Lou Dobbs Used Illegal Workers On His Properties: Report

Ric O'Shea® 2010/10/07 17:18:07
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Lou Dobbs Used Illegal Workers On His Properties: Reportby Frank James

lou dobbs illegal workers properties report frank james


Lou Dobbs, scourge of undocumented workers,

used them himself, according to an investigative report.

Lou Dobbs, the former CNN anchor who tapped into the wave of popular
anger against undocumented workers, is being accused of benefiting
directly from the labor of some of those workers on his own properties.

An investigative piece in The Nation is getting much attention. An excerpt:

with his relentless diatribes against "illegals" and their employers,
Dobbs is casting stones from a house—make that an estate—of glass. Based
on a yearlong investigation, including interviews with five immigrants
who worked without papers on his properties, The Nation and the
Investigative Fund at The Nation Institute have found that Dobbs has
relied for years on undocumented labor for the upkeep of his
multimillion-dollar estates and the horses he keeps for his 22-year-old
daughter, Hillary, a champion show jumper.

As the story points out Dobbs, who has a radio show, has left open the possibility of a run for Senate or even the White House.

It's safe to say the Nation's report won't be helpful to those ambitions.

Read More: http://www.npr.org/blogs/itsallpolitics/2010/10/07...

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  • Liza Jane 2010/10/07 19:37:39
    Liza Jane
    Shocker. So basically everything a Republican fights against is what we should assume they're doing behind closed doors. Easy enough.

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  • Jon 2011/03/05 17:40:17
    I watch Lou Dobbs while he is ranting how illegals are hurting America and can see a deep seeded anger at these people. I wondered where it was coming from, because I never seen anyone so nasty and hateful than this man on TV. This man has total hatred for people who work for him and at the some time benefiting from them by not paying their taxes and Social Security. This man should be arrested , made to pay taxes and pay for their return to their country.
    Do you really think we need some like the man as Senator or even in the White House, in this man's wildest dreams.
  • iralarry 2010/10/08 19:31:01
    I watched Lawrence O'Donnell's interview with the reporter and Dobbs himself. Interesting. I came away with more questions than answers. O'Donnell did not do a swell job of it during the interview. Dobbs was splendid in deflecting and redirecting suspicion. I do feel he was in the wrong as presented but where is the proof? A reporter for The Nation stated she spoke with 5 individuals who indicated they worked at or on one or more of his properties as an illegal alien, immigrant, what ever you are supposed to call them these days. That isn't good enough for me as I have inherent distrust in the media, left or right. Inquiry should be made.

    The fact that Dobbs stated that he is not hard on immigration is plainly misrepresenting himself an specious in and of itself. I do not trust him.
  • Kev316 2010/10/08 05:30:05
  • Max7 2010/10/08 01:34:12
    What a shocker, I didn't think Lou did anything wrong!
  • Queen B 2010/10/08 00:52:49
  • crimson dragon 2010/10/07 23:02:01
    crimson dragon
    The only reason for keeping them illegal is to keep the cost of labor down.
  • There it is.. 2010/10/07 22:32:44
    There it is..
    The guy who created this poll is a crybaby.
  • Ric O'S... There i... 2010/10/08 01:59:03
  • moomoof 2010/10/07 20:52:11
  • Liza Jane 2010/10/07 19:37:39
    Liza Jane
    Shocker. So basically everything a Republican fights against is what we should assume they're doing behind closed doors. Easy enough.
  • Ric O'S... Liza Jane 2010/10/07 19:44:16
  • Kev316 Liza Jane 2010/10/08 05:31:43
    YES YES YES!!! Nailed it!!!
  • vanessafromdc 2010/10/07 19:05:40
  • There i... vanessa... 2010/10/07 22:34:12
    There it is..
    I think you are a hypocrite.
  • vanessa... There i... 2010/10/08 00:03:50

    Who gives a Rat's ASS
  • ducdodger 2010/10/07 18:57:53
    First nowhere in this article does it say that Dobbs hire these people or that they worked for him directly. Plus I'm always suspect when reporters claim to use names that were changed.
  • vanessa... ducdodger 2010/10/07 19:08:07
    The bottom line to any Republican is money. They would hire a gay illegal immigrant who had 19 abortions and voted for Obama if it meant saving some money in their pockets each month. Hypocrite.!!!!
  • ducdodger vanessa... 2010/10/07 19:10:24
    But there is no proof in that article what so ever that Dobbs hired anyone who was illegal. Maybe you should look at the dems for causing this problem to begin with.
  • vanessa... ducdodger 2010/10/07 19:15:09 (edited)
    The reporter spoke to other immigrants who worked in Dobbs' gardens, including a man named Rodrigo Ortega. Ortega told her about meeting Dobbs, who introduced himself in Spanish as "Luis." Ortega also said that Dobbs "knew very well that the majority of us didn't have papers," but that this "was never a problem."....He knew what was going on....Do you think for one minute the man didn't go to see who was working in his yard........He's a pampas ASS!!!
  • ducdodger vanessa... 2010/10/11 17:25:01 (edited)

    Watch the video Macdonald again she fails to provide and documented proof that he hired an illegal. You use name but in the article she hsa changed the name to protect the person. As far as the point Mcdonald is trying to make it that lou is at fault because he hired a company to do work for him that employs illegals. It the job of the owner of the company owner not the person hiring them to make sure he has no illegals. To work in this country you must have a SSN or a work visa, my guess is that everyone McDonald spoke with were working with stolen identities and fake IDs. which by that fact makes them felons and there testimoney would be held as suspect at best. Not to mention McDonald out right lies about the piece not being a hit peace against him.
  • vanessa... ducdodger 2010/10/12 14:24:38
    Bla bla bla
  • ducdodger vanessa... 2010/10/13 13:56:09
    great well educated response.
  • vanessa... ducdodger 2010/10/13 14:15:35
    Face it the man is a PIG.......
  • ducdodger vanessa... 2010/10/13 14:21:29
    He did nothing wrong If you want to hold someone responsable go after the people who actually hire the illegals. The only thing Dobbs did was hire a company to take care of his property. It's not his responsablility and its illegal for him to check the workers papers. That was made illegal by the fine upstanding Obama administration. And again its well thought out response I expect from a liberal.
  • vanessa... ducdodger 2010/10/13 14:30:33
    I would like ti hear what he has to say......So far he has said nothing....If he's SSSsssooooo Freaking innocent.......as you say...
  • vanessa... ducdodger 2010/10/08 00:08:57
    There is no proof from any of you nut jobs, that Obama is a Muslim, was not born here or any of the other crack pot remarks I here from your side....So what!!!....SSSssoooo STFU!!!
  • ducdodger vanessa... 2010/10/11 17:10:20
    I never said Obama was a Muslim. But this isn't about Obama it's about people coming here and breaking our laws.
  • vanessa... ducdodger 2010/10/13 14:17:02
    What about the people who bring them here & turn their heads.....Then cry fowl......
  • ducdodger vanessa... 2010/10/13 14:23:47
    Who brings them here that would be Mexican gangs and coyotes. When they are actually caught the are prosecuted. But then again Obama and the dems are trying everything in their power to leave the border open so they can use them for cheap labor.
  • vanessa... ducdodger 2010/10/13 14:32:16
    So far all I've seen are Republicans with their hands in the cookie jar...Getting busted.....
  • ducdodger vanessa... 2010/10/14 14:45:05
    You mean like the Democratic Rep. William Jefferson who hid bribe money in the freezer. Maxine Waters or Rangel who under investigation for ethics violations. or all the bribes given to Dems to vote for Cap and trade or the health care bill.
  • vanessa... ducdodger 2010/10/15 13:17:06
    OK...Let's talk about the Chamber of Commerce while we are talking about bribes.......That's going to bite the T Party & the Rethugnicans in the ASS.......
  • Ric O'S... ducdodger 2010/10/07 19:14:46
  • vanessa... Ric O'S... 2010/10/07 19:50:10
    He's waiting for Faux Noise to approach him.....HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA....
  • vanessa... Ric O'S... 2010/10/08 00:09:42
    EEEEEEEeeeewwwwww Dobbs for President......(((HURL))))
  • Jerry (Iron Priest)☮ R ☮ P ☮ 201
    So what? I would use illegal workers myself. Rules suck.
  • Ric O'S... Jerry (... 2010/10/07 18:42:23
  • Jerry (... Ric O'S... 2010/10/07 18:44:00
  • Ric O'S... Jerry (... 2010/10/07 18:57:11
  • Kino 2010/10/07 18:15:51
    Not surprising.

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