Liberal hypocrisy example of the day.

Gracie - Proud Conservative 2012/04/18 00:21:10
One of the first acts of President Obama was to sign the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Restoration Act.

According to 2011 annual report on White House staff, women are making an average annual salary of $60,000 while men have an average of $71,000. Should the women of the White House file suit?

That's my liberal hypocrisy example of the day!

Read More: http://www.newsmax.com/Newsfront/obama-pays-women-...

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  • Charles E 2012/04/24 05:15:38
    Charles E
    And a good example it is.
  • Andy 2012/04/23 04:44:33
    Obama is a liar... through and through!! He was when he ran for office and it continues today!!
  • Uranos7 2012/04/22 03:50:06
    For women, the employment to population ratio in 2007 was 56.6 percent and it has fallen virtually every month since then, hitting 52.9 percent in Jan. 2012. It has not been that low since 1987.
    Not to mention the half million that got fired from government jobs.
    I've said it before but democrats are the ones at war with working women, while pandering to the welfare moms.
  • Kat ♪ ~ ♪ 2012/04/22 02:10:06
    Kat ♪ ~ ♪
    It's what they are and what they do.
    Watch my right hand not my left.
  • Gracie ... Kat ♪ ~ ♪ 2012/04/22 02:38:26
    Gracie - Proud Conservative
    Oh, you've got that one right!
  • Stoney 2012/04/18 22:35:24
    Liberal Motto...............DO AS WE SAY - NOT AS WE DO!
  • David Lindner 2012/04/18 05:43:42
    David Lindner
    ofcourse they should.
  • seadog6608PWCM 2012/04/18 03:28:36
  • DeCaf 2012/04/18 03:22:04
    Of course they should file suit to highlight the plight of women.

    Where are all those women that I burned bras with in the 70s......?
    Oh let's see, they didn't grow up..... they only care about liberal women.

    old woman with cigar sitting
  • Gracie ... DeCaf 2012/04/18 03:32:13
    Gracie - Proud Conservative
    Is that Frances Fox Piven or Jane Fonda? They all look alike!
  • DeCaf Gracie ... 2012/04/19 13:33:29
  • Stoney DeCaf 2012/04/18 22:38:15
    Yea.........me & hillary were bossom buddies after burning our bras!
  • DeCaf Stoney 2012/04/19 13:33:43
  • jr 2012/04/18 03:08:06
    You should have no problems finding liberal hypocrisy every day since there is an abundant supply of it these days
  • Gracie ... jr 2012/04/18 03:13:11
    Gracie - Proud Conservative
    Yes, I think it will be an on-going series. My dilemma is narrowing it down to only one.
  • Kat ♪ ~ ♪ 2012/04/18 01:42:44
    Kat ♪ ~ ♪
    That's his administration all over.
  • ὤTṻnde΄ӂ 2012/04/18 01:40:17
    Jesus Christ! Do any of you have a brain? Women are more likely to make less because of their job title, what they do, like secretaries and aides, the well-paying jobs go to men. When you look at the median wage for men and women of course women will have a lower median wage. This should be obvious. Romney tells the lie that 92% of women who have lost jobs have lost them under Obama...that's because the higher paying jobs go to the men and they lose their jobs first. Oh never mind....you guys don't understand anything.
  • Gracie ... ὤTṻnde΄ӂ 2012/04/18 01:43:36
    Gracie - Proud Conservative
    Oh, gee! Suddenly you have common sense! LMAO! That's always so entertaining when you have to look at individual reasons instead of your usual liberal platitudes. Again, LMAO!
  • Uranos7 ὤTṻnde΄ӂ 2012/04/22 03:41:56
    See you use the data as proof of the so called 'war on women' then when it turns out democrats are just as guilty if not more so because they are in charge atm.
    You say "Oh that's ok he's a democrat."
    Obviously you missed the point of the question because you just proved it.
  • Dan (Politicaly Incorrect) 2012/04/18 01:21:27
    Dan (Politicaly Incorrect)
    They should file suit. Make it a national issue and embaress Barry some more.
  • Gracie ... Dan (Po... 2012/04/18 01:29:15
    Gracie - Proud Conservative
    How funny would that be? LOL!
  • texasred 2012/04/18 00:37:52
    I know. And that's one of the first things the libs on here spout about the great things Obama has done. LOLOL.... the joke is definitely on them.
  • Temlakos~POTL~PWCM~JLA~☆ 2012/04/18 00:24:47
    If I were President, I would stop that insanity.
  • Gracie ... Temlako... 2012/04/18 00:28:13
    Gracie - Proud Conservative
    I think he should set an example and pay the women more than the men....that would fix those men, wouldn't it?
  • Temlako... Gracie ... 2012/04/18 00:30:24
    If he is really serious about that "comparable worth" thing, yes.

    Now I don't know nearly enough about what it means to work in the White House to judge this matter effectively. What does a secretary do these days? It's not necessarily ordinary stenography. It's more like appointment scheduling, telephone buffering, sounding board...hey! A modern secretary is a lot more than she was in the Fifties, right?
  • Gracie ... Temlako... 2012/04/18 00:32:15 (edited)
    Gracie - Proud Conservative
    They always like to compare men and women by years of education which can be a bit like apples and oranges. Is a four year degree in Sociology equal to a four year degree in Engineering? I think not.
  • Temlako... Gracie ... 2012/04/18 00:33:46
    I agree. And I'll take the engineer over the sociologist any day.

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