzy 2011/11/01 17:45:51
    reminds me of a movie with tom hanks in it cant remember what its called though
  • Tasinahri amcsquizzy 2011/11/01 20:33:15
  • amcsquizzy Tasinahri 2011/11/01 20:44:15
    thats it thanks
  • Tasinahri amcsquizzy 2011/11/12 02:10:03
    My pleasure
  • tinaluwho 2011/11/01 16:53:46
    For $15,000 I could spend 100 days in the airport! ;)
  • DS in Oak Ridge NC 2011/11/01 16:11:13 (edited)
    DS in Oak Ridge NC
    Back in my 'road warrior' days, I seemed to spend that much time there, but not in an single, interrupted session. They've changed over the years to offer minimal and predictable creature comforts; the best of them feature Cinnabon and Five Guys Burgers, so there are fewer reasons to ever leave the airport and go home except for the high parking fees.
  • Diddley Squat 2011/11/01 15:02:05
    Diddley Squat

    Nope! I couldn't stand it even if I could smoke all the cigarettes I wanted.
  • Kyle 2011/11/01 14:54:13
    it can be done
  • Mike 2011/11/01 14:52:47
    He's not going through hell, but I'd say no. Not for me.
  • WGN 2011/11/01 14:52:10
    But why in hell would anyone want to if they weren't getting paid to do it?
    For this guy, it is just a job that he is getting paid for.
    This is the really important news that Fox brings to you on a daily basis. Just shows where their priorities are!
  • Ghostie Of the Night 2011/11/01 14:25:17
    Ghostie Of the Night
    i wanted to press no
    i can't but this man is good I guess and has a lot of patience! ;)
  • DontDrinkSoda 2011/11/01 14:04:49
    He looks to have a great attitude.
  • John T. 2011/11/01 13:40:52
    John T.
    It would depend on the airport. Some are like your local gas station amd others like a small city.
  • Zamboni - Madoka Magica fan... 2011/11/01 13:36:41
    Zamboni - Madoka Magica fan BN0
    NO! NO! And HELL NO!!!
  • tom C 2011/11/01 13:24:14 (edited)
    tom  C
    I couldn't do it because i choose not to...
    I have just one dumb question........
    WHY would I do it?
  • tinaluwho tom C 2011/11/01 17:09:39
    For the $15,000 he's being paid. ;)
    Plus he gets a free motel room every night.
  • Frankie 2011/11/01 12:41:34
    I need the comforts of home.
  • 10997 2011/11/01 11:12:55
    That sounds radical, and sure it'd be tough sometimes but I reckon this dude is lucky to have the experience :P
  • BonnieDeutsch 2011/11/01 05:03:16
    I have been in O'Hare airport several times because of bad weather. I'm always interested in almost anything where people are involved and would love to have an adventure like this.
    And how nice that he's earning money doing this.
  • Mathew Schrock 2011/11/01 02:10:05
    Mathew Schrock
    thats totally awesome though, but i dont like flying. Or airports
  • Dj Gill 2011/11/01 01:03:19
    Dj Gill
    Depends, are there donuts?
  • bricklyn 2011/10/31 18:51:38
    This man had a luxury hotel room and meals as well. All he was doing is being a journatist and observing what went on. He has exclusive permission to go to many places that the public never gets to visit. His task was to write about his time there and what he experienced.
  • JJ 2011/10/31 18:11:22
    I wouldn't care to do it, but meeting new people and friends is a plus for him I'm sure. It does look intersting and even though there was work involved, he probably had a lot of fun...good for him.
  • LILY 2011/10/31 16:40:31
    sorry but toooo much time in airport. loved the movie with TOM HANKS.
  • Fearless 2011/10/31 13:14:06
    an extraordinary activity but he was able to do it. I can say he's a person whonever complains or anything
  • Gwen 2011/10/31 12:34:58
    could I? ....of course...especially getting paid $5000 per month.....perhaps a career launcher?.....and it would be interesting...
    would I?....no....wouldn't be able to care for my family....
  • Juanb 2011/10/31 10:58:27
    they should offer me this , also there are some rastafarians in kenedy airport who are homeless and actually live there when the cops find out about them they usually lock them up but they come back again before the week is over and they reek and actually go for months by begging for food and $$$ and peeing in public restrooms
  • aksquad 2011/10/31 03:09:13
  • bricklyn aksquad 2011/10/31 18:53:07
    This guy had a hotel accommodation and food budget. He was not eating snack food at all.
  • aksquad bricklyn 2011/10/31 19:28:27
  • bricklyn aksquad 2011/10/31 23:02:42
    Vancouver Airports is one of the nicest and cleanest airports on the planet.
  • dandieselonian 2011/10/31 01:26:39
    no mindless BS for me I work to reach my goals
  • bricklyn dandies... 2011/10/31 18:53:34
    He was a journatlist on assignment.

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