Listeria Outbreak in Cantaloupe Kills 13: Are You Avoiding Cantaloupe?

Living 2011/09/28 19:50:09
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We're not sure we'll ever look at a cantaloupe the same way now that a deadly Listeria outbreak has killed 13 people in what's being called the deadliest outbreak of food-borne illness in a decade.

The contaminated cantaloupes were from Jensen Farms in Colorado, which has recalled its Rocky Ford brand of cantaloupes. As of Monday, two people have been killed in Colorado; one in Kansas; one in Maryland; one in Missouri; one in Nebraska; four in New Mexico; one in Oklahoma; and two in Texas, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said in a statement. Seventy-two infections were reported in a total of 18 states.

Listeria monocytogenes, a bacterium, causes listeriosis, which can lead to lethal or disabling encephalitis and meningitis. Listeria is killed by pasteurization and cooking, but can grow in refrigerated temperatures. Listeriosis primarily affects older adults, pregnant women, newborns and adults with weakened immune systems. But rarely, persons without these risk factors can also be affected, according to the CDC.

Even though contaminated cantaloupes were voluntarily recalled weeks ago, officials say it can take up to two months before a person who ate Listeria-contaminated food comes down with listeriosis. For now, we're steering clear of cantaloupe, period. How about you?
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  • Pake Jitts 2011/10/19 01:13:33
    Yes, I'm steering clear
    Pake Jitts
    for a couple a years
  • MirandaPhillips 2011/10/04 08:18:28
    I don't like cantaloupe anyway
    I don't like it, therefore, I have nothing to worry about.
  • John Locke 2011/10/04 08:03:39
    Yes, I'm steering clear
    John Locke
    Yes, but mostly because it tastes like cantaloupe.
  • us 2011/10/04 03:36:24
    No, I'm taking my chances
    I live in michigan, I been eating cantalope, because seem to help I'm fighting cancer.
    I don't believe in michigan there has any outbreak. If you heard anything please let me
  • Mark P. 2011/10/04 02:19:14
    I don't like cantaloupe anyway
    Mark P.
    Vey rarely eat cantaloupe
  • Max7 2011/10/04 00:49:25
    Yes, I'm steering clear
    I am not a cantaloupe lover, but my mother loves them, I had just purchased one for her when news broke about them not being safe to eat, we had her to pitch it.
  • margaritaville 2011/10/03 23:52:36
    No, I'm taking my chances
    because i am immune to listeria
  • maggiemay 2011/10/03 23:24:25
    Yes, I'm steering clear
    I tossed one out today,and I love Cantaloupe. I heard today that someone here in Louisiana also got sick.
  • Azrael-In GOD we trust 2011/10/03 22:58:19
    Yes, I'm steering clear
    Azrael-In GOD we trust
    Staying away from it like the plague.
  • XxJamberxX 2011/10/03 22:02:29
    Yes, I'm steering clear
    Not because of the disease but because I just don't ordinarily eat cantaloupe anyways so it really doesn't affect me (please add a "none of the above" option some next time around)
  • wes 2011/10/03 21:05:35
    Yes, I'm steering clear
    Cantaloupe isn't all that!
  • mzemma 2011/10/03 19:52:05 (edited)
    Yes, I'm steering clear
    Have you all heard of occupy in different cities across the nation and none of the news channels are covering it? Go to democracy now dot com to learn more. They marched in my city and I didn't even know about it. The only way we are going to clean up this mess of Washington in bed with big tax dodging, unregulated corporations is to march on Washington. We are sick and tired of both parties making an ass of us with there threats to deminish what little social services we get with our tax dollars and what the super rich get away with by seeing that THEY end up with all out tax dollars and THEY pay NO taxes or very little and eliminate jobs here in the USA in the process. Be it dirty Wall Sreer bail outs or wars for oil and profits for a few already super rich corporations they are driving all of us into a depression like THEY did in the 1920's and 30's then FDR had tp put safe guard regulations in place again. And as you have seen chiseled away those safe guarding regulations through the years. THEY keep a lot from us like the power of collective consciousness, UFO's, GMO's, Chemicals in healthcare & food to create illnesses and sub sequentially illness and big profits for THEM.... Again, on our tax dollars...we pay for the damn research and that money ends up in some greedy rich pockets I believe THEY cause and hold up the cure.... for cancer! Now tell me that I am wrong!
  • Sheila 2011/10/03 19:34:30
    No, I'm taking my chances
    It is not a matter of taking any chances.....just WASH THE FRUIT. Just like any other fruit of veggie you use.
  • mzemma Sheila 2011/10/03 19:58:36
    Hello, do you eat the outside of the fruit? I believe the fruit is watered with contaminated water as it is growing... It is in the plant juice...it is the fruit. We are what we eat, planted are their soil and water from which they are grown. Makes sense to me.
  • Sheila mzemma 2011/10/04 15:11:37
    Ummmmm, no, but the knife passes through the skin of the melon and contaminates the inside of the melon.

    "Health officials think people may have been sickened when they cut into their cantaloupe, bringing listeria on the outside of the fruit to the inside."

    Read more: Canteloupe-linked listeria's toll expected to keep rising - The Denver Post http://www.denverpost.com/new...
    Read The Denver Post's Terms of Use of its content: http://www.denverpost.com/ter...
  • deBrice 2011/10/03 19:27:11
    No, I'm taking my chances
    I eat cantaloupe yesterday... it seams that it can take weeks before you get sick. We'll see
  • FanOreilly 2011/10/03 18:15:06
    No, I'm taking my chances
    More people were killed in Mexico this weekend.

    Shall I avoid Mexicans?
  • somekindofgurl 2011/10/03 18:02:48
    Yes, I'm steering clear
    Thanks for the notice!
  • Barbara Vanhaagen 2011/10/03 15:10:36
    No, I'm taking my chances
    Barbara Vanhaagen
    I'm not taking chances cause I grew my own this year so no problem here eating home grown cantaloupe.
  • Waiting in the Wings 2011/10/03 15:00:22
    I don't like cantaloupe anyway
    Waiting in the Wings
    I feel bad for those who died, but I don't even lile it.
  • Ms Missy 2011/10/03 14:16:51
    I don't like cantaloupe anyway
    Ms Missy
    Unless its from my organic garden, but then i know its safe.
    mini cantloupe
  • Fresno State Fan CB-05 2011/10/03 09:45:33
    Yes, I'm steering clear
    Fresno State Fan CB-05
    I never liked it. Saw a Mexican lady running a juice stand today on the corner, and she had a mountain of them. Nobody was touching them. I don't blame them.
  • Helmholtz 2011/10/03 09:29:05
    No, I'm taking my chances
    13 people die and that's the worst in the last decade? Man. I'm thinking food-borne illnesses probably aren't worth the time thinking about. Sounds like looking over my left shoulder a second time before crossing a slow street would do more than worrying about food-borne illnesses.
  • moo 2011/10/03 08:58:00
    No, I'm taking my chances
    I don't need to worry at all about this cause I mostly never eat Cantaloupe.
  • ThinkAboutIt! 2011/10/03 05:07:32
    No, I'm taking my chances
    Just another scare tactic......
  • p18711 2011/10/03 04:58:08
    Yes, I'm steering clear
    food standards arent really top of the bill in guadaloupe so i wait a litle(nice country)
  • FairLady 2011/10/03 02:59:08 (edited)
    Yes, I'm steering clear
    Read this: (84 people sick, 15 dead... broken down by the state): http://yourjewishnews.com/116...
  • JJ 2011/10/03 02:29:54
    Yes, I'm steering clear
    Right now, I'm not eating any and I love cantaloupe.
  • Cindy64~PATRIOT WARRIOR 2011/10/03 01:57:21
    Yes, I'm steering clear
    Yes I am and it has been hard for I love canaloupe! But do not want to take a chance of getting sick from one!!! By the way it is now 19 people have died from it and may be higher soon also!
  • Barbara Hasler 2011/10/03 00:20:12
    No, I'm taking my chances
    Barbara Hasler
    The source of the lysteria has been located it is the Jennsen farm in Colorado. I love cantaloupe and always wash the melon thoroughly before cutting it.
  • Dawn Barbara... 2011/10/03 19:05:00
    I though it was Bloom Farms? Also I like cantaloupe so if you could tell me how I know what farm it came from that would be great :)
  • Barbara... Dawn 2011/10/03 23:30:42
    Barbara Hasler
    You can check on the internet. Fox News did a bit on it and showed the label on the melon and the farm it came from in Colorado. They are Rocky Ford Melons. I never heard anything about the Bloom Farms. The point stressed was to make certain that you wash all fruits and vegetables. With a melon, if you don't, the bacteria or virus would be on the knife blade from cutting through the Rind.
  • Dawn Barbara... 2011/10/04 15:57:16
    So if I look it up I can see were the fruit at my grocery store came from? (thanks alot for your help too!)
  • Barbara... Dawn 2011/10/05 01:50:21 (edited)
    Barbara Hasler
    Your grocery store can tell you. Look at the sticker on the melon. It says where it is from. All the Jennsen farm cataloupes have been recalled. It has been a few weeks so I doubt that there are any left in the stores. They rippen pretty fast.
  • Dawn Barbara... 2011/10/05 18:33:51
    Ok thanks very much.
  • John Mirra 2011/10/02 22:54:36 (edited)
    Yes, I'm steering clear
    John Mirra
    I avoid these death-cantaloupe like the plague.

    .... but these cantaloupe flavored ice creams they just started selling at the market are delicious.
  • momma24 2011/10/02 21:32:58
    No, I'm taking my chances
    Nothing but scare tactics... I don't eat fake food from big corporation businesses I prefer the real food, organic. Not surprised because of all the pesticides and sh-t they put on their foods that people will get sick!
  • eyeballz 2011/10/02 21:02:01
    Yes, I'm steering clear
    How ironic it would be.
  • JohnJo542kgk 2011/10/02 18:57:36
    I don't like cantaloupe anyway
    13 people? There are 312,340,000 in the United States. This is a very minor risk.
  • moonchild 2011/10/02 17:33:01
    Yes, I'm steering clear
    Listeria is to be taken seriously. This is the first I've ever heard of it infecting melons-

    This is why it's so important to make sure those cheeses and MILK are pasteurized.. this isn't a disease to take lightly.
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