Libya Airstrikes Cost U.S. $100 Million a Day: Is It Worth It?

Politics 2011/03/22 19:00:00
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After waffling for a week about how and when to get involved in Libya’s civil war, critics are increasingly asking if America’s engagement in the nation’s internal strife is worth it.

At a time when we’re trying to wind down our engagement and financial involvement in the quagmires that are Iraq and Afghanistan, the National Journal reported that the costs in Libya are already piling up. With a final tab that could reach several billions of dollars – which would require the Pentagon to ask for emergency funds from Congress – the initial stages of the bombardment of the country’s air defenses could cost coalition forces between $400 and $800 million, with just the first day of bombing in Operation Odyssey Dawn running up a $100 million tab for the U.S.

The price tag rose higher on Tuesday, when a $30 million American F-15 crashed overnight injuring two soldiers.

By comparison, the National Priorities Project reported that the war in Iraq was running up a tab of $255 million a day, or a bit less than $1.8 billion a week.

With anger among some members of Congress about the administration’s failure to get authorization for the Libya action first and confusion about what the end game is in the military action – or who, exactly, the rebels are and what they want – questions are being asked why there wasn’t more public debate about plunging the U.S. into another conflict in the Middle East?

Is the action in Libya worth $100 million a day?
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  • shindogg 2011/04/20 04:41:45
    its total waste of money, as are many conflicts that the u.s. involves itself with and has no business in bein a part of. for the u.s. to really need to get into somethin it needs to be somethin that directly influences the safety of our country and its people. questions like "is this foreign land's war a danger to america in some way?" and "what will happen to america if we don't get in another country's affairs?" and if the answers come out to "no" and "nothin" then the government and its military need to keep their noses the hell out of other nations problems, especially in a time where america doesn't need to be spendin more money on garbage that doesn't benefit itself in some way or other, but rather save it for the things our country does need.
  • supreme 2011/04/08 14:39:10
    What the hell are they over there for? Let them sort out their own problems.A total waste of money people here are jobless lets fix America first.
  • Tag supreme 2011/04/16 12:16:01
  • sketch 2011/04/05 19:00:35
    fear was the weapon of choice for the invasion of iraq. now its guilt. if Obama and Cameron just came straight out and said "looks folks, we couldn't give a damn about giving rebels support, we just want more oil. we want our economy back on track". im sure the reaction would be very different. Governments are touching on our conscience for support. funny how the same thing is happening in tunisia, egypt and bahrain. Its been happen in rwanda for nearly 20 years. 800000 people innocent killed. Thats genocide. Nothing was done at the same intensity as this because there was/is nothing to gain. Although it seems a big bill to pick up, if it goes the way that is planned, far more money will be going into the pockets of the us and uk banks ie Goldman Sachs, Citi bank etc. Also, you might wanna check out who is contracted to supplying arm for all of this!!!
  • Tag sketch 2011/04/16 12:17:30
    right you are its the oil stupid and I dont mean you
  • Walks_on_Clouds 2011/04/03 21:13:55
    Our president is a fool. Remember all those loud mouthed Dems that just wouldn't shut up over the sabre rattling Bush? They sure seem to be quiet these days. Not quite the Messiah they had hoped for I guess.
  • Mungam44 2011/04/03 18:50:03
    After a century of the U.S being the world's caretaker AND caregiver, it is time to step back and take a break. Number one, we can't afford to keep spending money that we don't have. Number two, this event is a bigger issue for the Europeans and the Arab neighbors and it's time for them to step into the breach, take the lead and address the problem. We have already lost too many of our dedicated military personnel and there is no reason to expose them in the Libyan war theater. The fiascos in Iraq and Afghanistan,and no matter how well intended the decision to help these Muslim countries on a path to democracy, proves that the cultures and religion may argue strongly against the path that we seek for those people.
  • supreme Mungam44 2011/05/09 12:53:04
    Couldn't have said it better myself.^5
  • Selketskiss 2011/04/03 07:58:41
    All this "do good" and "free people" crap in the middle east is a strategic move to curry favor in the middle east to protect Isreal and get "friends" incase Irans nut job leader acts up. What a pipe dream and a waste of our pretend money we no longer have. My friends 12 old said all those people are mean and violent why don't we secretly put them all on Zoloft maybe then they would be nicer, ha ha
  • corey 2011/04/02 17:02:06 (edited)
    Absolutely not!. Why the hell are we wasting money on killing people, when, we can't even take care of our own back yard. Think about it , if some foreigner is bombing your home wouldn't you fight back till the bitter end to defend yourself??

    As far as oil goes, anyone bother to think, if you use less oil, a lot of fighting and other issues would solve themselves out. You , me and anyone who uses oil is to blame. Until we accept responsibility for using oil and reducing our usage of oil and other resources, the world will never get better.
  • Michael 2011/04/01 22:38:09
    Human lives are worth more than money.
  • evan 2011/03/30 22:52:17
    If the "opposition" does not turn out to be Al Quaida in disguise, then YES, it will have been worth it, to get rid of another Mid-East tyrant. Then, if we could get rid of Ayatollah Khamainei (sp?) and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (also sp?), for another $100 mil, the whole $200 million would have been well-spent! Unfortunately, there are doubts as to the backing of the "rebels" in Libya, at least I have doubts, plenty of 'em.
  • Sonya 2011/03/30 17:52:05
    If Oil wasn't involved, nobody would lift a finger to help. See
  • tomas 2011/03/30 01:30:16
    only congress has the constitutional authority to declare war.
  • sixshooter 2011/03/29 17:17:45
    Those in the Islamic middle eastern countries have their own world apart from western values. Until the younger folks are absorbed by western philosophies and the older generation of fundamentalist dies, we're going to have fun.
  • constitutionfirst 2011/03/28 14:12:01
  • Allen Wilson 2011/03/28 04:26:38
    Allen Wilson
    Unless you are a plutocrat.
  • Laura 2011/03/28 02:35:18
    I'm sure it is to the Libyans who are trying to win their freedom. I wonder how much the other countries are paying for their flights.
  • Just Me 2011/03/27 20:42:54
    Just Me
    We can neither police nor save the world. Not only that, we are printing worthless money and our debt is 100% of our GDP. WHERE are we getting this money, Mr. Obama????

    We need rational and conservative heads in Washington, but I've little hope of THAT happening.
  • NathanPhillips 2011/03/27 17:28:10
    I find that many of the people who are dead set against us participating in these airstrikes were in favor of the Iraq war and ridiculous security measures. If we are willing to sacrifice our privacy and rights as citizens just to have more security, why aren't we willing to make a comparatively small investment in what may actually bring us goodwill in the Arab community? This is saving lives now, and the lives that it saves may be our own.
  • Trapper 2011/03/27 09:31:22
    It wasn't worth it when we got involved and started the Iraqi civil war, so why should it be worth it to get involved with the Libyan civil war? The oil companies are the ONLY ones who will reap any benefit from either, so they should be made to flip the bill for both.
  • Dramarama 2011/03/27 07:34:13
    I feel like Libya is a problem that needs to be taken care of, but that's a lot of money.
  • Dweezle 2011/03/27 02:44:48
    According to the CIA world fact book Libya is the 15th largest exporter of oil in the world. we are the worlds largest consumers of oil... can you make a connection here?
  • Just Me Dweezle 2011/03/27 20:49:57
    Just Me
    These are the top ten countries that the U.S. imports oil from:

    1. Canada
    2. Mexico
    3. Saudi Arabia
    4. Venezuela
    5. Nigeria
    6. Angola
    7. Iraq
    8. Algeria
    9. United Kingdom
    10. Brazil

    I don't see Libya on the list; hence, I think we are safe without their oil.
  • judge Just Me 2011/03/30 03:39:47
    We could be self sufficient if we pumped our own oil.
  • Just Me judge 2011/03/30 04:29:22
    Just Me
    I completely agree.. if only we could export the liberals and the tree huggers, we could be doing just that! :)
  • disclaimer 2011/03/26 22:19:49
    Not unless they're killing Gaddafi, which only takes one strike if anyone can find him.
  • Selkets... disclaimer 2011/04/03 07:21:19
    Well no point in any surpiise attack to get him we have reporters over ther giving away info and mucking it up so we have to cancel airstrikes then we have Olame-a telling everything we are doing with our military what a jerk this man is.
  • disclaimer Selkets... 2011/04/25 04:00:18
    I really doubt he's telling us everything. That's illegal.
  • Selkets... disclaimer 2011/04/25 05:59:20
    Obama does and says whatever he wants legal or not
  • disclaimer Selkets... 2011/05/16 01:41:01
    If he were telling us things about military operations we'd have every single media station screaming about it. They aren't.
  • Maize and blue 2011/03/26 21:00:12
    Maize and blue
    we should help our own people living in the projects and on the streets before we go try to help some god damn country that hates our guts WTF AMERICA!!!
  • Lefty 2011/03/26 17:52:30
    We need to help others wherever we can, especially from being killed for protesting peacefully in the beginning.
  • sol 2011/03/26 04:21:06
    This is getting out of hand. Obama is screwing the U.S. more and more. Over the past two years he has put us 10 trillion more dollars in the last two years. So much for change for the better, more like change for the worst
  • Dweezle sol 2011/03/27 02:57:45
    Yes, he has been following the lead of his predecessor, Shrub, remember him? his first year in office took a multi billion dollar budget surplus and turned it into a trillion dollar deficit...
    Even though I supported him, I was deceived into believing he intended a change for the better, now I see he campaigned on change he never said for the better... Dammit!
  • pete 2011/03/26 03:32:09
    A very dangerous precedent has been set in Egypt and now ratcheted up in Lybia. These "protesters" scare me. We don't know exactly who they are and what they want in a government (they claim democracy). There are already noises coming out oif Lybia, that the Muslim Brotherhood and AlQaeda are summoining outside support (Iran?), to take the reins after ousting Ghaddafi.

    We seem to be helping depose US friendly leaders, to make way for the "Brotherhood" and using our tax dollars to help them achieve their objectives.

    Iran seems to be getting stronger with every "revolution" in that area..........especially when they snuffed out their own oppositionas we stood by and did nothing to help. Where was our State dept and Prez then? We waffled on Egypt until we were sure who would win. In Lybia we followed the Euro's lead. All examples of having inexperienced people in charge of our foreign policy. These are all school smart people/lawyers with little or no real experience, but they sure ran a great campaign in 08'.

    I think that our Prez is still under the delusion that his mere words will cause these despots to give up and leave. That's the sign of a narcissist and in plain street talk; a "dufus".
  • Joey 2011/03/26 02:25:57
    Another Impeachable offense by this communist obummer. And he needs to be impeached, thrown out of office. tried and found guilty of treason. and we need to take two months to find his LEGAL and true long form birth cert. If it cannot be found then try him as a terrorist cause he is one and send him to an info gathering place out of the USA and have obummer and all those that have been in on the cover up to find out WHO is behind this, and what country. and these people lose everything they ever had in AMERICA and never see the light of day again. and we clean house and clean up this mess.
  • NathanP... Joey 2011/03/27 17:31:04
    I'm calling you out as a troll. You made it a smidge too obvious.
  • Joey NathanP... 2011/06/15 20:52:04
    And your an idiot odummer. Go back to Nigeria where you were LEGALLY born! You have done nothing in line with the constitution and everything to dismantle it and our relations around the world. Now the terrorists are the ones talking to odummer and everyone else is calling him an idiot.
  • Selkets... Joey 2011/04/03 07:34:40
    he would never be impeached and or even try anything like that no matter what this guy does because the powers that be "know" good and dam well our country would be set on fire in every city in the US the riots and acts that would take place would be worse 100 times over than CA and the DC riots ever were
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