Let's have a RAVE PARTY for all the whining conservatives that continue to "NOT" get it... LMAO... Please RAVE this one to the TOP so that our "CONTARDED" ones see it on the HOT LIST... If not about OBAMA or Lib's... It about being CONTARDED!

Contarded Guru Chickenhawk 2012/12/13 15:08:40
Cat Rave!  Meow-Meow!
Why U mad tho?
I'm trolling in the rain... I'm trolling in the rain...
I'm Chicken Little.. and the sky is falling....
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I really don't care if your LEFT or RIGHT or even in the middle... Seems that the most angry and hateful one's are the one's that can't believe they got their butts kicked in the elections. They can't see that besides their hate for Obama, that America just doesn't like their agenda as well.

I mean it's not hard to get... if your not conservative or liberal, that partisan ideology just doesn't cut it anymore. Seems the Liberals I run into "get it"... but the conservatives... LMAO... they've become nothing more then a pack of wild dogs that only one to do one thing.... RANT and WHINE about Obama... RANT and WHINE about Liberals... RANT and WHINE over anyone who didn't vote for their god Mittens R.

Yet these people can't see that they are part of the problem...

Don't you just love clueless zombies...

So everyone... outside of all the boredom as of late, it's time we move beyond the clueless frothing at the mouth insane CONTARD's and express ourselves into looking at resolutions on how to fix the debt and everything else without a partisan spin on the solution.

I've come to realize that here in SH world, one just can't fix stupid.. and if SH Contards want to remain angry and hate everyone that's not Contarded... then so be it... they're now irrelevant... Nobody except them want to hear their constant diatribe and whining about Obama and their hate for Lib's except themselves...

So make sure you RAVE this one to the top to show them they're not important to the rest of us.

rave party gif rave party gif rave party gif

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  • John Hall 2012/12/13 15:18:42
    John Hall
    Thanks I'm actually happy you hadn't blocked me like some of your liberal chicken sh$t friends that want to name call and run and block . Obama won big deal life goes on for me how many on the left still bad mouth Bush and any GOP politician it's just part of the game we play .

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  • Swordfish 2013/03/07 04:51:14
    Libertarian FTW.
  • Contard... Swordfish 2013/03/07 12:11:22
  • Swordfish Contard... 2013/03/08 01:52:34
    Good point.
  • cjj ~ FTGOP 2013/01/02 07:40:56
    cjj ~ FTGOP
    After the election I kept hearing cons say they "had to get out their message better." LMAO! What they refuse to understand is that their message came across loud and clear. Their message was REJECTED by the majority of American voters.
  • Contard... cjj ~ F... 2013/01/02 08:52:46
  • RepubliTurd Hater 2012/12/25 02:16:37
  • Contard... Republi... 2012/12/26 11:13:36
  • Bouncer 2012/12/18 20:00:54
    Why U mad tho?
    It's a game people.

    Republican against Democrat....Democrat against Republican.

    And "WE THE PEOPLE" used as pawns. Doesn't matter if the pawns survive as long
    as the Kings and Queens DO.

    Now is the Time People!

    Start Preparing now for 2016.
    We need an independent... A third party so to speak... A "WE THE PEOPLE" party...To defeat the corrupt ONE party we have now! Why do I say ONE party now?

    Just introduce a strong independent for the "People" and watch these Democrats and Republicans now apposing each other suddenly UNITE into ONE to defeat the independent!

    Stop being the losers. Not much time left in the game.
  • Contard... Bouncer 2012/12/18 20:48:22
  • phil.mu... Bouncer 2012/12/25 13:30:50
    The only constant is change... we are now entering a period of significant change... it seems quite natural to me that those who might stand to lose out as a consequence of these changes are reluctant to allow such change. Most who perceive they have power are reluctant to give it up in a world that provides little or no security for them in doing so... power (or at least the illusion of it) makes them feel important and it is only in a more equitable distribution of such power that more can be achieved but there will never be a time in the future, nor has there been in the past, when there will not remain a need for an individual to have the final say... but let it be when "We the people" are divided equally on an issue which requires a decision to be taken... if not, there can be a lot of talk with no action!
  • Contard... phil.mu... 2012/12/26 11:15:03
  • nononsenseguy 2012/12/18 18:53:37
    Why U mad tho?
    Another retarded lib circle jerk......as if there were any other kind.
  • Straud1976 nononse... 2012/12/18 20:07:33
    As apposed to your own,
  • Contard... Straud1976 2012/12/18 20:49:43
  • Contard... nononse... 2012/12/18 20:49:23
  • Straud1976 Contard... 2012/12/18 20:51:32
    Love that movie lol
  • Contard... Straud1976 2012/12/19 02:49:36
  • phil.mu... Contard... 2012/12/29 00:46:18
  • Dan 2012/12/18 17:16:18
    wow. Obama won the popular vote by 2.6% . Such a "butt kicking" has never been seen before.
  • Contard... Dan 2012/12/18 17:16:53
  • Dan Contard... 2012/12/18 17:45:23 (edited)
    Yup. Romney had 3 million fewer supporters than McCain did in 08. Obama had 6 million fewer. Considering that there are 219 million eligable voters in the U.S.A. , the turnout is laughable. Or "cryable", depending on how you look at.
  • Contard... Dan 2012/12/18 17:49:04
  • Dan Contard... 2012/12/18 18:08:29 (edited)
    219,000,000 eligible voters (according to Huffington). Less than 50% turned out. Presenting the whole picture is not "spinning" sir.
  • Contard... Dan 2012/12/18 18:44:52
  • Dan Contard... 2012/12/18 18:59:57
    Who siad I didn't get that 3 million people more voted for Obama than Romeny? I also get that 3 is not a "hell of a lot" compaired to 219. I also get that saying Obama won by 2.6% is not spin. I also get that calling a 2.6% win a "butt kicking" is the true definition of "spin".
  • Contard... Dan 2012/12/18 20:51:30
  • Dan Contard... 2012/12/21 04:30:32
    It's called a "percentage". It is often used to put numbers in perspective for people who have trouble seeing that 3 million is not a lot compared to 219 million and therefore try to spin 3 million into a "butt kicking".
  • Contard... Dan 2012/12/21 12:00:35
  • ALofRI 2012/12/18 16:36:01
    Cat Rave! Meow-Meow!
    Can't wait for the mid-terms so we can get rid of MORE Teapublicans. Maybe then we can bring back the REAL ones...who I still wont agree with much, but were at least not looking to turn the country into a one party oligarch where we put our hand on the Constitution, and swear to uphold the Bible....as THEY read it!
  • Contard... ALofRI 2012/12/18 17:05:30
  • jdemme 2012/12/18 04:52:12
    Man, if only Reagan could see his party now...

    reagan party
  • Contard... jdemme 2012/12/18 06:57:54
  • Lady Willpower 2012/12/17 02:39:10
    Why U mad tho?
    Lady Willpower
    This post looks like it was put up by an immature 12 year old or a mentally challenged adult with the mental capasity of a very immature 12 year old.
  • Contard... Lady Wi... 2012/12/17 03:45:19
  • joseph ... Contard... 2012/12/17 04:02:49
  • Contard... joseph ... 2012/12/17 04:13:07
  • Republi... joseph ... 2012/12/25 02:23:15
    RepubliTurd Hater
    You got that right! But it was more like cap-ass-ity, emphasis on them being an ass about it
  • joseph ... Republi... 2012/12/26 21:03:27
  • Dan Contard... 2012/12/17 20:50:44
    I'm confused, it looks as though your whole thread is not even a conversation, its judging others. Thats a hypocrital answer if I have ever seen one. This whole thread was put together to bate conservatives in so you can rant and rave about them, very childish and foolish, and it's not going to get anybody anywhere.
  • Contard... Dan 2012/12/17 21:08:45
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