Limbaugh – ‘When WOMEN Got The Right To Vote Is When It All Went Downhill’

Samantha 2012/07/05 13:54:47
The conservative war against women continues.

Oh, Limbaugh, what a sad and pathetic [little] man you are.

Recently on his radio show, Limbaugh took a call from a man who wanted to blame Obama’s 2008 election on uninformed youth. Limbaugh interrupted him and said……drumroll…..

“Ehhh, I can do one better than that. When WOMEN got the right to vote is when it all went downhill. Because that’s when votes started being cast with emotion and uh, maternal instincts that government ought to reflect …….”

All of a sudden, Rush stops talking mid-sentence as if he’s realized what a horrible mistake he’s just made.

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  • Tarheel 2012/07/06 02:56:36
    Why anyone listens to that egotistical blowhard is beyond me.
  • jackolantyrn356 2012/07/05 15:23:23
    The concept was to have them vote for handsome Radical Democrats.... This was th old Illegal Mexican Vote,,,,
  • Samantha jackola... 2012/07/05 16:45:52
    Your post is another conservative lie. Since you posted it, have the courage to suggest, then, that young military voters be disenfranchised. That's what you advocate.
  • Randy 2012/07/05 15:21:16
    Ehhh, you might want to jump over to YouTube and watch that segment before you make a complete ass of yourself. Oops, you already did!
    It was a joke for the liberal media to see if they would run with it, and true to their nature, they did.
  • Samantha Randy 2012/07/05 16:46:29
    It was a sick joke by a misogynist, pill-popping hateful conservative.
  • Randy Samantha 2012/07/05 21:20:27
    Don't forget 'Beloved' by millions!
  • Guru_T_... Randy 2012/07/06 01:25:26
    Dozens, maybe, but not millions. Please try to stay in reality.
  • Randy Guru_T_... 2012/07/06 14:05:10
    Check the ratings, Amigo!
  • Guru_T_... Randy 2012/07/06 15:44:16
    Already have, amigo. Please feel free to join us in reality.
  • Randy Guru_T_... 2012/07/06 18:51:42
    I've been here for quite some time, my friend. Let me know when you plan to show up.
  • Guru_T_... Randy 2012/07/09 03:41:52
    I've been here the whole time in actual reality. Notice that I said "actual reality" and not that ridiculous conservative fantasy you rightie-tighties all choose to live in.
  • Randy Guru_T_... 2012/07/10 01:03:18
    Yeah, you, Obama and all his geniuses up and tight on that little cloud. That must be one hell of a sight to behold!!!
  • Samantha Randy 2012/07/10 02:29:21
    Do you support disenfranchising women?
  • Randy Samantha 2012/07/11 08:17:54
    From what? Condoms?
  • Samantha Randy 2012/07/17 17:40:12
    I didn't expect you to give an honest answer.
  • Randy Samantha 2012/07/18 00:31:06
    That, my dear, is an honest answer!
  • Guru_T_... Randy 2012/07/10 12:23:35
    I'd have to say that it's a hell of a lot more comfortable than that nearly-bottomless hole that you right-wing idiots have dug for yourselves.
  • Randy Guru_T_... 2012/07/11 08:19:14
    Just trying to get away from the Obama policies, Amigo!!!
  • Guru_T_... Randy 2012/07/12 11:58:44
    Sorry, I don't believe you. I think you're just too slow in the head to realize when you've been misled by your handlers. Obama's policies are the only think keeping America running right now.
  • Randy Guru_T_... 2012/07/12 23:59:56
  • Guru_T_... Randy 2012/07/13 12:07:17
    And that proves what? Exactly?

    That's right, it proves nothing.
  • Randy Guru_T_... 2012/07/13 14:05:46
    Obama ain't the brightest light bulb in the house!!!
  • Samantha Randy 2012/07/13 14:37:31
    Obama is extremely intelligent.
  • Randy Samantha 2012/07/13 21:26:55
    Can you show me proof? A copy of his college records, perhaps?
  • Samantha Randy 2012/07/15 18:41:10 (edited)
    Obama is so much smarter than you.
  • Randy Samantha 2012/07/16 01:12:49
  • Samantha Randy 2012/07/17 17:40:41
    Law school graduate for one.
  • Randy Samantha 2012/07/18 00:35:05 (edited)
    Did you know that neither Obama can practice law? Why don't you go ahead and give a try to explain that?
    How do you know I don't have a degree in physics?
  • Samantha Randy 2012/07/18 22:42:02
    Another conservative lie!
  • Randy Samantha 2012/07/19 05:45:27
    If you want to feel like an idiot? Google it!
  • Samantha Randy 2012/07/19 17:16:27
    I did and you posted another conservative lie. Now, you'll attack the source.

  • Randy Samantha 2012/07/19 17:46:05
    I suggest you investigate the husband/wife team that introduced snopes to the unsuspecting world. The both are liberal to the bone.
    What amazes me is all this information is readily available on the internet now. Why do you think the main-stream media hates the new media with such vigor?
  • Samantha Randy 2012/07/20 14:03:38
    You did exactly what I said you would. It's not my fault conservatives reject facts, science and reason.

    The only place where your lies about Obama practicing law can only be found at extremist conservative anti-Obama, and often racist, websites. You don't have any credible sources. You post lie after lie.
  • Randy Samantha 2012/07/20 15:38:28
    It's been quite apparent that you don't do any investigation into any of your claims. Do they come straight from Media Matters ?
    If, in reality, you were right? Life would be good, high employment, home sales, low gas prices and less crime. The best thing, racial tension wouldn't be the highest in our history!
  • Samantha Randy 2012/07/20 18:33:23
    President Obama's policies are working.

    As for racial tension, it's created by white racists who use birtherism and other ways to advance their racist agendas.
  • Randy Samantha 2012/07/21 00:19:36
    The only racist showing their wares happen to all be coming from the left. They have been using that card for going on sixty years, and it has become quite stale!
    Obama has been a complete failure in all aspects of his Presidency, and thus he has to lead us in a different direction away from that record.
  • Guru_T_... Randy 2012/07/13 17:18:37
    Awww.... don't be angry just because you're not as smart as he is. No one expects you to be smart at all. Ever.
  • Randy Guru_T_... 2012/07/13 21:31:26
    I'll ask you the same question I asked Sam. Show me proof of Bozo's intelligence. Just a transcript of his grades from Occidental, Columbia and Harvard will suffice!
  • Guru_T_... Randy 2012/07/14 02:54:46
    I'll tell you the same thing I tell every ignorant right-winger with a hard-on. Grow a pair of balls, then get off your fat, pasty white backside and go get the transcripts yourself and quit bothering everyone else with your idiotic bullsh*t. We don't give a runny crap what you think you need.
  • Randy Guru_T_... 2012/07/14 18:21:55
    I only seem to be bothering you at the time. It's quite apparent you don't give a runny crap; you voted for the excrement currently running this country into oblivion!

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