belle 2011/04/21 20:23:27
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Trigg Palin was three years old on April 18, 2011. A birthday should be a happy time for children, no matter their age or name, except for the sweet 3 year son of Sarah Palin.

It seems there is always a low life person to try to put a damper on any special occasion when it involves a member of the Palin family. But when it is the birthday of Trigg Palin, an innocent child that happens to have Down Syndrome, this act of hatred tops the list of LIBS outrageous attitude deeds toward the Palin children. Now I know I used the plural form of LIBS in the question, even though I am going to refer you to one repulsive link about Trigg's birthday. But there are probably more out somewhere on the Internet of nasty comments agreeing with the author of this loathing blog/article,


Leftwing Hatred Targets Sarah Palin's Son

Check out this post from the leftwing site Wonkette. On Wednesday, the author had removed his name, presumably because he was taking too much heat for his writing. This morning, the author's name is back, along with this "update":

UPDATE: I regret this post and using the word "retarded" in a reference to Sarah Palin's child. It's not nice, and is not necessary, but I take responsibility for writing it. For those who came and are offended by this post: I'm sorry, of course. But I stand by my criticism of Sarah Palin using her child as a political prop. -- Jack Stuef

The WONKETTE came to their senses and have removed the disgusting article see below.


This child needs to be left out of the Left Wing hatred Political remarks involving Sarah Palin. What are your thoughts on this author's nauseating post?

Read More: http://www.gopusa.com/theloft/2011/04/21/leftwing-...

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  • Farnsworth 2011/04/21 22:50:19
    Politics of personal destruction, trademark of the Democratic party.

    The left is just mad because Trigg would make a better president than Obama, thats all.

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  • Delta 2011/09/01 04:29:36
    And again, this is the mindset of these immature left wing degenerates. Surely no one would expect more from them??
  • holly go lightly 2011/04/26 15:19:07
    holly go lightly
    Happy Birthday Trigg. happy birthday trigg Rocking horse
  • holly go lightly 2011/04/26 15:19:01
    holly go lightly
    Happy Birthday Trigg. happy birthday trigg Rocking horse
  • Grimm 2011/04/25 18:55:45

    You are awesome. dont worry about what others say. Peace, Love, and Cookies!!!
  • seadog6608PWCM 2011/04/25 17:55:02
  • cutter's falls 2011/04/25 11:11:04
  • snell/GOD & COUNTRY-zero cl... 2011/04/25 10:42:11 (edited)
    snell/GOD & COUNTRY-zero cliques
    Great quote on the liberal mindset

    I came across this quote today in a Townhall.com oped -- it seems to answer the questions I have had over the years about the "ability" of liberals to totally ignore the history of their failed "ideas" over the years, in virtually every arena of public endeavor:

    I have concluded that it makes no sense to ascribe the capacity of deductive reasoning to an adult American leftist.

    It seems that years of emotionally justifying their position develops strong synaptic connections that habitually direct all philosophical query transmissions to a central "audacity" neuron.

    The audacity neuron stimulates a glandular contraction that emits verbal utterances intended to trap its prey by placating logic.”

    Mark Baisley, CEO of Slipglass, a defense-intelligence contractor specializing in information security.
  • frank 2011/04/25 04:03:09
    I do not think people are attacking Trigg.It is Sarah,s Wild Ride story along with Sarah not acting like a mother to that child. I have two special needs grandchildren and believe me they are all ways going to one Dr to another. When they were babies they would go for therapy to learn to walk and to speak. There was no way my daughter in law could work and do what was right for them . They are now 11 and 16 and still have many doctors appointments and therapist. How can Palin be taking care of that child running all over the country. I think the story about Bristol being Triggs mother is true. She even looks more lovingly at him than Sarah. To Sarah he is just a way for her to get attention. APROP
  • belle frank 2011/04/26 02:45:28
    I have a handicap son. my husband and I did what ever was necessary, working strange hours to provide for him and take care of him. I worked full time, took care of my home, my husband and I were involved in Special Olympics, I was president of the local ARC. So your theroy about a working mother has holes in it. Granted I only had one and not sure about a seconf one, but I did have an older son that we still had to take care if as well. You do realize Trigg was born in April and Bristol's son was born in December of the same year. Do the math.
  • hayesml47 2011/04/25 02:59:01
    As long as Sarah does not show him any of the comments he will never know about them! I would not trust Palin to keep him from seeing these comments!
  • Piper 2011/04/24 16:09:06 (edited)
    It is in very bad taste to make fun of a mentally handicapped child, if that is what this blogger did. Thankfully, this little boy will never have to know that one stupid blogger made some inane comments about his third birthday. As usual, this is being used as a further excuse to accuse all on the left of being "evil haters". Both sides are guilty of downright nasty comments......I have seen a picture of the first lady and her daughters at a private beach outing posted over and over on this site, with some REALLY snide and ugly comments about their physical characteristics getting raved to the hilt. The difference between attacking those girls and the tasteless blog about about Trig; Obama's daughters are old enough to see that crap and be hurt.
  • BH1701 "In Kirk We Trust" 2011/04/24 14:07:05
    BH1701 "In Kirk We Trust"
    Do you really think there are no jerks on the conservative side? Really? By far, most liberals condemn these comments made about Trigg Palin. It's ridiculous, inflammatory and counter-productive to suggest otherwise. Oh, wait...those are all conservative traits, aren't they?
    No, I don't really believe that. I just wanted to give you a taste of your own medicine.
  • belle BH1701 ... 2011/04/24 22:31:06
    well you must have never had your kids made fun of,, that is wonderful. As usual most did not read my post fully, or if they did read it, they didn't comprehend it. Just hope your hateful remarks do not come back to haunt you someday with your kids or grand-kids, Then it will be you getting a taste of your own medicine and you won't like it.
  • BH1701 ... belle 2011/04/25 01:03:42
    BH1701 "In Kirk We Trust"
    Hateful? You did not read my post fully, or if you did read it, you didn't comprehend it. I am not the one classifying an entire segment of the population into a class with the moron who made the remarks about Trigg Palin.
  • belle BH1701 ... 2011/04/26 02:47:08
    again you can not comprehend what you read, but you can complain
  • frank BH1701 ... 2011/04/25 04:10:21
    Repulicans and Tea Partiers can dish the hate out, but can not take it. I say stop throwing out hate and you will not have any hate coming your way. Sarah has spewed so much hate. People will always hate her. Trig has nothing to do with how most people feel about her Sarah brought the hate on herself just like the rest of the right.
  • belle frank 2011/04/26 02:48:12
    the tea party has nothing to do with this, neither do the republicans, this is about a 3 year old handicap boy.
  • Greg 2011/04/24 13:58:07
    just typical left wing crap.
  • gilbertgosane 2011/04/24 11:17:11
    You're painting all liberals, progressives, Democrats, etc by what one person said. So typical of conservatives to think in nothing but broad generalizations, cliches and stereotypes. That's like saying all right wingers are like the Jonesboro Baptists.
  • belle gilbert... 2011/04/24 22:33:17
    You seem to not have read all my post, so here is the part you missed.

    """""""" Now I know I used the plural form of LIBS in the question, even though I am going to refer you to one repulsive link about Trigg's birthday. But there are probably more out somewhere on the Internet of nasty comments agreeing with the author of this loathing blog/article,"""""""""
  • gilbert... belle 2011/04/24 23:49:53
    Probably? LOL, You're raging on about something that you think PROBABLY happened. Gimmee a break.
  • belle gilbert... 2011/04/26 02:48:58
    I gave you a breal with I explained myself, you don't need another one.
  • gilbert... belle 2011/04/26 05:08:19
    What's a "breal"? And what I don't need is any more of your B.S.
  • belle gilbert... 2011/04/27 02:19:08
    I never did need your BS. The word was break. I hit the L on my computer instead of K, sorry you were not able to figure it out.
  • gilbert... belle 2011/04/27 03:32:23
    Don't ask the question if you can't take the answer.
  • belle gilbert... 2011/04/28 02:35:33
    BS is not an answer. But you seem not to know that. That is why the author got his article pulled because it was BS.
  • Broddy 2011/04/24 05:25:06
    Politicians always use there Children and wives as Props and i would think much less of any of you as a Person if you felt the need to attack those children also.

    politicians children wives props person felt attack children Obama s girls politicians children wives props person felt attack children Bush twins
  • Kirino 2011/04/24 04:38:32
  • StonedThoughts 2011/04/24 02:44:13
  • belle StonedT... 2011/04/24 22:36:34
    Why would he deserve it anymore than you. You are a human being the same as him.. You eat and sleep the same as him. So please give real reasons as why he deserves it and you don't.
  • StonedT... belle 2011/04/24 22:44:42
  • hazel StonedT... 2011/04/25 02:17:49
    no but you are
  • ConLibF... hazel 2011/04/25 02:25:46
    Good for you hazel. Stoned is a good example of the hateful left in America.
  • StonedT... ConLibF... 2011/04/25 04:46:43
  • ConLibF... StonedT... 2011/04/25 13:52:52
    You are completely false. You hate everything that the founding fathers fought and died for. You lefties are living in the wrong country. Hate is all you got!
  • StonedT... ConLibF... 2011/04/25 14:27:18
  • ConLibF... StonedT... 2011/04/25 14:34:06
    Who said I was a man? It is you who is doing the insulting here. How old are you?
  • StonedT... ConLibF... 2011/04/25 19:28:13 (edited)
  • ConLibF... StonedT... 2011/04/25 22:38:06
    Insult? LMAO!!! Truth hurts doesn't it. Again, how old are you?
  • StonedT... ConLibF... 2011/04/25 23:54:02 (edited)
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