Liberals Crash Tea Party

Sneaky liberals who pose as Tea Party members are shooting themselves in the foot.

At first, it seemed a little shady when Oregon Tea Party State Coordinator Geoff Ludt said in a press release that liberals will pretend to be Tea Party members and try to sabotage rallies with “signs that declare ‘Obama drinks Christian Baby Blood’ or ‘Jesus wrote the constitution’ using misspelled words,” reported Digital Journal.

And he claims that liberals created the Web site crashtheteaparty.org, which offers a blueprint of how to dump the Tea Party into the harbor.

Sure, it sounded as if old Ludt was going to falsely blame an imaginary liberal boogeyman for the stupidity of a few boobs running around the Tea Party. But it turns out Ludt does not have a screw loose after all.

The Boston Globe and Pajamas Media both confirmed what Ludt is saying. Enter Jason Levin, the creator of crashtheteaparty.org, where it’s a “network of Democrats, Republicans, and Independents who are all sick and tired of that loose affiliation of racist, homophobes, and morons; who constitute the fake grass-roots movement which calls itself ‘The Tea Party.’”

Biased much? But wait, it gets better.

“Whenever possible, we will act on behalf of the tea party in ways which exaggerate their least-appealing qualities (misspelled protest signs, wild claims in TV interviews, etc.) to further distance them from mainstream America and damage the public’s opinion of them,” the Web site stated.

So, what, Levin and his fellow liberals — and there might be Republicans but it’s doubtful — really couldn’t find any racist Tea Party members and they decided to take it upon themselves to go undercover and spew racist statements themselves just to prove how racist the Tea Party is supposed to be?

Well, now that his little plan has been exposed, Levin just shot himself in the foot. First, no one is going to trust him or his organization. Two, besides people with a political biased against the Tea Party, no one is going to believe any wild claims against Tea Party members now.

And plus, these people successfully made their precious ideology — being tolerant to others — about as meaning full as liquid … well, I can’t say what I want to out of good taste.

Hopefully, Democrats will be condemning these liberals and it certainly cast a cloud of doubt on who really spat on Rep. Emanuel Cleaver when he passed Tea Party members or the rumors of racism — liberals or actual members.

Now the question remains: How can we tell the liberals from the few nuts running around the Tea Party? Because the reality is you’re going to find a few bad apples in any group. These liberals are a good example of that. They’re giving the rest a bad name.

But it’s nice to know that Levin is being so helpful to the Tea Party movement by destroying liberals’ credibility and giving sympathy to the group that he despises so much.

Hopefully, he’ll be available for the 2012 presidential elections.

Read more: http://www.digitaljournal.com/article/290345

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  • Ripped1X... 2010/04/14 22:58:58
    Been studying the left for over twenty years. I know most of them are wimps and just wish to cause hate and discontent but do not want to be physical. Theirs is a rope smokin group of reprobates. Who do you think the cops want to have around? Trust me many off duty cops in civilian clothes can really screw up the leftoids plans. While We the People peacefully assemble. They have already lost and the left knows it.

    I think it is extremely kind/stupid of the loons to provide the perfect scapegoat for anything that might go wrong at any Tea Party.

    It was one of those crazy Democrat plants!

    As to the cautions about reactions. I promise if you remain calm you will provoke them to at a minimum, disorderly conduct. It’s not even hard. The calmer you are, the crazier it makes them and they honestly have no sense of what is and isn’t acceptable behavior.

    calm provoke minimum disorderly conduct calmer crazier honestly acceptable behavior

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  • Renegade 2010/04/21 02:35:30
    The Digital Journal is a off-shoot of The Globe and Mail, a Canadian English language nationally distributed newspaper, based in Toronto, Canada. In the 2006 federal election, the paper turned away from the Liberals to Stephen Harper's Conservative Party of Canada. Once again, in the 2008 federal election, the paper's editorial board endorsed the Conservatives. In other words this article is RIGHT-WANGER propagandized adulterated BS.
  • NYKMGR 2010/04/19 18:48:03
    Once again we have the us vs. them bull$h!t between the left and right. These are the people that have to wake up and realize that both sides have got it wrong. There is to much blame the other guy and not enough lets figure it out together. We need to trash the two party system and find a new and better way to run the government. We the people have the power, not the elected representatives. According to the Constitution of the United States of America we the people have control over our representatives and we the people can get new representation whenever we feel that they are not representing us as we feel fit. It states that we the people can rise up and over throw the government if we feel that it is failing us. It even states that taxation without representation is ILLEGAL. Let me ask you when was the last time you got a receipt with your taxes paid out. We need to rise up and over throw this left vs. right bullcrap and put back in place what our forefathers wrote on that magnificent piece of historical paper. Bring back what this country is based on and throw away the corrupt and biased nonsense that has been added to it and is destroying this nation!!!
  • sinnersaint 2010/04/19 17:24:38
    The left is not supporting this behavior. Please do not generalize, most of us are able to stand on our own arguments, the Tea Party has its own problems, it sure as hell doesn't need us to lend any credence.
  • Pinkmoonwebdesign 2010/04/19 13:54:07
    This is what a liberal college looks like in this town when Bush beat Gore....... Listen to these idiot student and the chaos they created in this little upstate town.... Inciting violence, breaking the law. attacking the state police..... now thats a peaceful way of thinking........ I swear I hate this town because of this college stuck in the 60's....... but ohhhh its the Tea party people starting trouble.....my bad!!

  • Cyde_dish 2010/04/19 10:41:43
    tit for tat
  • noBama 2010/04/19 07:46:12
    A common misconception of mainstream media’s political pundits is the claim that the “Tea Party” movement is merely a covert Republican operation. That is simply not true.

    This country’s economic system was founded on a principle considered unique at the time: Wealth can be created. I strongly oppose the idea that government should be in the business of “spreading wealth”; the type of job created by government is “make work” and not “make wealth”. Government should not be indebting the next generation to service the current one. Government over-regulation stifles dynamic enterprise, capitalist creativity, and directs new business to start in friendlier environments. These basic concepts are understood by everyone who attends a Tea Party: Democrats, Libertarians, Constitution Party members, Independents, Republicans and other newly-minted tax revolt activists.
  • MSG 2010/04/19 02:38:24 (edited)
    When the liberals infiltrate the tea party meetings, they will see and hear the people in the movement and feel they have made a mistake even being there. They will be extremely uncomfortable, see that their original fears are unfounded and those fears will be replaced with the idea that they were wrong. Being that a liberal can't admit they are wrong, that means their heads will spin around explode and we wont have to deal with them. mmm mmm mmm - vote them out in November!
  • winterhawk56 2010/04/19 01:32:46
    Here lately have you noticed that most polititions running for office don't use the word liberal. They are starting to use conservitive as there montra. I think they are starting to understand that the Tea Party movement is a lot bigger and more organized then they wanted to believe.
  • Thcmas winterh... 2010/04/19 03:51:10
    Mantra my friend.
  • winterh... Thcmas 2010/04/19 13:52:04 (edited)
    I had to look it up to be sure my friend!!
  • winterh... Thcmas 2010/04/19 14:11:58
    "Montra" is the short version of the Pahli word "Mahantra" meaning protection, its origin from the Kurdish word "Pala" meaning to take refuge under.
  • WGN 2010/04/19 00:44:04
    Why would the Dem. crashers give the TBer's a bad name. Isn't it bad enough already?
    No matter how much manure you ad to the pile, it is still a pile of manure!
  • Diana WGN 2010/04/19 01:10:43
    The democrats are giving themselves a bad name.It must be bothering them something terrible.Their only making fools of themselves.Just like Hilary said,It was a right wing conspiracy,when Bill was having sex in the white house.They try and throw the blame on someone else.
  • Sandy 2010/04/18 23:33:14
    Liberals are stupid. When arguing their points, they heavily miss the mark. They have no basis for their arguments and use no facts other than those spread by Obama and other liberals. Most of the time they are wrong, and as soon as you tell them they are wrong, why, and tell them the true facts, they come back with nothing more than name calling and personal attacks. If you don't know me, you can't personally attack me. So, liberals merely prove their ignorance by doing such things.
  • (:¡Nick!:) Sandy 2010/04/19 01:38:39
  • DJProf 2010/04/18 20:28:54
    These libs are idiots. Why would they show their hand and tip off the tea party members and the media about what they are going to do? Now every time their is a misspelled sign or something that makes the tea party look bad, everyone is going to say it's the loony libs that have infiltrated the party. Unless of course you are watching MSNBC, because we all know they will do their best to convince you it was the tea party members that made the sign. I also find it funny how the libs and their minions in the MSM constantly bad mouth the tea party and say they only represent a small radical fringe of Americans, yet they continually talk about them and have to devise ways to try and bring the movement down, such as infilitrating the group. Don't you think that if the Tea Party really was some small unimportant group that the MSM and other liberal loons would just ignore it? Seems to me they are worried because they see the writing on the wall or they are in denial and they will have plenty of time to reflect on things after the 2010 mid term elections.
  • tyree 2010/04/18 19:48:52
  • cheryl 2010/04/18 18:57:22
    Liberals creating their own reality. They are pathetic.
  • (:¡Nick!:) cheryl 2010/04/19 01:39:27
    Here's another thing that is pathetic and creates its own reality:
  • seacoast 2010/04/18 18:27:35
    I guess it was appropriate for the republicans to go to all the town meetings for healthcare and scream and interrupt everyone trying to ask legitimate questions to understand the plan. What were the republicans afraid of? That maybe it made sense?
    The Tea Party does not need the democrats to undermine them by holding up signs that display illiteracy and stupidity. They are succeeding just fine on their own.
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