Liberals Crash Tea Party

Sneaky liberals who pose as Tea Party members are shooting themselves in the foot.

At first, it seemed a little shady when Oregon Tea Party State Coordinator Geoff Ludt said in a press release that liberals will pretend to be Tea Party members and try to sabotage rallies with “signs that declare ‘Obama drinks Christian Baby Blood’ or ‘Jesus wrote the constitution’ using misspelled words,” reported Digital Journal.

And he claims that liberals created the Web site crashtheteaparty.org, which offers a blueprint of how to dump the Tea Party into the harbor.

Sure, it sounded as if old Ludt was going to falsely blame an imaginary liberal boogeyman for the stupidity of a few boobs running around the Tea Party. But it turns out Ludt does not have a screw loose after all.

The Boston Globe and Pajamas Media both confirmed what Ludt is saying. Enter Jason Levin, the creator of crashtheteaparty.org, where it’s a “network of Democrats, Republicans, and Independents who are all sick and tired of that loose affiliation of racist, homophobes, and morons; who constitute the fake grass-roots movement which calls itself ‘The Tea Party.’”

Biased much? But wait, it gets better.

“Whenever possible, we will act on behalf of the tea party in ways which exaggerate their least-appealing qualities (misspelled protest signs, wild claims in TV interviews, etc.) to further distance them from mainstream America and damage the public’s opinion of them,” the Web site stated.

So, what, Levin and his fellow liberals — and there might be Republicans but it’s doubtful — really couldn’t find any racist Tea Party members and they decided to take it upon themselves to go undercover and spew racist statements themselves just to prove how racist the Tea Party is supposed to be?

Well, now that his little plan has been exposed, Levin just shot himself in the foot. First, no one is going to trust him or his organization. Two, besides people with a political biased against the Tea Party, no one is going to believe any wild claims against Tea Party members now.

And plus, these people successfully made their precious ideology — being tolerant to others — about as meaning full as liquid … well, I can’t say what I want to out of good taste.

Hopefully, Democrats will be condemning these liberals and it certainly cast a cloud of doubt on who really spat on Rep. Emanuel Cleaver when he passed Tea Party members or the rumors of racism — liberals or actual members.

Now the question remains: How can we tell the liberals from the few nuts running around the Tea Party? Because the reality is you’re going to find a few bad apples in any group. These liberals are a good example of that. They’re giving the rest a bad name.

But it’s nice to know that Levin is being so helpful to the Tea Party movement by destroying liberals’ credibility and giving sympathy to the group that he despises so much.

Hopefully, he’ll be available for the 2012 presidential elections.

Read more: http://www.digitaljournal.com/article/290345

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  • Ripped1X... 2010/04/14 22:58:58
    Been studying the left for over twenty years. I know most of them are wimps and just wish to cause hate and discontent but do not want to be physical. Theirs is a rope smokin group of reprobates. Who do you think the cops want to have around? Trust me many off duty cops in civilian clothes can really screw up the leftoids plans. While We the People peacefully assemble. They have already lost and the left knows it.

    I think it is extremely kind/stupid of the loons to provide the perfect scapegoat for anything that might go wrong at any Tea Party.

    It was one of those crazy Democrat plants!

    As to the cautions about reactions. I promise if you remain calm you will provoke them to at a minimum, disorderly conduct. It’s not even hard. The calmer you are, the crazier it makes them and they honestly have no sense of what is and isn’t acceptable behavior.

    calm provoke minimum disorderly conduct calmer crazier honestly acceptable behavior

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  • dee Jolly R... 2010/04/14 22:16:05
  • sktdriv... Jolly R... 2010/04/14 23:17:28
  • Grandbrother 2010/04/14 21:33:52
    I think it's unrealistic to believe that the plans of these particular liberals in any way invalidates all the authentic extremism we've seen from tea party members. There has been no shortage of racist and other highly inappropriate behavior, fully armed defenders of the second amendment appearing at health care reform debates for no pertinent reason, misspelled signs, glaring ignorance regarding the differences between socialism, communism and fascism, and on and on. This behavior is, in fact, exactly what has driven the liberals in question to taking action against the tea parties.

    That being said, I don't personally think they should be infiltrating these events. Since tea party members have been so prolific at exposing their own true motivations and opinions, I really don't see the need for sabotage. All it will do is provide an out for those tea partiers that actually do display these behaviors. All they'll need to say is "oh yeah, that guy who used the 'n' word must have been a liberal trying to make us look bad."
  • dee Grandbr... 2010/04/14 22:17:12
  • susanmom dee 2010/04/15 00:05:37
    Me too..huh?
  • 34thBom... dee 2010/04/15 19:42:52
    Beats me... I must be an ignorant tea bagger repuglican.
  • KC Grandbr... 2010/04/14 22:35:55
    Obviously you agree with Chris Matthews... he is always trying to get people to agree with what he says... put words in their mouths.... make things appear to be what they are not. You refer to the tea party as extremist because of the watching commentators like this...
  • Grandbr... KC 2010/04/14 22:45:35
    I've never watched an episode of Chris Matthews in my life. I have however, seen quite a bit of firsthand footage from tea party rallies and such, including many, many interviews. It's as a result of the words out of the mouths of tea partiers themselves that I label the overall movement as "extremist". Not all tea party members are extremist of course, but the most vocal members - who of course get the most exposure - have frequently crossed a clear line in my point of view.
  • Sandy Grandbr... 2010/04/14 23:11:38
    Why don't you try attending a TEA party....you may learn something valuable. You'll find that most tea party members are average Americans, most have never protested anything in their lives. We are hard working people, retirees, Republicans, Independents, and yes, Democrats. Angry, yes, because we can see that this Congress and administration are taking the nation in the wrong direction. You won't see any violence, heck, you won't ever see any trash left on the ground when the event is over! Compare that to a typical Code Pink, or other leftist demonstration. Compare the number of arrests between the left and the right. This administration is the one that crossed the line!
  • sktdriv... Sandy 2010/04/15 00:32:19
    Amen...very well said PATRIOT!!!!!
  • Grandbr... Sandy 2010/04/15 18:56:23
    If I agreed that we were headed in the wrong direction, then I would certainly attend. But while I don't agree with everything that's been going on and have my own list of concerns, I think we're generally making some very necessary changes.
  • 34thBom... Grandbr... 2010/04/15 19:44:42
    Your lassitude will be OUR undoing, friend.
  • Grandbr... 34thBom... 2010/04/15 21:05:37
    How exactly does my having an opinion that differs from yours qualify as "lassitude"? If anything, I'm the exact opposite. I spend a good portion of every day catching up on news (NOT editorialized "entertainment" news), engaging in dialogue with folks like yourself, and thinking about where we're going as a society and as a species, etc.

    I personally believe that our undoing will be the result of people being too entrenched in their "us and them" mentality. Shouting down anyone who disagrees, ignoring the fact that our government needs to work for ALL it's citizens and not just the group that's most important to us as individuals, using machiavellian strategies in an attempt to undermine those we may differ with, etc. If we can start collaborating a bit more in our efforts to solve the objective problems we face, we'll stand a much better chance of finding solutions that suit all of our needs.
  • holly g... Grandbr... 2010/04/18 19:47:27
    holly go lightly
    WTF that is exactly what we are seeing on the left.And that is what we have all been talking about needing to change.
  • KC Grandbr... 2010/04/15 01:08:56
    You said this... There has been no shortage of racist and other highly inappropriate behavior, fully armed defenders of the second amendment appearing at health care reform debates for no pertinent reason, misspelled signs, glaring ignorance regarding the differences between socialism, communism and fascism, and on and on. This behavior is, in fact, exactly what has driven the liberals in question to taking action against the tea parties.

    And what says you about this protest? Is this normal behavior, should our Congressman or Senators be out there supporting this? I have attended tea party's and have never seen anything that you have described above... maybe you are using the script of democrats. Should the words that came out of Maxine Waters mouth against Bush, should it be considered racist?

  • Grandbr... KC 2010/04/15 19:00:00
    I was complaining about the lack of decorum from liberals back in the Bush days. All the "not my President" bumper stickers, some of the behavior in the video you linked, the mocking of Bush because he wasn't a great public speaker, all of that was offensive to me.

    As for the examples I listed, I've seen direct footage of every incident I referenced on the news. I'm sure it's all available to be found online now.
  • 34thBom... Grandbr... 2010/04/15 19:43:37
    And your government hasn't?
  • Grandbr... 34thBom... 2010/04/15 21:07:47
    Probably not in the ways that many here seem to believe.
  • holly g... Grandbr... 2010/04/18 19:43:43
    holly go lightly
    where do you catch this first hand footage ?
  • Jan-Texas KC 2010/04/15 00:02:02
    Matthews is a would-be bully hiding behind a microphone and studio security. He trys to inject his thoughts into others that have opposing opinions simply by increasing the volume of his voice.

    I'm sure he thought he had a "goofball" to taunt when he interviewd this guy -but- the fella did very well defending his position even though Matthews had his typical "home field" advantage working in his behalf. Surprise Chris !!

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