Leftists Say Southern Tornado Victims “Deserved to Die” for Being Republicans. What Makes Leftists So Hateful?

safari 2011/05/01 03:12:21
Leftists are so hateful because ______
All leftists aren't hateful
I don't know why leftists are so hateful
Other comment about leftists saying the people in Alabama deserved to die
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This story really just sickens me. How low can leftists go? Every time I think I've seen them hit rock bottom on the scale of human slime, they come up with something else that is even worse. They are sick, evil, pathetic excuses for human beings. We must not tolerate their insanity as normalcy any longer. They are a danger to themselves and others. But as I consider the psycho babble these people spew on a regular bases from their second orafice that produces nothing but pure putrid waste, I can't help but wonder, what makes them so hateful?

EXCERPTS: Unhinged, insane hate. Who on the right would even think something like this, much less post it to a public place? There are hundreds of examples, not just these.

The website “Huff-Watch” monitors the liberal Huffington Post website, which prides itself on its “monitoring” of its comments. Right. Following that is a stream of vomit from the “Think Progressive” site, which says the tornado victims deserved to die because they don’t believe in “global warming.”

What HuffPost allowed to occur on this thread was the most stomach-churning, chilling tirade of leftist ghoulishness we’ve witnessed since documenting what it perpetrated on its Gabby Gifford's shooting story thread.

Specifically, HuffPost’s rules dictate that it does not allow, and will not publish comments containing celebrations or urgings of anyone’s death or illness, or slurs based on religion or other factors, or hate of any kind, or off-topic content.

Yet on this story thread, HuffPost enabled its Moderators and its veteran users (500+ “fans”) to post comments containing claims that these Americans were killed because they voted for the wrong party — or because they’re Christians — or because they support the Tea Party — and that perhaps this will cause others to have a change of heart (or political affiliation).

Link to one of the threads: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/04/28/severe-storms-contin...

Please be sure to read the rest of the article linked below if you are interested to know in just how disgusting leftists can be and for more links and screen shots.

Read More: http://www.uncoverage.net/2011/04/leftists-say-sou...

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  • hazel kevjon 2011/05/01 16:45:43
    That is true from SOME liberals certianly not ALL
  • kevjon hazel 2011/05/02 02:36:59
    Many will support leaders with this sentiment and will refuse to admit it. On average more liberals will re-elect criminal and controversial reps versus Republicans.
  • The Gipper~PWCM~JLA 2011/05/01 14:59:40
    Leftists are so hateful because ______
    The Gipper~PWCM~JLA
    Emotions are not logical and neither are lefties...
  • Demosthenes 2011/05/01 14:50:45
    Leftists are so hateful because ______
    they are jealous of people who who can fend for themselves and hate other points of view, they are miserable tiny minded people.
  • Kilo Delta Demosth... 2011/05/01 16:00:44
    Kilo Delta
    Define leftist.
    You know what it means?

    In politics, Left, left-wing and leftist are generally used to describe support for social change to create a more egalitarian society

    Egalitarianism (from French égal, meaning "equal") is a belief of thought that favors equality of some sort. Its general premise is that people should be treated as equals on certain dimensions such as race, religion, ethnicity, political affiliation, economic status, social status, and cultural heritage. Egalitarian doctrines maintain that all humans are equal in fundamental worth or social status

    We want everyone to be equal
    That's our basic premise.

    What do you think?

    In politics, Right, right-wing and rightist are generally used to describe support for preserving traditional social orders and hierarchies

    In sociology the socio-economic is a concept of class, involving the "classification of persons into groups based on shared socio-economic conditions ... a relational set of inequalities with economic, social, political and ideological dimensions

    Which seems better?
    Divide everyone up into classes, or have everyone equal?
  • Demosth... Kilo Delta 2011/05/01 16:39:27
    it's all about control for left wing nut bags.

    Simple example is the gays of San Francisco. Claimed to want live their lives in freedom now institute every law they can to control everyone else.

    Like trying to prohibit people from smoking in their own homes, none of their business, but yet here they are doing the same sort of things they cried about before.

    Your psycho babble aside, libs want you to live your life their way, and will lie and cheat and in the end force you to do it their way via laws and courts.
  • Kilo Delta Demosth... 2011/05/01 17:43:51
    Kilo Delta
    ANd there we see that you are brain dead and unable to read my above post.
    We're people
    you're people

    Ok, lets say your right


    If you have any bran, that should sound effing stupid. But it won't, because you don't have one. Blocked
  • Carolin... Kilo Delta 2011/05/01 21:49:05
    Caroline - fan of Audubon
    It's like knocking our heads against a wall trying to get them to understand what that equality means.
  • Kilo Delta Carolin... 2011/05/01 23:50:04
    Kilo Delta
    I even SAID I blocked you because you're stupid Demosth. Thanks Carolin
  • Carolin... Kilo Delta 2011/05/02 00:01:28
    Caroline - fan of Audubon
    I saw that. lol. Btw, good post on the true meaning of equality which doesn't suggest in any way we are robots.
  • Demosth... Demosth... 2011/05/01 21:15:05
    Kilo Delta is a complete moron. The idiot blocked me. LOL
  • hazel Kilo Delta 2011/05/01 16:49:17 (edited)
    It isnt realistic to try and make all people equal..we are not robots ..we are all different(thank God) we all have different needs desires wants , goals......Fair I think is a far better rule ...lets all be treated fair
  • Kilo Delta hazel 2011/05/01 17:44:44
    Kilo Delta
  • Demosth... hazel 2011/05/01 21:22:56
    He's a left wing moron
  • Demonic Rat Hunter 2011/05/01 14:50:20
    Leftists are so hateful because ______
    Demonic Rat Hunter
    It's in their DNA. If you don't agree with them and kiss their butt then you deserve to die according to their way of thinking.
    dna kiss butt deserve die thinking liberals dna kiss butt deserve die thinking liberals dna kiss butt deserve die thinking liberals dna kiss butt deserve die thinking liberals
  • BobJessen Demonic... 2011/05/01 15:17:36
    Six Fingers Again...
  • M.C Demonic... 2011/05/01 15:47:30
    i could say the same about republicans......
  • Bronar 2011/05/01 14:47:55
    Other comment about leftists saying the people in Alabama deserved to die
    There are nuts from both sides that say stupid things. They don't represent the rest.
  • hazel Bronar 2011/05/01 16:52:06
    I agree and believe me I have been a big liberal basher ...I remind the NOT so nice liberal...dont confuse my kindness with weakness.....because if you on either side speak hateful...I will not support it.........strongly!!!
  • Fallout 2011/05/01 14:40:15
    Other comment about leftists saying the people in Alabama deserved to die
    I sincerely apologize for hate coming from my party.
    I 100% love my republican family and friends.I know
    without a shadow of doubt that every party has it's
    negative facets.

    Anyone else willing to apologize to the world for anger
    and hate coming from their flawless political party?

    Peace to all from a liberal
  • hazel Fallout 2011/05/01 16:52:56
    Good going Fallout , I am a conservative and I am with you my friend
  • moonchild 2011/05/01 14:36:04
    All leftists aren't hateful
    I didn't see any comments that said, and I'm quoting you, "Tornado Victims Deserved to Die for Being Republicans"
    But 'hatred' goes both ways. I'm sorry, but I see massive amounts of hate on the rightist right too.
  • hazel moonchild 2011/05/01 16:53:27
    You are not wrong...let it begin with me
  • moonchild hazel 2011/05/01 17:07:15
    Please show me where these hurtful things were said. And please give me a little more than just, 'you are wrong'.. support your assertions. When I am wrong, I admit it.
  • hazel moonchild 2011/05/01 17:52:34
  • moonchild hazel 2011/05/01 18:11:51
    Sorry Hezel. I did misread your post. lol I was wrong. (Hey- I said when I'm wrong, I admit it.) ;)
  • hazel moonchild 2011/05/01 23:10:11
    dont even worry about it ...I have done the same many times (:
  • TruBluTopaz 2011/05/01 14:31:18
    Leftists are so hateful because ______
    I cannot believe that this jerks haven't been forced to recant their comments.
  • hazel TruBluT... 2011/05/01 16:57:47
    well in one way its good to know who are the real haters
  • TruBluT... hazel 2011/05/02 00:42:04
    That's true.
  • Tom 2011/05/01 14:31:11
    Other comment about leftists saying the people in Alabama deserved to die
    Alabama has a very evil history in America. Many of the decendants of evil doers paid the ultimate price a lot of people believe for the sins of their father's and mother's. What goes around, comes around. You cannot create such negative energy in life and not expect for it to come back on you. What I found interesting is how President Obama chose to visit. How ironic Obama cared enough to visit this cesspool. The leaves of many family trees were blown away and now exposes the racism in that state. Personally, I pray all of the evil insurance corporations that Alabama houses blew the heII down and their greedy a$$ CEO's with them.

    evil insurance corporations alabama houses blew heii greedy ceos tree with no leaves
  • TruBluT... Tom 2011/05/01 14:34:11
    Seriously? So the deaths of many people, including minorities, is somehow justified in your mind? I guess you think the deaths in Sendai were also justified as wer all those innocents killed by rampant warlords in Somolia. Oh, and also by your own words any deaths in Afghanistan to folks there are also somehow okay for you. You are a sick sad individual. Please get some help.
  • RU Mad Tom 2011/05/01 14:50:58
  • Tom RU Mad 2011/05/01 15:04:10
    Only thing Alabama is rich with is the blood of slaves and the Rebel flag.

    I spent every childhood summer there moron. Yea, I peeped Alabama's hold card a loooong time ago. Lest you forget an infamous Governor (I certainly have not) "I draw the line in the dust and toss the gauntlet before the feet of tyranny, and I say segregation now, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever.”

  • Tom RU Mad 2011/05/01 15:05:57
    More than you know. Bed Rock for hatred and divide. God's punishment will come swift to those that continue down the path of hate and divide. Better watch yourself God could come for you...
  • RU Mad Tom 2011/05/01 15:56:48
    RU Mad
    Thank you for proving what an idiot you are! You hold something against an entire state for the deeds of one man many years ago! Isn't that called generalizing, or stereotyping? You must be a damn liberal!
  • Tom RU Mad 2011/05/01 19:21:36
    Stereotyping and generalizing not when its alive and well in Alabama. So until you have experienced it keep fling slop that has no truth or meaning. So please keep your sorry conservative a$$ where it belongs (in the woods).
  • RU Mad Tom 2011/05/01 19:27:13
    RU Mad
    Alive and well? Where, and please be specific?

    Honestly I think your just another damn liberal who hates everything that remotely resembles a conservative! But I am willing to listen if you want to tell me!
  • Tom RU Mad 2011/05/04 04:17:16
  • RU Mad Tom 2011/05/04 11:58:37 (edited)

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