Madoff Dead: Did Bernard Madoff Commit Suicide?

Dangerous Dave 2008/12/23 20:23:45
Bernard Madoff committed suicide
Bernard Madoff did not committed suicide
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The founder of an investment fund that lost millions with Bernard Madoff was found dead Tuesday at his Madison Avenue office of a possible suicide. His fund had lost over $1.4 Billion that had been invested and was also accused of running a $50 Billion Ponzi scheme. Doctors have not found the cause of his death yet. I guess murder charges will be added to the fraud charges. Did he commit suicide?
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  • Ainsley Jo Phillips 2009/07/17 18:11:53 (edited)
    Bernard Madoff did not committed suicide
    Ainsley Jo Phillips
    He's alive and behind bars as he should be.

  • ctuagentdown 2009/03/13 10:52:50
    Bernard Madoff did not committed suicide
    he will after getting raped several times a day
  • marco 2009/03/12 21:50:22
  • ᴋᴇᴚᴎᴈᴦ♠♠Las Vegas 2008/12/25 01:32:00
    Bernard Madoff committed suicide
    ᴋᴇᴚᴎᴈᴦ♠♠Las Vegas
    Time for another hollywood movie about this cat who stole so much from a lot of innocent people.
  • shelb 2008/12/24 15:33:35
    Bernard Madoff committed suicide
    if theres no evidence he was murdered.
  • fishlip 2008/12/24 14:46:04
    Bernard Madoff did not committed suicide
    it probably was suicide but i prefer to think that pissed off investors got ahold of him and injected him with some chemicals .there should be some justice served on this parasite.
  • i812 2008/12/24 13:17:43
    Bernard Madoff committed suicide
    i do not really care, one less scum bag in the world.
  • the Griffin 2008/12/24 06:12:30
    Bernard Madoff did not committed suicide
    the Griffin
    Hum, he swindled millions of dollars from individuals and since money is the root of all evil, he has a good chance of being killed by a disgrundled investor.
  • Mom 2008/12/24 00:50:19 (edited)
    Bernard Madoff did not committed suicide
    Someone needs to do their homework a little bit more throughly, before posting
    inaccuracies like this. I am not trying to be hateful..... just giving some motherly advice.
  • Pilgrymm Mom 2008/12/24 02:30:41
    yeah. when i first saw this in my email, i turned on CNN and watched for like two hours before they finally mentioned it down in the ticker. ridiculous.
  • Pilgrymm 2008/12/23 23:01:14 (edited)
    Bernard Madoff did not committed suicide
    It wasn't Bernard Madoff that died, it was De La Villehuchet, one of Madoff's investors.

  • hesco 2008/12/23 22:31:07
    Bernard Madoff committed suicide
    Probably not, but he should consider it.
  • big di 2008/12/23 22:12:08
    Bernard Madoff committed suicide
    big di
    Probably. Although why he just didn't wait things out, I cannot fathom. With our courts horrendously over-crowded, and every shyster out there more interested in publicity than the best interests of their client(s), he probably would have died of old age before the case was ever tried, much less settled.

    Of course, if the doctors didn't find a cause of death, it could very well be "something else." We'll just have to wait and see....

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