Let the cult begin

Samantha 2012/07/25 16:31:53
Olympic Games symbolism is steeped in fundamentalism, militarism and fascism.

THE Olympic Games are creepy. Sure, their creepiness isn't immediately apparent. We have grown familiar with the pageantry that surrounds this sporting carnival. But there's more to the Olympics than swimming, shot put and badminton.

The flame ritual will be preceded by a symbolic release of pigeons. An Olympic flag will be raised. A hymn will be sung. There will be oath-taking. These rites are all very purposeful. The founder of the modern Olympics, Pierre de Coubertin, said its basic idea was to convert athletics into ''a religion, a cult [and] an impassioned soaring''

For instance, what we call the ''parade'' of athletes around the ceremony would really be better described as a march. Coubertin was explicit about the militaristic elitism of the Games. No surprise when the Nazis hosted the Games in 1936, Coubertin embraced them.

The Olympics do nothing to achieve global harmony. They arguably work against it. If harmony was the goal, athletes would compete as individuals, not on behalf of nations.

The Games are a taxpayer-funded cash cow for all involved...


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