LQP-79 Virus Dismissed By Government, But Is There Really a Zombie Virus?

Teri- Oregon 2012/06/02 21:53:08
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LQP-79 has been a hot topic recently. With at least two cannibal style attacks in the past week, it seems like zombies could be among us. However, reports of the LPQ (Lysergic Quinine Protein)virus being out among the regular population is reportedly not true.

The government has come out to let people know that there is no "zombie virus" and that people should not be concerned. However, a news report, that looked like it was from theHuffington Post, said that the virus was confirmed in the face-eating man in Miami and also in the second man accused of eating his roommates brain and heart.
zombie attack

It's really disturbing that these two incidents happened, but people shouldn't jump to conclusions about the LQP-79 virus.

There have been numerous rumors of zombie viruses over the years, so it comes as no surprise that people are even more concerned now with two cannibal/zombie incidents.

The government may try to hide things from the public quite often, but hopefully they would let it be known if there was a highly contagious virus out there.

Are you worried at all about the supposed zombie virus or LQP-79? What do you think of it?

Image courtesy of Global Grind

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – In popular culture, zombies and cannibals typically start popping up and a global apocalypse is soon to follow or already underway. While that’s not exactly what’s happening, cases of cannibalism and other bizarre behavior with bodies have suddenly started popping up around the world.

It all started over the weekend in South Florida when Rudy Eugene attacked Ronald Poppo on the MacArthur Causeway. Eugene began biting and eating Poppo’s face off before finally being shot to death by police to stop the attack.

The crime shocked the world, especially after details came out that when officers initially told Eugene to stop, he looked up growled and went back to eating Poppo’s face.

But that was just the beginning of the bizarre cannibalistic stories that began popping up across the U.S. and around the globe.

Thursday, Maryland student Alexander Kinyua was arrested and charged with murdering a housemate. When police searched the home they found a human head and two hands. Kinyua told Harford County Sheriff’s Office deputies that he had killed the roommate by cutting him up with a knife.

Kinyua continued telling police that after he had killed the roommate, Kujoe Bnosafo Agyei-Kodie, 37; he then ate the dead man’s heart and parts of his brain. Kinyua also gave deputies the location of the rest of Agyei-Kodie’s remains, which were behind a nearby Baptist church.

In Canada, 29-year-old Luka Magnotta was being sought by international authorities after a missing Chinese student he was in a relationship with was killed, chopped up and eaten. Some of the parts were mailed to both the liberal and conservative parties in Ottawa.

Montreal Police in masks spent part of the week combing through the blood-soaked apartment Magnotta had in the city. Magnotta’s name has also come up in London after he posted a video showing a kitten being fed to a python.

A video purporting to be from Magnotta of the murder scene in Montreal was posted online as well. He reportedly told a London paper about six months ago about the cat video, “don’t worry, in the near future you will be hearing from me again. This time, however, the victims won’t be small animals.” He continued, “Once you kill, and taste blood, it’s impossible to stop.”

Meanwhile in China, a loner dubbed the cannibal monster was arrested for allegedly killing 11 men. Chinese news reports said Zhang Yongming, 56, had chopped up the bodies of the dead and sold the flesh to unsuspecting consumers.

Hong Kong newspaper The Standard reported police had discovered human eyeballs preserved inside wine bottles and pieces of what appeared to be human flesh hanging up in Mr. Zhang’s home.

Also on Wednesday, Hackensack, New Jersey Police got more than they bargained for when they found Wayne Carter, 43. Police found Carter in a corner and he was stabbing himself with a knife. Hackensack Police said Carter threw parts of his intestines and some of his skin at the arresting officers.

It’s been quite a week in brutal crime.

But, if you’re fearful that a zombie-like apocalypse is already underway, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control has you covered with their guide to “Zombie Preparedness.”

Read More: http://news.gather.com/viewArticle.action?articleI...

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  • matthew.thomas.1044 2012/12/13 18:24:10
    I am and will continue to stay undecided on this because the lack of the united states military to do as Washington suggested and stay out of international affairs that as well as our militaries progression in weapons at an alarming rate from swords and muskets to bio weapons and nukes in less then 200 years.... Aww who am I kidding we are doomed if a zombie outbreak occurred we would not know until half of the U.S. is destroyed
  • VelMetal 2012/06/14 06:55:04
    If they were actual zombies,they wouldn't be preserving eyeballs in containers,mailing body parts, or having conversations with police officers. lol
    It could possibly be a virus that turns people into cannibals/crazies but not zombies.

    Common sense. :)
  • rascal 2012/06/13 22:45:36
    anything is possible
  • bobbyB123 2012/06/07 21:13:41
    More information on the LQP-79 at http://lqpvirus.com
  • Poppo 2012/06/05 00:07:23
  • ZombieActionMA 2012/06/04 22:06:19
    now what?
    LQP-79 "zombie virus" Confirmed as Web Scam, PayPal investigating bit. ly/LrTZDs
  • affordableweb 2012/06/04 02:23:44
    So what are we suppsed to do about this? I read this website by some doctor who claims this thing is some kind of disinformation campaign. What do you think? http://lqp-79.org is the website about some doctor doing research.
  • Teri- O... afforda... 2012/06/04 05:24:22
    Teri- Oregon
    I think it is real, I think it is a bio weapon that has been released or escaped its creators.
  • brendon... Teri- O... 2013/01/04 03:07:53
    Nazi Zombies lol call of duty I want an apoclypse spo I could kill some z0mbie$
  • Lexus 2012/06/03 21:41:53
    now what?
    In the article it states that they have no idea how Rudy contracted this "disease." It also states that the "disease" also has side effects that can cause the hosts flesh to deteriorate. In some recent cases there have been multiple reports of people contracting a flesh eating disease from swimming in certain bodies of water with open sores or cuts. Maybe the two are linked?
  • Dan ☮ R P ☮ 2012 ☮ 2012/06/03 00:20:03 (edited)
    Dan ☮ R P ☮ 2012 ☮
    I am skeptical, but such a virus is very possible. There are plenty of organisms, bacteria and viruses out there already that alter the behavioral patterns of animals. The CDC also released recommendations for a zombie attack last year... so maybe this has something to do this this? I can only speculate, but I'm still skeptical.

    Well, time to do some research, and I dont mean go to lying snopes.

    However, there is one warning. The CDC's guide, last time I heard, doesnt even recommend a gun. So screw them, get yourself a damn gun. Even if there is never a zombie attack, it'll be useful for other forms of self defense.
  • Dan ☮ R... Dan ☮ R... 2012/06/03 00:33:37
    Dan ☮ R P ☮ 2012 ☮
    I'm beginning to think its fake, unless another site uses the same format as the Huffington Post. http://www.huffingtonpost.com...

    One of the key problems is the simple fact that the image of that article has no source listed, and the best match seems to be a site that doesnt have the article.

    Although I still dont believe bath salts could be the sole cause. Drugs can mess you up, but as far as I know none of them have the side effect of cannibalism.
  • Teri- O... Dan ☮ R... 2012/06/03 01:21:00
    Teri- Oregon
    but what if it isn't, our own president can't even prove he is from here, our congress signs bills without reading them, are war orders are given by the UN not congress, why would a biological weapon which was released on the public and no one will tell us about it be that different? For some reason that doesn't seem that far fetched in the world today.
  • Dan ☮ R... Teri- O... 2012/06/03 03:16:15 (edited)
    Dan ☮ R P ☮ 2012 ☮
    They definitely have diseases as deadly as weaponized e-bola, and we know they have used Bio-weapons on the people already with the anthrax scare some time ago. They could also be ramping up for releasing mass bio-weapons for pandemics in the near future, considering the fact that the government and universities are releasing information on how to produce these bio-weapons (likely as a cover to say some lone nut did it).

    But apparently this specific story has no real foundation. Its certainly possible, but I think the story lacks evidence, or the evidence is just lacking or questionable at this point.
    I mean, just as an example, can you find any information about the people being quarantined?
    Its just strange that the source wasnt mentioned, and that I cant find any evidence that the story is true.
  • Teri- O... Dan ☮ R... 2012/06/03 05:28:28
    Teri- Oregon
    I understand were you are coming from from, and I am not saying it is true, all i'm saying is keep an eye out in the news and watch for more occurrences, if they start becoming more frequent perhaps we should start believing the unbelievable.
  • matthew... Teri- O... 2012/12/13 18:27:46
    some people will never understand that one terrifying reality that we are no more than a test subject for the ridiculous nature of our governments paranoia
  • jdemme 2012/06/02 22:14:39
    now what?
  • nverumind 2012/06/02 22:05:11
    for me it raises fear because the virus is a very terrible reality, and honestly i personally believe the desensitation that has occured with all the zombie movies and books just makes the reality less far fetched. Most fiction horror films are based on a speck of reality and taken overboard.
    I just hope that if they believe this virus to be spreading , they would let us know about it.
  • Teri- O... nverumind 2012/06/02 22:06:22
    Teri- Oregon
    yeah right, they don't let us know about anything else why would this be different?

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