mach-1 BL-106 2013/03/20 14:08:52
Look who's running the White House show
Why couldn't we find qualified men who were 'born in America'
to help make decisions for our country ?
Instead of these Obama White House picks?

Arif Alikhan - Assistant Secretary for Policy Development for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security
Mohammed Elibiary - Homeland Security Adviser

Rashad Hussain - Special Envoy to the (OIC)
Organization of the Islamic Conference

Salam al-Marayati - Obama Adviser - founder Muslim Public Affairs Council and its current executive director
Imam Mohamed Magid - Obama's Sharia Czar - Islamic Society of North AmericaIslamic Society of North America
Eboo Patel - Advisory Council on Faith-Based Neighborhood Partnerships


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  • Robert Helms 2013/03/20 14:43:38
    Robert Helms
    good post, and confirms the idea that he is a Islamic S.O.B. He has been totally in bed with the Muslim Brotherhood, (admittedly), and their total support for the Jehadest take-over of the Middle East. 200 tanks and 20 up to date F-16s should have been enough to show any one remotely interested in freedom, that this dog is serious about internal destruction of our nation. He should have been impeached long ago.

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  • rightside 2013/04/30 18:21:18
    Impeach him? Heck no, deport him!
  • chucky 2013/04/30 18:15:29
    Look. A criminal government.
  • Soft Whispers 2013/04/30 16:40:41
    Soft Whispers
    OMG! Look whos running the WH..
  • Little Ninjai 2013/04/27 03:13:43 (edited)
  • mach-1 ... Little ... 2013/04/29 00:49:49
    mach-1  BL-106
    Yep a bunch of Muslims ....and communist ...
    Now tell me.
    Is Obama a Muslim? Or is he that much a liberal feel sorry for the poor Muslim?
    Which one?
  • Little ... mach-1 ... 2013/04/30 23:43:26
  • Mark Smith 2013/03/23 00:06:22
  • mach-1 ... Mark Smith 2013/03/24 01:24:33
    mach-1  BL-106
    Nope...not for me..

    So if I know it and you know it....who are the people that voted in a Muslim?
  • Mark Smith mach-1 ... 2013/03/24 03:25:23
  • Little ... mach-1 ... 2013/04/26 23:37:50
  • Little ... Mark Smith 2013/04/26 23:44:14
  • Mark Smith Little ... 2013/04/28 18:27:45
  • Mark Smith Little ... 2013/04/28 18:32:21 (edited)
  • Stan Kapusta 2013/03/21 15:51:35
    Stan Kapusta
    The impeachment is coming. People are wondering why the government is hoarding ammo. The state department is looking hard.
  • Todd~AFCL Stan Ka... 2013/03/22 07:29:15
    Couple of reasons for them to hoard ammo.
    1) So they will enough when the people do rise up against this unconstitutional regime
    2) To keep the supplies low or almost non-existent for the people
  • Stan Ka... Todd~AFCL 2013/03/22 14:28:00
    Stan Kapusta
    I did not believe what was happening. I went to a sporting goods store, first time in years.The shelves were bare. My question is why isn't this big news? Why aren't people making a big stink.
  • Little ... Stan Ka... 2013/04/30 23:52:56
  • Todd~AFCL 2013/03/21 13:38:50
    I would almost be willing to bet that each of them is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, too, including 0bama! Each and every one of them should be force-fed pork until they explode.
  • The Lib... Todd~AFCL 2013/03/21 13:56:24
    The Lib Hater
    Yep, like I always said, he is the enemy from within, the libs don't care what he is as long as he gives them free stuff that is all that matters to the greedy filths.
  • Todd~AFCL The Lib... 2013/03/21 13:59:44
    I couldn't agree more. They all need to go back to their holes and never crawl back out.
  • mach-1 ... Todd~AFCL 2013/03/22 03:31:11
    mach-1  BL-106
    See above and answer !
  • mach-1 ... The Lib... 2013/03/22 03:30:43
    mach-1  BL-106
    Is O really a terrorist?
  • Little ... The Lib... 2013/04/26 23:47:09
  • ☆stillthe12c☆ 2013/03/21 05:03:53
    I would be all for the removal of him. Congress has many thing that they could charge him with, but they are going to do nothing. They have been complicit by passing such laws as the Patriot act and NDAA. How far have they got with the investigation of Fast and Furious. Anybody in jail, have any charges been levied. Here anything about the fact that we are now part owners of a couple of Auto companies and many banks. How about the tax evader running the Treasury?
  • Little ... ☆stillt... 2013/04/26 23:52:08
  • ☆stillt... Little ... 2013/04/27 00:12:15
    I think that they are more afraid of what the morons would do if they actually did their duty. they have gotten their think from the schooling they received. They are now being taught how to think instead of being encourage to think independently. We are without a doubt one very screwed up nation.
  • Little ... ☆stillt... 2013/04/27 00:38:41
  • ☆stillt... Little ... 2013/04/27 01:39:40
    I will go look at it.
  • Little ... ☆stillt... 2013/04/27 02:56:36
  • ☆stillt... Little ... 2013/04/27 01:51:39
    Fantastic Post my Friend
  • Little ... ☆stillt... 2013/04/27 02:57:07
  • ☆stillt... Little ... 2013/04/27 03:40:11
    Your welcome my Friend.
  • princess 2013/03/21 01:34:09
    And all OVomit's agenda from the beginning.....in his own words, he'd always stand with his Muslim brothers!!
  • Kane Fernau 2013/03/20 22:19:22
    Kane Fernau
    Gays and women will love Sharia
  • mach-1 ... Kane Fe... 2013/03/21 01:57:49
    mach-1  BL-106
    Oh yeah.....this is real and we are heading down Osama dying path words...
    This is a conspiracy .....nothing else but!
  • The Lib... mach-1 ... 2013/03/21 13:59:32 (edited)
    The Lib Hater
    Now we know why he has his college records sealed.......The Enemy Within....Now I know why he wants to disarm America.....
    That’s what an American looks like, libs.
    college records sealed enemy disarm america american libs
    This is who 0bama reminds me of, libs....
    records sealed enemy disarm america american libs 0bama reminds libs
  • SteveMarine- JLA 2013/03/20 19:17:47
    SteveMarine- JLA
    They didnt infiltrate they were invited by the muslim in chief. And its disgusting as hell. They all need to be deported.
  • mach-1 ... SteveMa... 2013/03/21 01:58:51
    mach-1  BL-106
    Yeah they were invited and we were warned by Osama a long time ago.
  • zbacku 2013/03/20 17:51:38
  • mach-1 ... zbacku 2013/03/21 01:59:21
    mach-1  BL-106
    What a lying snake....

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