Live from the Teleprompter From Washington, DC: The Advent of the Pocket Messiah

Cat 2011/01/25 19:46:37
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Live from the Teleprompter

From Washington, DC: The Advent of the Pocket Messiah

By Judi McLeod Tuesday, January 25, 2011

from the Chairman Hu Jintao State Dinner where Americans were played
out on the ivory keys of a piano as “jackals”—but only because the music
was beautiful—comes President Barack Obama’s State of the Union

China and the US have so much more in common other than one once having been the other.

In China, dissidents are sent to prison for criticizing the State on
the Internet. In the U.S. dissidents smeared with accusations of their
rhetoric having caused assassinations, are sent to Hell.

One month after Christmas Eve to the day, tonight marks the advent of the Pocket Messiah.

Raw emotion will be pumped from the omnipotent teleprompter and the
message will go forth and multiply, courtesy of the mainstream media and
the gullible in perfect concert.

When the last sodden emotion has been drawn about how Obama saved the
day and lives in the Tucson tragedy, the words “competitive” and
“investment” will dominate the message to be taken out onto the street.

How to be competitive in an environment where every means to compete
has been taken away from entrepreneurs is something only a self-styled
Messiah can do.

If only one month ago was Christmas Eve, only one day ago, it was the
news that General Motors Co. sold more cars and trucks in China last
year than it did in the U.S. for the first time in the company’s
102-year history.

Only conspiracy theorists would make something of Toyota losing its
2008 title to last year’s string of “embarrassing safety recalls” as
global sales leader.

Government Motors spokesman Tom Henderson said nothing had anything to do with Toyota.

“A financially healthy and sustainable business that benefits our
customers, stakeholders and employees takes precedence over any
ranking. Our motivation is to be the best global company and let the
numbers speak for themselves,” he said. (AP, Jan. 23, 2011).

There’s no room for American competitiveness in a pre-styled global market that gave China all the advantages.

For all of his glitter and statesman teleprompter perfect speech, the
Messiah can only mouth America’s lesser place in the coming Brave New

That world and China’s dominance in it was already arranged by One
World Order advocates, UN Poster Boy Maurice Strong and Obama bagman
George Soros.

When no one was listening back in the days when Obama was a senator
with nothing but a ghostwritten book to recommend him, Strong and Soros
were working on a plan to have China replace the United States of
America as the new economy.

While Soros was on the scene trying to retire then-President George
W. Bush, Strong had been off the public radar scene for more than a year
after his alleged links to the UN Oil-for-Food scandal.

It was a business partnership from Hell with the deadly duo vowing to flood the American market with cheap Chinese made cars.

Hundreds of millions of dollars were poured into a Communist China automaker that was manufacturing the “Chery”.

Marketed as “The Poor Man’s Wheels”, the Chery was said to have
originated from yet another copycat China endeavour: “The Chery is a
knockoff of the South Korean Spark, sold in the U.S. in partnership with
General Motors. (WorldNetDaily, June 12, 2006).

Indeed back in the days when GM was still General Motors and not
Government Motors, it filed a lawsuit against Chery Automobile Co. for
piracy of the car developed by its South Korean Daewoo. The company’s
investigations concluded that the two vehicles “shared remarkably
identical body structure, exterior design, interior design and key

Tonight the Messiah would have you believe that China came to the fore by the natural order of things.

You do not have to watch. You do not have to listen.

Meanwhile, may the real one protect freedom lovers everywhere from the Pocket Messiah.

watch nbsp listen meanwhilenbsp real protect freedom lovers pocket messiah

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  • jay 2011/01/25 20:02:26
    And may God protect American from ever electing another test-tube president.

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  • nails 2011/02/11 21:21:25
    I think this pope bumped his head on his mid night walk to the bathroom.
  • BlueMax372 2011/01/27 15:38:29
    Is there anyone else out there besides me who's still waiting for the oceans to recede?
  • OPOA912 2011/01/26 14:18:32
    I didn't watch it. I went out back and sat on my deck overlooking the City and watched grass grow. I think that was more productive and less stressful. I just can't stand liars. There is no need for it and the truth comes our sooner or later. As I said earlier, he lied to get in the Whitehouse, and he's going to keep lying to try and stay there.
  • concerned dude 2011/01/26 13:41:42
  • 12 Tone Melody 2011/01/26 01:07:49
  • Kiosk Kid 2011/01/26 00:55:36
    Kiosk Kid
    There is a lot of similarities between Obama trying to crush dissent and HU. However, Hu has a massive advantage over Obama. He understands that Communism doesn't work. Hu just wants to be a dictator; Obama wants to be a communist dictator. My money is on Hu, he has been there and done that.
  • mal 2011/01/25 22:03:25
    Smiling bought and payed for ,dirtball, is he.
  • mal 2011/01/25 22:00:49
  • Cat mal 2011/01/25 22:02:10
    Do you not know how to cut and paste?
  • mal Cat 2011/01/25 22:06:29
    I'm pretty new at it.
  • Cat mal 2011/01/26 02:26:34
    We tell me what you want and I'll paste it for you. You area was way too general.
  • Arizona1950 2011/01/25 21:45:20
    Great find!
  • MarinerFH 2011/01/25 21:29:48
  • lalouisiane 2011/01/25 20:08:44
    I won't be listening to Obama tonight. He makes me ill. Evidently there is a level of lies and snotty arrogance that I can take and.. he just exceeds that level too fast.

    As for Obama being the Messiah of the left....

    I remember that old song... "I don't care if it rains or freezes... long as I've got my plastic Jesus sitting on the dashboard of my car, I can do 90, it ain't scary long as I've got The Virgin Mary telling me that I won't go to hell".

    I wonder how long it will be until they come out with little magnetic Obama's to sit on their dashboards.....
  • Mrs. ma... lalouis... 2011/01/26 01:44:55
    Mrs. maggot
    Cool....."Cool Hand Luke".
  • lalouis... Mrs. ma... 2011/01/26 04:52:09
    Yes!!! I wondered if anybody would know that song.
  • jay 2011/01/25 20:02:26
    And may God protect American from ever electing another test-tube president.
  • Theresa 2011/01/25 20:02:17
    China's rise has a lot with the 200 Trillion dollars taken from the American Economy.
  • Dar 2011/01/25 20:01:58
    Meanwhile, may the real one protect freedom lovers everywhere from the Pocket Messiah.

    I'll second that thought.
  • Red Branch 2011/01/25 20:01:37
    Red Branch
    Quite Damning.

    I read it and I get the same sick feeling that I did when Obama won the election that made him president. That lasted 3 days, This time who knows.

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