Liberals/Obama Supporters.

Liberals/Obama Supporters.

All-American Bitch
If you have joined any group that is FOR obama. Plz join. Let's crush and smother conservatives and make sure they get the truth straight.

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NO FAKERS! If you are an Obama supporter/liberal welcome!
If you are a conservative/palin/mccain supporter. Why the hell are you on this page go away!!!!


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invite other users on other groups like us to come here and join.


I don't like it either but we need to know what we are going up against whne we fight these conservative assholes


This is for the annoying buggers you can't get rid off.

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  • Cochise 2014/05/17 12:14:37
    I think President Obama has been a very good Potus. He has had his back against a wall for as long as he's been in office, because the plan was to BLOCK his policies, and make him a one time President. In spite of the Party of NO, who sits in the House and Senate, he does have a legacy that he will leave us, and that's Obamacxare. Obama is a supporter of women's right, Gay rights, Religious rights, Equal rights, and FAIRNESS. There were those who though a Black President would bring shame to the White House, because of Bar-B-Que parties, and inviting the wrong kinds of friends there, but Obama is a class act, and so is his wife and family. There is so much he wants to do for America; infrastructure/jobs, raising the minimum wage, extending the unemployment for those out of work, and dealing with our immigration problem,but with this Congress, it will never happen. A blind man can see, that the punishment for voting for Obama, is being played out, with the treatment of the poor and middle class, and ALL who voted for him. Those on the Hill, have turned the House and Senate into a House of HORROR.
  • moira.faulds.14 2013/07/06 05:02:33 (edited)
    I am a 100% percent Obama supporter and that goes for his brave and lovely wife and family. He is the best thing that has happened to America in a long time and I am sickened by the racist and ignorant cartoons and photo shopped freak pictures and slogans and just the general disrespect of the Office of the Commander in Chief of the USA. It's appalling. seriously folks

    I am also intolerant of racism and that includes antiSemitism and prejudice against anyone for their race, religion, sexual orientation or culture. You are either in, or out, or a fence sitter, and I have already drawn my line in the sand!
  • LindaM 2013/07/03 22:20:31
    Why and how are cons in this group..
  • Keeping It Real 2013/05/19 01:48:39
    Keeping It Real
    Check it out, I didn't post the article as it relates to a poll below, but I thought I'd share it with you all.
    Click On The Link At The End Of The Article To See The President Poll Bounce.

    Sat May 18, 2013 at 10:36 AM PDT

    Gallup: Obama Poll BOUNCE Since Fake Scandals

    by joelgp

    "It's so much fun watching these three fake scandals falling apart by the hour. The goal was to damage Obama and wound Hillary so severely that she either doesn't run or damage her mammoth appeal.

    Well, BACKFIRING is the word of the day for both of those efforts: Bengha-Zzzz: Hillary Clinton’s Approval Rating Ticked Up A Point During Benghazi Hearings Today’s poll also showed Secretary Clinton maintaining her huge lead among the 2016 Democratic field, and widening her general election lead against GOP favorites Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) and Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL), and leading Gov. Chris Christie (R-NJ) by 47% to 44%, one percent tighter than in the last poll.

    Despite the fact that Republican groups have been running Benghazi attack ads against Hillary, she continues to dominate the 2016 field".

    "Oh and about Obama" Click On The Link Below To See His Poll Bounce!