Liberals Letter to the Editor Goes Viral For Its Stupidity

Southern Man 2013/02/18 19:28:49

A letter to the editor sent to the Carteret County News-Times spread
like wildfire around the internet. After being reposted on the Fox News
Facebook page it received over 4,000 comments according to the

The letter, seen below is written by a Liberal who like most of
today’s Left Leaning Loons living in “La-La Land”(a place Liberals say
Obama is recovering an economy sometimes mispronounced -”America” by
these people, for some reason).

As you will read in the letter below this pompous Leftie considers
his reasoning and intellect to be superior to anything written in The
Constitution and finds that his preferences should become laws governing
lesser beings like us – Conservatives.

Beaufort, N.C.

Jan. 17, 2013


Republicans and “so-called” conservatives are at it again.
They are claiming that the Constitution gives people the right to have
guns without the permission of the government. If that were true, then
how could New York and Chicago have laws against it?

We Democrats are sick and tired of Republicans constantly
using the Constitution to cover up their true plans, which are to make
us all afraid of everyone else. Our great president came from a
civilized part of the country where there is strict gun control, and he
is only trying to bring the benefits of that more modern way of living
to the rest of us. I don’t know the exact statistics, but I’m quite
certain that Chicago is a lot safer that Morehead City, when it comes to
gun violence.

But do Republicans and conservatives listen to the voice of
reason? No, of course not. All they want to do is whine and complain
about how gun control and wealth redistribution violate the
Constitution, as if the Constitution were all that great, anyway. There
are a lot of things that need to be changed about the Constitution, I’d
say, and President Obama needs to change it.

The Republicans are just trying to stand in the way, because
the president is black. They even dared to question whether he was born
in this country. I think all this demonstrates that the Constitution
needs to be amended when it comes to the qualifications for being
president. Right now, it says that a person has to be 35 years old and
be a natural born citizen. Well, that is obviously unfair because there
are a great many otherwise qualified people who cannot run for president
because their mothers had to have a C-section. But because the
Constitution was written a hundred years ago, nobody even thought of the
discrimination that would result from a doctor having to deliver a baby
in this unnatural way. Now that we Democrats are in control of the
government, that’s just one more thing we should change in our drive to
make life fair.

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  • timberwolf 2013/02/19 13:54:27
    The author is nutz... But then I wasn't expecting anything but Nutzzz.... What a moron...
  • Sew 2013/02/19 12:55:32
    I'm sure we can find letters from Conservatives that are equally as dumb. Lets not make any generalizations. Every group has their special people.
  • SonofSp... Sew 2013/02/19 13:09:43
    I don't think this is genuine.
  • Sew SonofSp... 2013/02/19 13:19:46
    I kind of don't think so either. But I've learned to never underestimate the stupidity of people.
  • SonofSp... Sew 2013/02/19 13:27:04 (edited)
    Idiots on the left (by mainstream US reckoning) tend to be UNinformed, not DISinformed. It's more diverse on the right.
  • timberwolf Sew 2013/02/19 13:55:59
    Equally dumb...lol... Thats a strech....
  • Sew timberwolf 2013/02/19 15:10:59
    Not at all. Stupidity is well known in all political parties. What am I saying. ESPECIALLY in political parties.
  • timberwolf Sew 2013/02/20 21:02:26
    I agree to a point... Seems more stupid idea's come from the lib's... DHS... Sissor's for self defense against a gun... You have to sign it to see whats in it... way to many to list...
  • locknload Sew 2013/02/19 16:45:47
  • Sew locknload 2013/02/19 16:49:02 (edited)
    I'm also willing to admit that most conservatives are. I'm infact willing to admit most people are. Of course I won't actually know until I meet said person whether they are stupid or not. So while that generalization may be mostly true I certainly don't approach someone treating them like their stupid until they prove it. Lest I be the one to look stupid.
  • locknload Sew 2013/02/19 16:56:10 (edited)
  • Sew locknload 2013/02/19 16:59:02
    Thats why I don't call myself either. Though other's tend to call me one or the other usually the opposite of what their alignment is. I notice that both sides have bad, terrible ideas and both sides have good ideas. The real problem is both sides have good ideas so rarely.
  • locknload Sew 2013/02/19 17:17:50
  • Sew locknload 2013/02/20 12:00:14
    Yes the political parties are tighly knit in with the corporations. Thats the real reason they weren't allowed to fail.
  • Dar 2013/02/19 12:35:27
    Good grief! Liberals seem to like showing off just how stupid and ignorant they are...like a badge of honor.
  • Donatello 2013/02/19 10:52:55
  • MichaelJ 2013/02/19 10:38:58
    This kind of reminds me of a person interviewed after 9/11. The interviewer was ask this gentleman what he thought Americans should do to protect themselves from terrorist attacks.

    The guy says; Well personally I have started making changes to protect myself, I use different routes to and from work and leave my house at slightly different times each day. The interviewer just looked at the guy in amazment and went to the next person.
  • redhorse29 2013/02/19 07:44:07
    Sad to see a liberal progressive social democrat with feelings of superiority clearly demonstrating their obvious ignorance of history, current events and Constitutional Law.
    What a moron.
  • Mayday 2013/02/19 06:06:34
  • Goodliven 2013/02/19 06:05:52
  • Bolrog 2013/02/19 05:48:12
    I meet more Liberal Morons this way and this letter writer definitely is a Moronic Liberal Progressive Fascist. liberal fascism
  • Goodliven Bolrog 2013/02/19 06:14:47
  • Bolrog Goodliven 2013/02/19 06:38:58
    The book uses its first three chapters to show that its label of liberal progressives as fascists is based on incontrovertible facts. Well researched book with extensive bibliographies supporting all of its views and conclusions about liberal progressives. Read the book and be ashamed of your sordid liberal progressive roots.
  • Goodliven Bolrog 2013/02/19 06:42:35 (edited)
  • Bolrog Goodliven 2013/02/19 06:49:35
    Goose Stepping to your liberal progressive beliefs i see. I meet more liberal progressive Morons this way. it isnt fascism if we do it
  • Mack 2013/02/19 05:31:09
    Ladies and gentlemen, these people vote! That's the sad and scary part!!!
  • Tennyson James 2013/02/19 04:22:24
    Tennyson James
    The letter was an attempt at humor - likely written by a conservative as satire.
  • timberwolf Tennyso... 2013/02/19 14:00:55
    Can't except the fact the author can be the Stupid... Awwwww...
  • Tennyso... timberwolf 2013/02/19 16:04:24
    Tennyson James
    If the author was truly that stupid there would be grammar and spelling errors - the kind that can be found in your post that I am now replying to. ;-)
  • timberwolf Tennyso... 2013/02/20 21:06:12
    So what do we have here... an enlightened one... a perfect human... lol... You got the point did you not huckleberry... Based on your response I think I can pretty much say the author is an idiot... Kinda like the moron in Co. that wants to disarm women...?
  • mighty mouse ~PWCM~JLA 2013/02/19 03:01:38
    mighty mouse ~PWCM~JLA
    OMG! ...and their drive is to 'make life fair'. Okay liberal, so tell us: what is fair about redistribution of wealth? What is fair about big government nurturing we the little people? What is fair about socialism? The last time I noticed, socialism and marxism and communism have 2 classes of people. Rich...the governors. And poor..we the little people.
    Please liberal, tell me what is 'fair' about that?
    I am sorry liberal, life is not fair. But in my democratic republic every son and daughter has a fair chance to level the playing field. We have 3 classes...poor, middle, and rich. And we have the chance to cross those class barriers through hard work, education, initiative, innate talent, and sheer luck. Liberal, go away. Move to europe . That is where you really belong. You belong in a social democracy. Well have it...go to it. But don't mess with my beloved republic.
  • Goodliven mighty ... 2013/02/19 06:13:27 (edited)
  • mighty ... Goodliven 2013/02/19 06:30:20
    mighty mouse ~PWCM~JLA
    The purpose of tax collection is to pay the national debt as well as fund the workings of the government itself. It is not to dole out to the citizens in order to buy votes.
  • Goodliven mighty ... 2013/02/19 06:35:19 (edited)
  • timberwolf mighty ... 2013/02/19 14:01:46
    Might want to remind O'commie of that...
  • Ozzyboy 2013/02/19 02:59:12
    Letters to the Editors have the names posted. Where is the genius who wrote this.
  • burningsnowman 2013/02/19 01:07:27
    That's sarcasm guys.
  • joefj2 2013/02/19 01:05:23
  • Mark P. 2013/02/19 00:57:19
    Mark P.
    That was a waste of 3 mins of my life I can never get back. The whole purpose of the Constitution is to put limits on the government.
  • Broddy 2013/02/19 00:50:47
    YES WE CAN ! (Be an idiot and still have the right to vote) and this is why Obama is President.

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